mercredi 30 septembre 2009

Cache 22 _ More Material (2008)

01.Hip Hop Savior
02.Self Disclosure (feat. Mohrer Les)
03.Jb's Freestyle (feat. J Bennett)
04.Talk is Cheap (feat. Smooth Confusion)
05.The Beast (feat. Mars X)
06.Ugly Who? (feat. Uglyy Stik)
07.Get on Somethin
08.As We (Beat)
09.Mohrer in Store (feat. Mohrer Les)
10.Move (feat. Pugslee Atomz & Soul Servers)
11.Evil is Timeless (feat. Earatik Statik)
12.Stay a little While (Beat)
13.Good things in these Streets (Beat)
14.Service (Beat)

Lee Bannon _ The Checkpoint (2009)

02.The Return Part. 2 feat. U-N-I, Talib Kweli, Zion I & Sha Stimuli
03.Winter Coast feat. Willie The Kid
05.Painted Gold feat. Zion I & Uptown Swuite
06.Wanna Be A Rapper feat. Trife Diesel
07.The Climb feat. C Plus
08.Break Up feat. Saigon
09.Out For Me feat. Poor
11.Vitamin B feat. U-N-I & Curt@!ns
12.Lions For Lambs feat. S.O.L.
13.Whats Your Zodiac feat. The Jacka & Phil The Agony
14.Whats In feat. Poor
15.What's The Answer feat. Termanology & Ea$y Money

Boycott Blues _ Irony (2009)

01.Chkabloaww (Prod. By K.T.)
02.Back Stroke (Prod. By Shant Koutoujian)
03.Bad Girl (Interlude)
04.I Like That (Prod. By Insight)
05.No (Prod. By Biz20)
06.Talk To Me (Feat. Sara Leigh) (Prod. By Insight)
07.Son, Sun (Prod. By Insight)
08.Supaflythrudacityman (Prod. By Tru Knowledge)
09.A Will & A Way (Prod. By Insight)
10.848 (Prod. By Insight)
11.Irony (Prod. By Biz20)
12.Don't Hear Gon' Feel (Prod. By Insight)
13.Blues' Brothers (Prod. By Cinematic)
14.Da Math (Feat. Consequence & Insight) (Prod. By Insight)
15.Got Beef? (Food Coma) (Prod. By Insight)

Beatmonstas _ Bomb 'Til We Hit 'Em (2009)

02.Easier Said Than Done
03.Lets Go
04.Bomb Till We Hit Em
05.Can't Fool Me Now
06.Turn It Up Feat. Creature
07.Sea To Shining Sea Feat. Rahfiki
09.Rippin to The Last Bar Feat. Prince Po (Organized Konfusion)
10.Leave Me The Fuck Alone
11.Sexy Mama
12.Blown Away (Instrumental)
13.Peoples Champion
14.All Aboard

mardi 29 septembre 2009

Eleven _ Star of the Story (2008)

02.The Warm Up
03.This Is Me (What They Gon' Say?)
04.I Gotcha
05.Natural MC Featuring B. Kashz
06.Your Love
07.Go Hard (or Go Home)
09.The Big Deal
10.On The Daily Featuring B. Kashz And Seek
11.Something So Nice Featuring Black Cotton
13.Down To My Last Featuring Seek
14.Think Before You Speak
15.Oh My God
16.Just Another Woman
17.Take You Back
19.So Incredible (Bonus Track)

James John of Divine Minds _ ''ON'' Black Coffee, Peace, & Progression (2009)

01.Grand Morning
02.Back @ It!
03.Love Is Back
04.Iron Mik3!
05.When We Count To THR33
06.Pounds/No Cream?
08.Little Man
09.The G Shocks Rolling Stone
10.Tribe - Ish
11.D.M. HIGH
13.Mountain Grown
14.The Rain
15.L7 Square
16.Black Coffee
17.A Flashlight?
18.A.C Green
19.Sun And Pain
20.Come Cleaner
21.Monkey = No Veggies
22.Byrd Ribbons
24.Grand Goodbye/From A Seed
25.Be On The Lookoout For ''Give Up The Sticks''

Crispy _ Grace Note (2009)

01.Beyond Borders (SoulStice)
02.Strange Kinda Love (SoulStice)
03.I Believe feat. Tanpo (Inverse)
04.Remember The Name (Inverse)
05.Classic (Judah & Secret)
06.Compare U 2 Me (RADIx)
07.The Have Nots (Scribbling Idiots)
08.Sunnycalifornia (Inverse)
09.Asience Beats
10.1 MC 1 DJ/Producer (Judah & Secret)
11.Yasashisani Tsutsumaretanara
12.Don't Settle (Scribbling Idiots)

Moeses Soulright The 2nd _ Porches, Corners & Streetlights (2009)

02.Avg Sat N The Hood
03.Mac Girl
04.Take that Girl
05.Final Walk
08.About You
09.Essence of A Pimp
12.So they Say
13.If You Could Be Mine
14.Today ft. Skeenill
15.Rollin With Lil Moeses
16.Interlude / Blunt
17.Invisible Lips
20.Sunken Sunday

The Black Sunn _ The Sunn Is Black EP (2009)

01.The Prelude (GodSound)
02.Puttin' In Work
03.So Alive
04.4eva (This Is..)
05.Who I Am
06.No Sleep (feat. 810)

lundi 28 septembre 2009

Gigio _ Go(guer)rilla ep (2009)

01.Casualties Iz A Killah
02.Rather Be A Go(guer)rilla
03.Amateur Night Hype
05.Gorilla (Remix)
06.Hello, Gorilla! (Endangered Species)
07.Funky As The Last

dimanche 27 septembre 2009

Jon West _ Insomnia (2009)

01.Insomnia Intro
02.Breakfast Club
03.Toss And Turn
04.Sleepless Ft. Shianne
06.Snooze Button
07.Quick Nap
08.Sleeping Pills
10.Twinkle Little Star
12.The Informecial

Eddie AKA Eddie Music _ Sound Wandering (2009)

01.Intro of Intros
02.I'm Ready (feat. Cynthia Hawkes)
03.Well Well I'm Out
04.Morning Joe (feat. Awon)
05.In Reality
06.One Man Band (feat. E Major)
07.Don't Dare Fall
08.You Know (feat. Kev Brown & Cy Young)
09.Let Go (feat. E Major)
10.Never Thought (feat. Awon)

Obii Say _ The Suprise Tape (2009)

 Your Hands (Intro) ( produced by Sinitus Tempo )
02.Stay Grindin' ( produced by Sinitus Tempo )
03.Foot Fetish ( produced by Doc Battle )
04.Cant Stop Me Now ( produced by Sinitus Tempo )
05.Own World ( produced by Doc Battle )
06.Cracka Jack ( produced by Doc Battle )
07.BST Kicks & Nothin' ( produced by Doc Battle )
08.Love ( produced by Sinitus Tempo )
09.Sorry ( produced by Doc Battle )
10.Lights ( Produced by Sinitus Tempo )
11.Make Way ft. Azizi Gibson ( produced by Sinitus Tempo )
12.Home Brew ( produced by Doc Battle )

Flex Mathews _ The Handsome Grandson EP (2009)

01.Roy (Remix By GeeDubz)
02.Just Gunnen
03.All Night
04.Blue Line
06.Up In My Room (Remix)
07.My Brother Raps Too
10.Fool Yourself (TYR)
11.The Backpacker (Original Version)
12.Bonus Track

samedi 26 septembre 2009

Lyrical D _ Lyrical D (2007)

01.Break The Dawn (Intro)
02.You Made Me Do This
03.I In My Life
04.Get Ready (Skit)
06.체리맛 캔디
07.The Road To You (Skit)
08.너에게로 가는 길 feat. MC.Ha, Outsider, Eli
09.Old Dayz
10.그 날... (Skit)
11.Check It ! feat. 백화,체코만도, 염따
13.End Of The Dawn (Outro)

DJ Shinin'Stone _ The Hypnotize LP (2007)

01.Moon-Ghosts In Train [Intro]
02.The Hypnotize Feat. Superman Ivy
03.Mesmerism(On And On And On)
04.December(Of Remorse) Feat. Maslo, Keyreal
05.나비수집(Magnolia Breeze)
06.Phase Of Wave(人生) Feat. West BL
07.Gypsi's Diary
08.You're My Night Feat. Maslo, Demonic
09.Fantasia [Interlude]
10.붉은 색 [Full Version] Feat. Vistarap
11.흐르는 강물처럼 [Outro]

A.L. _ A.L.most There (2009)

01.Intro ( Heres Where I Come In)
02.New Level (ft. B-Dez, Konkwest)
03.A.L.most There
04.Let Me Express
05.All You (ft. Verses)
06.Something Real
07.That Someone (My Ode to Hiphop)
08.808 (ft. Verses, Cam, Konkwest)
09.Just Listen
10.Funky Interlude
11.Sumn Funky
12.Time Finds Me
13.Knock On Wood (ft. Miss Marianna)
14.One Day (ft. Verses)
15.I Can Hear You Calling
16.To My Unborn
18.Outro (My Mark)

vendredi 25 septembre 2009

VA-M.S.J Present...Cafe Jazz Vol. 13 (2009)

01.The Livin Yard /Summer's Here
02.YaDamnSkippy!/Throwin' My Life Away
03.Brian Michael Murphy/Crazy
04.Blackbird/Man Whore
05.The Happy Unfortunate/Plan B
06.Green Street/Summertime Vibes (feat. Genevieve)
07.I-Kompleate/Rhythm (Produced By Vherbal)
08.Form One/Never Know
09.Gotham Green & Quickie Mart/It Won't Be Long ft. Know One
10.Fortune's/And So I Sit
11.Frankie Flowers/For You
12.Random (Mega Ran)/Random Got Paid feat. Epic 1 And Masurao
13.SEEK/Go Through This
14.Haz Solo/1-47 (prod. by Evolve One)
15.Leproce And Denz/Amazing Love
16.Miles Jones/No More (Feat. Marinda)
17.Blazo/Through The Way feat. 2 Mo' Key of Stilla-Mode
18.Offsprings of The Native Tongue/Tomorrow's Here
19.Rahfiki/Let's Talk About Love

Phoenix Da Icefire _ Baptism Under Fire (2009)

02.Mic Check
03.Most High (Feat. J Tha Exodus)
05.Silver Lining (Feat. Yasine)
06.Close Your Eyes
07.Purple Mist (Feat. D21)
09.Spiritual Scrolls (Feat. M9)
10.Higher Learning (Feat. M9)
11.Use Your Imagination
12.Aryan Sky
13.Hells Fire Capital (Feat. Masikah)
14.Coconut (Feat. Sterling)
16.Ugly As Sin
17.3rd Degree (Feat. Roots And Prophet)
18.Train Wreck
19.Black Devil
20.Hidden Chamber (Feat. 9 Planets)
21.Right Timing (Album Snippit)
22.Demonise Weed (Bonus Track)

Keyel _ Volume One (2009)

02.Who Dat (prod. Port Format)
03.Stay UP
04.That Live
07.H.A.Y.B. ft. Ahp Qwes
08.8Bit Breaks
09.Get Down
10.Hanging By a String (prod. by Sa-ra Creative Partners)
13.Alternative Jawn
14.Diddy Bop
15.Mary Jane (prod. Flako)
16.Cold Soda ft. Ahp Qwes (prod. Ahp Qwes)
18.Whut Up

Vision _ LoveChild (2009)

01.Last Call For Love
02.Just Want You To Know feat. Dan Charles & Freed
03.Grand Ultimate feat. Rebekah
04.New Moon Rising feat. Nova & Naima Ince
05.High Stakes feat. Freed
06.Love Story (Produced by Sean Lewis aKa Rush Kid)
07.Lost Along The Way
08.Always On Time
09.Rise Up Right
10.Testify feat. Charlie Costa
11.LoveChild feat. Dizpikabull
12.Home of The Brave feat. Naima Ince
13.Vietnam To Sadamm

Grynch _ Chemistry EP (2009)

01.Right Now
02.Chemistry (Feat. One Be Lo)
03.Doin' Too Much
04.You Know Me (Feat. RA Scion)
05.My Volvo
07.A Dream Undeferred
08.Smoke And Mirrors (Feat. Tunji & Geologic) (Bonus Track)

Sha Prince _ Visible Concepts (2009)

02.Office Space
03.Rising To The Top
04.She Keeps Telln Me
05.Final Kiss
07.She Makes Luv 2 The Muzik Ft.Tamsynn Lee
08.Soldier (Remix)
09.Ready To Die (Biggie Tracklist)
10.Thats Money
11.Broken Silence Live.Com
12.HipHop '94 Luv
13.Sha Prince After Thoughts Ft. DaxFlow & Tafari (Prod. Graffic)
14.Dont Fight Me (Taco Bell)
15.Funeral Ft. DaxFlow
16.36 Beads Of Scratch Fu
17.On The Shelf
18.Doin' Damage
19.Change Outro
20.Look Around (Bonus)

K. Sidney _ Letters To Windy (2009)

02.Wish U Could Be There
03.Chi Raised Me
04.I Got Love
05.The Paper
06.Belly Of The Beast
07.Buyin' Out The Bar
08.Feelin' Yo' Persona
09.Hold Me Down
10.I Need It In My Life
11.Everybody's A Gangsta
12.Sympathy For A Villain
13.I Need You To Hate Me
14.Let Up (Bonus)
15.My Only Fear of Death (Bonus)

Mirage _ The Illusionist Mixtape (2009)

01.My Mind Gone
02.Where Da Love At (feat. T.R.I.C)
03.Always Be
04.Shots Keep Firing (Prod. Afterthought)
05.Real Men Cry (Prod. E.S)
06.She Wanna Leave (Prod. Afterthought)
07.Time Stands Still
08.Good Living
09.Held Down
11.Take My Life
12.For My People (feat. Crills)
13.Let's Go

Change _ The Stimulus Plan EP (2009)

01.Stick Up (Prod. By Anno Domini)
02.Each His Own (Prod. By Anno Domini)
03.Family Ties (Prod. By Anno Domini)
04.Dedication (Ft. Praverb) (Prod. By Soul Clap)
05.Ignite Me (Prod. By Rapit Fly)
06.Not A Stranger (Ft. Elias Of Scribblng Idiots) (Prod. By Anno Domini)
07.An Excellent Few (Ft. Sintax.The.Terrific & Manchild)(Prod. By Mouth Warren)

Upgrade _ Waiting In Line (2008)

01.Waitin In Line
02.Lookin' Forward
04.Cruise Control
05.Beat Won't Stop Ft. Verbal Science
06.Top Floor
07.Make It Look Good
09.Use To Think
10.Retail Salesman
11.Polish My Mic
12.Black Out
13.Underground King
14.Chrome Ride
15.Dear Diary Ft. Verbal Science
16.Can't Let Go
17.The Feeling Ain't There
18.Give Me A Minute
19.Eyes On The Road
20.Girl Of My Dreams
21.No Hope
23.Cutting To The Front Ft. Verbal Science

TEC _ Next Up (2009)

01.Allies, Backways, & Underground
02.The Loot
03.Blind Folded
04.Walk to Wherever
05.Melt Away Ft. GenX Poets
06.Money Back
08.El Steelo
09.Next Up
10.Road Signs [Tellapath]
12.Letter To The Past
13.Sapient Tavern
14.Sunshine On A Rainy Day
15.Simple But True
16.This Way [Ely]
17.Microphone Static
18.Much 2 Hard
20.SuperStar Status

FlowEthics _ The Beginning EP (2009)

01.We Be The Ones (Beat Produced by DJ Atehcna)
02.We Got Soul (Beat Produced by DJ Atehcna)
03.Relax Your Mind (Beat Produced by DJ Atehcna)

Billa Camp _ Skate Or Die 2 [The Remix](2009)

01.All In
02.Love It Or Hate It
04.Night Time
05.Rest Never
06.She's Gotta Have It
08.Round Here
09.Get That Money
10.Ear To Ear

Ridalen _ Destiny (2009)

01.The Recipe
02.Live In The Sky
03.You Don't Know My Name
05.Number One
06.Let It Roll
07.Just A Fad
10.Crazy [Skit]
11.Think Twice
12.Where Do I Go (Remix Ft. Max B)
13.Role Model

Fate L _ Happy New Year (2009)

01.Think Twice (ft. Achillez)
02.We Do It (ft. TreaZon & Achillez)
03.End Your Existance (ft. D-Man)
04.Summer Flyness (ft. TreaZon)
05.The Art of War
06.Cant Wait (Redman Remix)
07.Travelin' Man (Mos Def Remix)
08.Feel The High (Finsta Bundy Remix)
09.Surviving The Times (Nas Remix)
10.Happy New Year ('09 Classics)

X.I.T _ The Lyrical Channel (2009)

01.If U Know Hiphop
02.I'm A Star Tonight
03.Way Back When
04.Set You Free
06.Know Me
07.Background Music
08.What Is Life
09.My Mama's Story
10.No Limit
11.MC Mike
12.Alone In The Dark
13.My Hiphop Wish
14.Find My Way

Blitz The Ambassador _ On My Mixtape Sh*t (2009)

01.Chuck D. Intro
03.Hands of Time
04.Live At Lyricist Lounge
05.B-Boy Massacre
06.August 4th Interlude
07.Change (feat. Rob Murat)
08.Revival (feat. Hypnotic Brass)
09.Let It Go (feat. Tarrey Torae)
10.Halftime Show
11.Losing Your Mind (feat. Kate Mattison)
12.Black Market
13.Memory Lane
15.Still Holding On

Prophit _ Cause When You Stop Dreaming, It's Time To Die (2009)

02.King Without His Crown (prod by Gabe Wax)
03.Make Love (prod by Gabe Wax)
04.Get Lifted (prod by Gabe Wax)
05.I Am The Future feat. James Earl Jones & Lloyal (prod by Beewirks)
06.Feel The Vibe (prod by DJ Woof)
07.Bigger Man (prod by Shuttle)
08.Bodega Beats feat. Woofie Colon (prod by DJ Woof)
09.My Nigga Who?!? feat. D-Black (prod by Kenlo)
10.Just Like You feat. Jesse Boykins III (prod by Gabe Wax)
11.Star Above My Bed Pt. 2
12.Night Walker (prod by Heart Collapse)
13.Classic (prod by DJ Shadow)
14.Sexy feat. Lady Love (prod by Fyness)
15.Pretty Mama (prod by Fyness)
16.Black Market Heart feat. Brandon Wronski (prod by Gabe Wax)
17.HelloGoodbye (prod by Heart Collapse)
18.Baroness (prod by Gabe Wax)
19.Steady Flowin (prod by Gabe Wax)

The Lost Generation Featuring Reggiimental _ Everything So Clear (2008)

02.Hold Your Head
03.Grown Man Ft. Ras Supa
04.Let Me Be Ft. Ras Supa, S.C, Bigga, Joe Gutta, Rukus
05.Blacklist Ft. Ras Supa
06.No Time To Waste Ft. Ras Supa
07.Give Me Strength Ft. S.C
08.The Key (Prod. By Eyebs)
09.Never (Prod. By Eyebs)
10.Outro (Prod. By Eyebs)

Soul Company _ Official Bootleg Vol.1 (2005)

01.조용한 대화 12 (Intro)
02.최적화 (Next Big Thingz Part. 2)
03.발전을 논하는가 (The Quiett Remix)
05.우린 때론 슬퍼도 웃어
06.지하철을 타다 (The Quiett Remix)
07.양치기 소년 (The Quiett Remix)
09.Keep It Underground Part. 2
10.Quiett Storm
11.井底之貨 (정저지화)
12.새벽에 만난 사람
13.The Rap Game Part. 2 (Remix)
15.소년을 위로해줘 (Solo Version)
16.영장을 받아 든 (The Quiett Remix)
17.Pain of Luv 2 (Never Be The Same Again)
18.20010526 (Interlude)
19.미운 오리의 새끼
20.조용한 대화 9 (Outro)
21.소울 컴퍼니가 왔단다

Add-2 _ Tale Of Two's City Volume 3 (The Rise & Fall) [2009]

01.As The Sunrises (prod by Antman Wonder)
02.Nicole Brown Simpson (prod by Antman Wonder)
03.Luxury (prod by Antman Wonder)
04.The Menace's Theme (prod by Antman Wonder)
05.Let You Go (prod by Woody)
06.Locker Room Stories (prod by High Caliba)
07.Sweat Ya Perm Out (prod by IIL Meel)
08.Relax Relate Release (prod by Slot-A)
09.Starter Jacket (prod by Jaguar Skills)
10.Dream Is Over (prod by Antman Wonder)
11.Cloudy Skies feat. Franco DeLeon (prod by Marcus Banks)
12.Hoes Got Feelings Too feat. Slot-A & Gerald Walker (prod by Antman Wonder)
13.Superman (prod by Ill Meel)
14.The Rise & Fall feat. Nikki Nikita (prod by Vanysh)
15.Dont Sleep (prod by The Are)
16.Sweet Misery (prod by Jonathan P)
17.Moonlight feat. Yung Nate (prod by The Are)
18.Martin & Gina (prod by Thoughts For Food)
19.The Big Bad Wolf (prod by Marcus Banks)
20.God Bless The Dead feat. Simeon Viltz (prod by Slot-A)
21.Goodluck & God Speed (prod by IIL Meel)

Daxflow _ Instant Messages (2009)

01.Instant Messages Intro (Prod. Scratchcat)
02.Trust Ft. MrBlue (Prod. Derek4Real)
03.Pull Through Ft. Jessica Nicole (Prod. Maine)
04.A Little Luv (Prod. Graffic)
05.All Night (Prod. Eric G)
06.Hustle Hard Ft. Champagne (Prod. (G-Hood)
07.Reminice (Prod. Wahash, Cuts by Rossland)
08.Leave Me Alone (Prod. Dru n Maine)
09.Back In The Day (Wahash Remix)
10.Instant Messages (Interlude)
11.Round N Round (Prod. Tone Mason)
12.Remember Da Time (Remix)(Prod. by Wahash)
13.Never Meant To Leave Ft. Emerson Brooks (Prod. Jazzfeezy)
14.Set On You (Prod. Wahash)
15.Against All Odds (Prod. Maine, Cuts by DJ S-Luv)
16.Shut Your Light Ft. Tamsynn-Lee (Prod. Graffic)
17.Cold World (Remix) (Prod. Jazzfeezy)
18.The Brushoff Ft. Sha Prince & Scratchcat (Prod. M Mac)
19.Devastation (Prod. Derek4Real)
20.After Thoughts Ft. Sha Prince & Tafar-I (Prod. Graffic)
21.The Same (Prod. Dox)
22.Yesterday Ft. Champagne (Prod. Graffic)

Troy _ (We All Move) To The Beat (2009)

01.Intro (16 Bars Of Freedom)
02.Mortal Thought (Bass Powered Remix)
03.Black Nostaljack (Purple Nostaljack Remix)
04.Work In Progress (Remix By Troy)
05.Sexualing (Basement Files)
06.How You Get A Record Deal (Simple + Raw Remix)
07.Like This (Troy's Remix)
08.Game Over (Censored Remix feat. Phat Kat & J Dilla)
09.Justify My Thug (Depending On The Remix)
10.Hey Nas (HEY! Remix)
11.Always (Troy Remix)
12.Spaceship (Nitro In Effect Remix)
13.The New Style (Old Style Remix)
14.Effortless (Get The Job Done Remix)
15.Radioactive (Raw Remix)
16.More Than You Know (Disco Remix)
17.Devotion (Remix)
18.Ki k P sh (6 O'Clock 2 Track Remix)

Resolved Dissonance _ Never Been (2009)

01.Never Been Worse
02.By Heart
03.Life's a Bitch [Remix]
04.Codeine Dreams (featuring Spearman)
06.You're Lovely
08.Summer With You
09.Never Been Better

e.a.m _ Who Knows (2009)

02.Bad Habits
03.Demons In My Mind
04.Doo For Love
05.Life, A Bitch
07.Mazes (The WaLLz)
08.Microphone (Hip Hop) Home
10.Sick Of That
11.No Way
12.Straight To The Editor
13.While They Be
14.All The Wealth
15.When Its On, Its On (Freestyle Outro)

BlazbrO _ Hearing Is Believing (2009)

01.Down In The Fuckin' Hole (Tom Waits, Ydekan, Matdeb, BlazbrO)
02.Saison 1 (BlazbrO-All Street)
03.Saison 2 (BlazbrO-All Street)
04.Saison 3 (BlazbrO-P-by)
05.Saison 4 (BlazbrO-P-by)
06.Saison 5 (Hearing Is Believing) (BlazbrO-P-by)

DJ Sly _ Beyond It (2009)

01.Like You feat. Paulie Rhyme, KAORU
02.Waltz For Debby (Everyday) feat. D.O.
03.You Gotta Be feat. Grip Grand, KAORU
04.Brazilian Rhyme (Almost There) feat. D.O., KAORU
05.Killin' Time feat. Fat Tony, KAORU
06.Still Telling Lies 2009 feat. SoulStice, NAAYAH
07.Cabaret feat. Grip Grand, NAAYAH
09.Bittersweet Samba feat. Paulie Rhyme
10.Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da (On & On) feat. Breaking The Illusiton
13.You At That Time (Takeda no Komoriuta)

Solomon Caine _ Zhaoski The Prodigy (2008)

04.Find a Love
06.Changes (prod. by Envoy)
07.The Thinking Man
09.Yes Yall
10.The Greatest Show On Earth
12.Deep (prod. by Envoy)
13.Roll Call

Zen _ Jeune Reveur (2009)

01.Nuage (Zen / Ben Coum)
02.Jeune Reveur ft. Nesrine Ghalmi (Zen - N. Ghalmi / Teru)
03.L' imaginaire ( Zen / Teru)
04.Petite Brise (Zen / Dj Quiet)
05.Chute Libre (Zen / Gpee)
06.Star System ( Zen / Risson)

jeudi 24 septembre 2009

Black Spade _ To Serve With Love Remixes-Ep (2009)

01.Enjoy The Experience Pt. 1 (Nick James Remix)
02.Evil Love (Nick James Remix)
03.Revolutionary Bullshit Pt. 1 (Nick James Remix)
04.Revolutionary Bullshit Pt. 2 (Nick James Remix)
05.Camp Lo - Coolie High (Nick James Remix)

Skiggy Rapz _ Bang To The Boogie EP (2009)

01.Bang To The Boogie
02.Headphones On
03.Today (feat. Tienus)
04.Runnin' Outta Sole (feat. Annemarie)
05.Sure Shot
06.Steppin' On My Rhyme (feat. Tienus)
07.Hands Up
08.Runnin' Outta Sole (Inf Remix)
09.Sure Shot (Arts The Beatdoctor Remix)

City Lights _ Industry Ills Volume 1 (2009)

02.The Studio
03.Bringin' 88 Back
05.T, TH (Reprise)
06.My Cypher
07.Fallin' Shadows
08.Industry Ills
10.The Internet
11.Lights, Camera (Groupies)
12.The Proposal (CA)
13.Won't Let You Fall
14.Ignite (Bonus Track)

Late Bloomers _ Growth Series #1 (2009)

01.On Tour
02.Mr. Wallace
05.Tapp Jr.
08.Back Home