samedi 31 octobre 2009

Large Pro _ Main Source Remixed by Tom Caruana (2009)

01.The Entrance (Tom Caruana Remix)
02.Hot Sizzling, Scorching, Torching, Blazing (Tom Caruana Remix)
03.Maica Livin (feat. Killah Sha and Guardian Leep) (Tom Caruana Remix)
04.Pump Ya Fist (feat. Mikey D Lotto) (Tom Caruana Remix)
05.Party Time (Tom Caruana Remix)
06.In The Ghetto (Tom Caruana Remix)
07.Hardcore Hip Hop (Tom Caruana Remix)
08.Frantic Bars (Tom Caruana Remix)
09.Sewin Love (Tom Caruana Remix)
10.RU Dope (feat. Jeru The Damaja) (Tom Caruana Remix)
11.Dap (feat. Lil Dap) (Tom Caruana Remix)
12.Noyd (feat. Big Noyd) (Tom Caruana Remix)
13.Classic Emergency (Tom Caruana Remix)
14.Rockin Hip Hop (Tom Caruana Remix)
15.Large Pro Says (Tom Caruana Remix)
16.To The Meadows (Tom Caruana Remix)
17.The Hardest (feat. Styles P & AZ) (Tom Caruana Remix)

MF DOOM _ Remixed by Tom Caruana (2009)

02.My Favourite Ladies
04.It Ain't Nuttin
07.Change The Beat
08.Rock Co Kane Flow
10.Impending Doom

vendredi 30 octobre 2009

DJ DN³ _ This Is Chess...Not Checkers Vol.1 (2009)

01.DJ Hero
02.The Future
03.Windows Of Bass
05.We In Here
06.Fightin In The Streets
09.I Miss The 80's
11.Then We Rage
12.Care Less

Stoopz N Breeze _ Turn Up the Smooth (2009)

01.Summer Nights
03.Dade County Cruizin'
04.Honey Smacks
06.Punch Drunk
08.Number 13
09.Mercury Morris
10.Vice Beat
11.Bad Man
12.The Set Up
13.So Pimpish
14.30 Keys
15.Bitches Know
16.Last Tango
17.Need 4 Speed
19.No Sympathy

El Da Sensei _ The Money EP (2009)

01.Money (feat. Reef The Lost Cauze & Roc Marciano) [Explicit]
02.Life It Is [Explicit]
03.Aight Then! [Explicit]
04.Ain't Trippin (feat. Ghettosocks & Timbuktu) [Explicit]
05.Money [Part 2] (feat. Beneficence, Kaze & Torae) [Explicit]

Brey Quick _ From The Heart (2009)

01.Brey Is Like
03.All Real
04.My Way
05.Dead Presidents
06.Da Art Of Story Tellin'
07.Relax Girl
08.Everyday People
09.It Ain't Hard To Tell
10.85 Until

jeudi 29 octobre 2009

Gotham Green & DJ Quickie Mart _ Haze Diaries Vol. 2 (2009)

02.Triple Threat ft. Buff1 & Tunji
03.Not Like Me
04.Nice As I Am ft. Freddie Gibbs
05.Chasin' The Money
06.Gimmie The Money ft. Calvin Frazier & B.Heat
07.We Ain't In The Mood
08.Welcome Back ft. Malkovich & Sum
09.Smoke Break ft. Nick Swardson
10.One Minute You're Here
11.You Gotta Be Kiddin' Me ft. El Prez
12.Put Them Hands Up ft. Know One
13.Back To Basics ft. Jabee & Truth Universal
14.It's Just A Game
15.Pick It Up ft. P-Rawb
16.Big Tipper ft. Omni
17.Couldn't Take It (Suicide Note)

YD _ Vintage (2009)

01.See I (produced by Jordan Davis)
02.Untouchable feat. Petey, Mickey Cohen & E-Mics
03.Longitude (produced by Louie Lee)
04.Acid, Red Bull & Vodka (produced by Arkreatek)
05.Love You Interlude
06.Love You (produced by J Montana)
07.Footage (produced by Doc)
08.Night & Day (produced by J City, Scratches by Rec One)
09.Yaoo (produced by Louie Lee)
10.Vintage (produced by Kilz, Scratches by Rec One)

Divine Seven _ Seven Wonders ... The EP (2008)

01.Suttin' Wonderful
02.Rise N' Shine
04.Across The Watters (Yes Y'All) ft. BusCrates
05.Life, Resurrected
06.When I Scribe
07.Seven Wonders
08.Melodious (Bonus Track)

mercredi 28 octobre 2009

Imperfekt _ An Imperfekt EP (2009)

01.You Down With Mic Hand?
02.No Problem
03.Imp Overload (Live)
04.Street Walk/Somethin Outta Nothin
05.The Last Laugh
06.Golden Mirage Freestyle (Beat by RJD2)

Divine Seven & Ayatollah Jaxx _ Black Connection (2009)

01.Love < 3 (Intro)
02.Black Gold
05.Al Silla Al Sawdaa...
07.Live Together
08.City Lights
09.Laureate Sketch
10.Pitch Black

Just Music _ Compilation (2009)

19 Tracks By Bob42JH

The Black Sunn _ GodSound (2009)

01.U Must Love Me
02.Passing By
03.Maybe You'll Understand
04.Dread Man
05.Interlude (feat. Amberly Ellis)
06.Long Road Ahead
07.Pretty Girl Complex
08.Wasting Time
09.Tune In
10.Lady With The Green Eyes
11.Alone High
12.B4 I Die (feat. 810)
13.What's Real?
14.Outta Reach
15.Beautiful Flowers
16.Purple Hayes
17.Shake It Off

mardi 27 octobre 2009

The Beenafactors _ The Balcony (2009)

01.Can't Kill The Dreamer (Intro)
02.Show N' Prove (J.Brown, Amen, Geo, Mac)
03.Fill Ya Mind (J.Brown, Amen, Geo, Mac)
04.Wake Up Call (Amen)
05.The Block (Amen, J.Brown, Mac, Geo)
06.Dope Fiend (Interlude)
07.Confessions (Geo)
08.Same Route (J.Brown, Geo, Mac)
09.My Brother (Geo)
10.Spaz Out (Amen, Geo, Mac)
11.4 Years Ago (Mac)
12.Family Bullshit (J.Brown, Geo, Amen, Mac)

Balian _ Home Alone The Mixtape Lp (2009)

01.Home Alone
02.The Beat Bangs
03.Good Feelin
04.Happy Guy
05.Lady You
06.One That I Love
07.Make Me Kum
08.Don't Walk Away
09.Knocked Up
10.Get Em Up
11.It's Time
12.Brand New Sound
13.My Motivation
14.So Proud
15.I Got Mine

Brother Nature _ Fresh Squeezed Lemonade Mixtape (2009)

01.Cool'n Out
02.Where Did You Go?
03.A Bit Better
04.22 ODD Years
05.The Break Up Song
07.What Was You Thinking?
08.Mamas Lemonade

lundi 26 octobre 2009

Preach Jacobs & Denz _ Maple St Sessions (2009)

01.Oh Yes
02.Forest Whitaker
05.Thank You featuring Butterfly Brown
06.Cool Out (Remix)
08.Breathe Easy (Recycle Remix)

Subliminal Thoughts _ A New Change EP (2009)

01.Old School Vibe
02.Home (Detroit)
03.Something New
04.Shine Through (Remix) ft. Supastition
06.World We Live

EQ And Destruct _ Non-Flaco (2009)

01.Bounce (Prod. By Byphar)
02.Rugged (RMX) (Prod. By Yohn P.)
03.Donde (Prod. By EQ)
04.Whachu Gonna Do? (Prod. By Brother Beatbox)
05.Dark Winds (Prod. By Darkitect)
06.Kilo & Sniff Feat. Gajah And Turtle (Prod. By Unoh)
07.Vulture's Ass (Prod. By Broken Finguz)
08.Clear View Feat. Bernice Nicole (Prod. By 2Deep)
09.Follow Through Feat. Gajah (Prod. By EQ)
10.I Don't Know Why (Prod. By VR.)

Doc Wattson _ Wattson & Visto - The Native Stranger EP (2009)

01.Native Stranger
02.I'm Late
04.The Hollows (feat. Wafeek)
05.Power Over Time
06.Losin' Control
07.Ode to Alcohol
08.Bread Crumbs

dimanche 25 octobre 2009

Nique _ Framed And Unfocused (2009)

01.Framed and Unfocused (Intro)
03.Life Is
05.Stars ft. SLik d
06.Long Time Comin'
07.Cut My Check ft. Marion Write
09.Dear Mama
10.One Two
11.I Hear Them Calling
12.When I See Her
13.October 13th
14.Dopeman Dom
15.Embrace It
16.Must Be the Kicks
17.Domanique S.
20.Left Over Food

Kid Quo _ Equonomy EP (2009)

01.Kid Quo
02.What's Good?
03.Rapper Guy!
04.Hands Up
05.Qualitative Urban Operative
06.On My Way

Young Sin _ Who I Am (2009)

01.Old School
02.Stick Slick
03.Love You Properly
04.Put Down
05.Pass It Feat. Evil & Snak
06.7 Days
07.Don't Wanna Be
08.Around The Way
09.Who You Are
10.Lyin to Myself
11.One Two Free
12.Think Twice

Masta Ace & Edo G _ Arts & Entertainment (2009)

01.T.V. Night
02.Hands High (Prod. By M-Phazes)
03.Fans (Feat. Large Professor) (Prod. By DJ Supreme One)
04.A's & E's (This Is What We Do) (Feat. Marsha Ambrosious) (Prod. By Baby Dooks)
06.Little Young (Prod. By M-Phazes)
07.Reminds Me (Prod. By DJ Supreme One)
08.Black Ice Interlude
09.Good Music (Feat. Posdnuos & Light) (Prod. By DJ Spinna)
10.Power Out
11.Pass The Mic (Feat. KRS-One) (Prod. By Double O)
12.Over There (Prod. By M-Phazes)
13.Round & Round (Feat. Doitall & Du Kelly) (Prod. By DJ Supreme One)
14.Hot Wangs
15.Ei8ht Is Enuff (Prod. By Frank Dukes)
16.Here I Go Again (Feat. Jamelle Bundy) (Prod. By Rain)
17.You Me & Some Snacks
18.Dancing Like A White Girl (Feat. Chester French & Pav Bundy) (Prod. By Pav Bundy)

samedi 24 octobre 2009

Flow Nice _ Flow Nice And Friends (2008)

03.Malt Breakers
04.Thinking of You
05.Differnt Sides of Life
07.The Saint

Grandpa-J And Youngs _ Jenerational Gap (2009)

01.Just Let It Happen
02.Kojak Flow
03.On And On Feat. Quincy Coleman
04.Pennies From Brethren
05.Wet Feat. Jonnie Newman
06.The Jenerational Gap Feat. Sammy Faze
07.On The Road Feat. The Red Fox

Superstar Quamallah _ Invisible Man (2009)

01.Mr. Righteous (Intro)
02.You Need Knowledge
03.88 Soul
04.Black Shakespeare
05.For My People...It's Spiritual
06.Lonely At The Top
07.Just Listen
08.California Dreamin'
10.Kunta Kente
11.1993 Sh*t
12.We Got Plots
13.Do Win-Dis
14.Hope She Remembers Me

Dollabin _ Styles You Can't Afford. (2009)

03.Get There
04.The Groove
05.Hipster (Interlude)
06.Dreamz ft. Gabriel Teodros
07.The Drummer
08.It's The Dolla
10.Appetite (Interlude)
11.Every Record
12.City 2 City
14.Styles You Can't Afford ft. Toni Hill
15.Pragmatic (Bonus)

Re-Invention...the emcee's LP Vol 2 (2009)

01.Optic Nerve, of Supremacy (For the cause, an Intro) Produced by Alias with Jateen Hansjee on Guitar
02.Optic Nerve, of Supremacy (Goodnight) Produced by San, the Instru-Monumentalist
03.Real Life Raps (Boom bap sound) Produced by The Rebbi
04.MUZ (51 areas) produced by Doc Battles
05.Epic and Alias (Production 101)
06.CoreWreckah, of Corporate Nemesis (Feel it) Produced by Trained Monkeys
07.Rob One (Caught between worlds) Produced by Myth
08.San-Hedrin (The manual) Produced by Alias
09.Epic and Alias (Production 201)
10.Joseph Meegar, of Real Life Raps (Linguini rap) produced by San, the Instru-Monumentalist
11.Le Manko (Le Manko) Produced by Trompie
12.Re-genesis (a Skit) Produced by Ess-Ar
13.The Holstar (Murder She Wrote) Produced by DJ PeeWee
14.Mary Jane (a Skit) Proudced by BlackChild
15.Illuminate with The Lyrical TiP (Extraterestrial princess) Produced by Hipe
16.Joe Pesci (Handling business...) Interlude
17.Tuboy Tulz with KO (Whatchu Doin) Produced by Myth
18.RonSence with Ashley Dee (Jealousy) Produced by DJ Ashley Dee
19.S.E.L.F (Eyes glued to the TV screen...) Interlude
20.MUZ (Deep in my dreams) Produced by Dharma Bums
21.Epic and Alias (Production 301)
22.Rob One (Food fight)...Bonus...
23.Money & G7 (Cape side)...Bonus...
24.Refute Skill[z] (Kick start my life)...Bonus...
25.Joseph Meegar, of Real Life Raps (Crushed plums, an Outro) Produced by The Lyrical TiP

Peshi _ The Work Of Art The Art Of Work (2005)

02.Piece Of A Smaller Thing
03.Jasper Fulte
04.Moments Treasured
05.Plucks Music On It's Strings
06.Nothing It's Not
07.Hush Hush
08.Honey Coating
09.The Royal Hunter
11.The Traveller

B.Eveready _ The C.T.P. Mixtape (2008)

01.Some People Hate
02.Y'all Don't Want None
04.Street Poetics
05.Bright As The Stars
06.1 Sleeve Up
07.Deal Wit' It
08.We Need A Resolution Freestyle
09.Flow Pt. I
10.Flow Pt. II
11.Requiem 4 A Dream Pt. I
12.Requiem 4 A Dream Pt. II
13.Yes (Brown Sugar)
14.Keep It Thoro Freestyle

P.I.C. _ El Nova Hustle (2007)

01.Alnova Do That
02.Fonzarelli (Arthur's Theme)
03.Hard Look Case
04.Chimp Attack
05.Keep Up
06.Carmel Love
08.Old Sole
09.Get on Gawin'
10.Got Me Like
11.Jimbo's Open House

Familiars Unseen _ Grown & Fresh (2007)

01.Doin Me
02.Real Talk
03.No Competition
05.Leavin Wit'chu
09.U Gotsta Get It
10.Fly Girl
11.Phone Check

vendredi 23 octobre 2009

The Bums _ Like This (2008)

02.It's Real
03.The Bums In Here
04.Shades Of Life
05.Life's Mission
06.Shorty Slim
07.True Lies
08.Think Twice
10.It's Alright
11.Like I Can
12.Hey Girl
13.Biopsy (BS)
14.Something Special
15.The Morning After
16.Keep It Moving
17.The Time Is Here

The Benchwamers Clique _ The After Hours Spot (2009)

02.Ain't No Love
03.Off The Block
04.Night Time ft. Dontizza
05.Zip Lock Rap
06.Don't Be Fooled
07.Phone Tap
08.Gimme Raw ft. Reks
09.Life's Exchange
10.Knock Knock
11.Late Shift
12.Too Much Liquor (Skit)
13.Get That Cash
14.Searching ft. Pistol
15.Feel It In The Air
18.Guess Who's Back
19.Benchwarmer's Anthem fr. Dixon

Theology 3 _ Featuring No Features (2009)

01.How I Flow
02.Theo (Skit)
03.It's Theo3
04.Pass The Dutchy (Rip Matic)
06.I Dabble (Skit)
07.Employee Of The Month (Hip Hop Union)
08.Radio Interlude
09.Make It Big
10.50 Bars Same Pattern
11.It's Light Work
12.Be Ready
13.Radio Interlude 2
14.Make It Big (Remix)

7 Day Weekend _ The Update (2009)

02.My Town
04.All Alone
05.Feel Da Beat Ft. D1
06.Never Be (LIKE YOU) Ft. Christina M.E. & N.X.
07.Can't Help It
08.Come To Me Ft. D1
09.Walkin By
10.Do What U Do
11.Magic Man Ft. Cairo
12.This Is 4 Yall
13.What I'm Saying

Guy Woods Presents...My Dusty Fingertips (2009)

01.Welcome To My Dusty Fingertips(Cuts By D-Rec)
02.Sleep Alright
03.Get It Right(Cuts By D-Rec)
04.Life I Chose
06.I'll Take You Out
07.Wouldn't Change A Damn Thing
08.It's Hard Nowadays
09.The Power Of One
10.Take Yer Bitch(Cuts By D-Rec)
11.Stay Ill
12.Never For A Moment
13.Slow It Down
14.Born Scrapa
15.Blunted(Cuts By Aspect)
16.Hard To Be Me
18.Home Town
19.On The Right Track(Cuts By D-Rec)

Chachi Carvalho _ The Green (2008)

02.Ohhz & Ahhz
03.No Hesitation
04.Rock A Show
05.No Hook
07.CV In America
08.Lost In The Moment
09.Keep Em Clappin
10.Years Later
11.It's Up To Me
12.Keep Shinin'
14.Smokin' Ride (Bonus Track)

Nas & Olu Dara _ The Family Remix Album (2009)

01.The Family Intro
02.NY State Of Mind Pt. 2 [By Isbjerg]
03.Hate Me Now [By Isbjerg]
04.Small World [By G.C.]
05.The Family Intermezzo
06.We Will Survive [By Isbjerg]
07.Ghetto Prisoners [By S.T.T.R.E.S.S.]
08.Life's What You Make It [By Blinky]
09.Hey Nas [By Tokyo Cigar]
10.Olu Speaks
11.Money Is My Bitch [Remix by Esejota]
12.Life Is What You Make It Too [By Cento Beats]
13.You Wont See Me Tonight (Remix)
14.Nas Is Like [By One Mic]
15.Dr.KnockBoots [By FlamesYall]
16.Undying Love [By Isbjerg]

Symmetry And Slouch _ Aliens Pirates And Wizards E.P. (2009)

02.Bidibop Island
05.People Food

Ed & Enz _ Ne Cherche Pas Ailleurs (2009)

02.Tu Sais Feat. Asphalt
03.Prêts A Tout Feat. Sista Clarisse
04.Dans Mon Epoque Feat. Mil
05.Ed & Enz
06.Le Rêve De Zoé
07.Rien De Nouveau Feat. Kanyor
08.Voyez Vous Même Feat. Doods
09.Un Oeil Sur Le Monde
10.Qui A La Vibe ?
11.Jamais Honnête
12.Le Frigo
13.Ne Cherche Pas Ailleurs Feat. Kanyor

Grynch & Two Good Men _ Something More EP (2008)

01.Something More
02.I'm A Dreamer (Feat. Geologic & Thig Natural)
03.Missed Connections
05.All Right (Feat. Tunji)
06.Take A Trip

Frootloops _ Follow Your Ears (2009)

01.Follow Your Ears Intro
02.Once Again (Qwest Remix)
03.Brand New (Jansport J Remix)
04.It's Still Bigger Than Hip Hop (Ritchcraft Remix)
05.1999 (Qwest Remix)
06.Hardly Wait
07.Say Blue Honey (Ritchcraft Remix)
08.Coolie High (Qwest Remix)
09.Rock On (Ritchcraft Remix)
10.Hope (Qwest Remix)
11.I Love
12.Dynamite Transformers (Jansport J Remix)
13.Love And War (Ritchcraft Remix)
14.Coolie High 2.0 (Qwest Remix)
15.Jam To This (Prod. by Ritchcraft)
16.9th Wonder Outro

Frank Ramz _ Make The Road By Walking (2009)

01.This Journey
02.Make The Road By Walking
03.Tired Of Fighting
04.Home Again!
05.Montego Sunset
07.The Traitor
08.The Contender
11.Going The Distance

Deezuz _ Sound of Smoking (2009)

01.Can't Stop Smoking
02.Ooooh LaLa
03.Can You Understand Me
04.Runnin' Away
05.Love Tones
06.Saturday Night Ft. CrownP
07.Smoke Risin
08.Slave Driver
09.Love U
10.Feelin' Alright
11.Get Out My Life
12.Your Fine Ft. S.Hill
13.I'm Your Man

Hoodie Allen _ Making Waves (2009)

01.Don't Look Down
02.Chasing My Dream
03.Turn The City Around
04.Making Waves
05.Figure It Out
06.Day Dreamin'
07.Friend Zone
08.Eddie Haskell
09.Passing Me By In '09 Ft. Illustrate
10.Look Up

jeudi 22 octobre 2009

Nu-Centz & Terawrizt _ Sense The Terror (2009)

01.One Way Street
02.Off The Wall
03.Lucky (ft. Maverick Sabre)
04.The Takeover
05.Just Let Go
06.Brand New
07.Look Of Love
08.Who's Your Daddy? (ft. Rawsoul)
09.Wasted (ft. Redzer)
10.Grown Man Cry
11.Can't Stop Me Now
12.Rap 9 To 5
13.Versatile Styles
14.Foolin' Myself
15.Til I Reach The Top (ft. Jambo)
16.U Know What It Is (ft.Rawsoul)
17.Used 2 Blame (ft.Maverick Sabre)
18.Shite-Hawks (ft. Collie)
19.Straighten' It Out
20.The Re-Roast (Spit-Roast Pt.2)

Mirage & Concept _ Inner Pains (2009)

01.Undefeated Ft. Aspect
02.Tell You Why
04.Feelin' Trapped
08.Life (Remix)
10.Too Far
12.Ride For Me
13.Gotta Change (The Addiction)
14.Lose Myself
15.The Music Box
16.Inner Pains

Class A'z _ The Drug Money Mixtape (2009)

01.DJ Spinitkwikly (Intro)
02.That's Class A
04.Look At Me (ft. Leiko & Popp-Dogg)
05.Daily Struggle
06.Ya Gotta Love It
07.Crack Ebonics
08.No Escapin' This
10.Summer Bummer
11.Bump Into Somebody
12.Who Shot Ya?
13.New Wild West
14.Get With It
15.Clean Slate