lundi 31 mai 2010

Methix _ Loose Ends (2010)

01.No Hospitality (Produced By Methix)
02.Shady People (Produced By Ace Ha)
03.No 911 (Guy Woods Feat. Methix, Produced By Aspect)
04.His Little Room (Produced By Aspect)
05.I'm A Villain (Produced By Domingo)
06.Why I'm Gettin It (Young Guage Feat. Methix & EssenceMc)
07.Bad Days (Produced By Ace Ha)
08.Bring Em Out (Produced By Domingo)
09.Haters (Produced By Erick Sermon)
10.Shattered Dreams (Young Gauge Feat. Methix)
11.Make Them Mad (Produced By Domingo)
12.Filthy Nasty Remix (Deja Rd Feat. Methix)
13.Back In Business (Feat. Champagne, Produced By B1azeone)
14.A Friend (Produced By B1azeone)
15.Verse Medley (Sweet 16's)
16.Simple As That (Feat. Dustin Youb, Produced By Ace Ha)
17.Premo Beats Medley (Produced By DJ Premier)
18.Keep Waiting (Feat. Sammy Brazil, Produced By Ace Ha)
19.Wishing (Feat. Champagne, Produced By B1azeone)
20.We The Shit (Prophet Feat. Methix)

Big Scen _ No Days Off (2010)

01.Body Count (ft. Fraction)
03.Hangover Sunrise
04.One Of Those Days
05.Say It Again
06.Sometimes I Hate My Style
07.Gravy and Biscuits
09.Stress (ft. DJ Grouch)
10.Represent to The Fullest

Richard Wright _ #randommixtape 1.0 (2010)

01.Marry Mary Jane
02.WestSide BestSide
04.Do For Me
05.Heavens Anthem
06.MoneyMaker Feat. Skeem Price and Mr. Sobers

dimanche 30 mai 2010

Fundamentalz _ Fresh Like' 86 (2010)

02.Rise N Shine feat. DJ OWE
03.Fresh Like 86
05.Everything feat. SONJA
06.Highs N Lows feat. SAMMY J
08.Aint Hard To Tell feat. MAREKO & DJ REMINISE
09.Weak Shit
10.Cant Lose feat. JAGGA
12.Its Ok feat. GEOFFERY
13.Feelin My Vibe feat. SONJA & ALEX
14.C.R.U.S.H. Horace Remix (Bonus Track)

Fundament _ Go In: Extended Play (2010)

01.Go In!
02.Frozen w/ D-Sisive
03.Good Or Bad
04.These Days
05.Go In! (instrumental)
06.Frozen (instrumenal)
07.Go In! (acapella)

Krazyfingaz _ 5 Fingaz To The Face (2010)

02.On The Mic Feat. Bex, Aces High
03.Keepin It Real Feat. Plain Paper
04.So Fly Feat. Articulate, Pendragon
05.Waste No Time Feat. 810
06.In My Whip Feat. James Vegas
07.Don't Be Mad Feat. Kareem Ali
08.Desperadoes Feat. Hylandaz
09.Brick Wall Feat. SteadFast
10.Amazing Feat. Sage Bravo, Bex

Bob42jh _ Kill The DJ (2010)

01.Raujika / Land of Grace
02.Panacea / Sync-In City
03.Gods'Illa / Helping Hand ft. Substantial
04.IanKamau / Love It Here
05.Shad / Keep Shining
06.Hus / Love Mellow (feat. Asia J)
07.Nine Leaves / Yesterday
08.Youngs produced by KONDOR / Heartbreak
09.Audible Mainframe / Hang The DJ (feat. Noni Kai)
10.Nomak / Heartful Memories
11.Theory Hazit / Decisions (DJ Okawari Remix)
12.Marvelous Mag / Far Away
13.1773 / Heart Music (Tsunenori Remix)
14.Jermiside & Danny Diggs / Maintainin (feat. Soulstice)
15.The 49ers / Love with Two Women
16.Heiruspecs / Heartsprings
17.No Bird Sing / Plastic Lines Feat. Alicia Wiley

samedi 29 mai 2010

The High Yella Club _ Bright Moments [the mixtape] (2010)

02.Hands In The Air
03.Flow On It
04.Too Much
05.She's Out There
06.Happy ft. Mint Rock & Equipto
09.Whatcha Want ft. Yoak-A-Lot
10.Palm Trees

1773 _ Mixed Signals Vol. 1 (2010)

01.Donwill Intro
02.Chicagoan (feat. Visual, Elevation, Free Will, Love Jones)
03.Easy Rock
04.Pyramid (feat. Neak, Add-2, Sincerely Yours)
05.Get Away Van (feat. Phillip Morris)
06.Nightmayors (feat. Verbal Kent, Phero)
07.DaDaDa (feat. Awdazcate, K-Sera)
08.Class Clown 2010
09.We Jetted Sunday
10.Didn't I: 1773 Remix (feat. Darondo, Cerebral Vortex)
11.Make Ya Move (feat. Itch13)
12.Lex L Speaks
13.So Clear (feat. Ezekiel38)
14.Lady Lee
15.Make A Smile: 1773 Remix (feat. Bill Withers)
16.Donwill / Tanya Morgan Plugs
17.The End (feat. MC Sick of Pseudo Slang)
18.Donwill Outro
19.The Goodness (feat. Othello) BONUS TRACK!!

Evan Awake _ Sending Good Thoughts (2010)

01.Jurassic 5 feat. Rebel Clique / The Influence
02.Kev Brown feat. Michita / Life's a Gamble
03.Blade feat. Bonobo / Time 2 Build
04.El Da Sensei feat. Cai / Brothas Ain't Got It
05.Boom Bap Project feat. Dela / Get Up Get Up!
06.Edan feat. Dynamo Productions / Fumbling Over Words That Rhyme
07.Inspectah Deck feat. Darby / City High
08.Ill Biskits feat. DJ Whitesmith / God Bless Your Life
09.Othello & Thoery Hazit feat. Junkie XL / Same Team Suckas
10.El Da Sensei feat. A.M. Architect / Brothas Ain't Got It Part II
11.Mos Def feat. Lack of Afro / Mathematics
12.Visionaries feat. Bulljun (A.Y.B. Force) / If You Can't Say Love
13.TWYMAN feat. Braille / The IV
14.Wordsworth, Kenn Starr & Oddisee feat. Michita / Head High
15.L.A. Symphony feat. Tsunenori / Timeless
16.One Be Lo feat. Five Seasons & Lemongrass / Rocketship
17.Lupe Fiasco, Verbal & Sarah Green feat. Blazo / Can You Let Me Know
18.Kev Brown, Kenn Starr & Quartermain feat. Shin-Ski / Say Sumthin (Kiss The Sky)
19.Heiruspecs feat. Emancipator / 5ves
20.Shing02 feat. Robert de Boron / F.I.L.O (First In Last Out)
21.Styles of Beyond feat. Weathertunes / Subculture
22.Substantial & Pase Rock feat. re-plus / Blessing It
23.People Under The Stairs feat. Andrew J & Kaltenecker / Suite For Any Major Dude
24.Opio feat. Cold Legistics / Mind, Body, And Soul
25.Blu feat. Force of Nature / Soul Provider
26.Massinfluence feat. Green Tea / Analyze
27.Edo G & Masta Ace feat. Berry Weight / Wishing

D.L.O _ Customer Service (2008)

01.Customer Service
02.On the Grind feat. L.U.V and Big Tone
03.Velvet Sky Interlude
05.From the Soul feat. The Figureheads
06.Back From Hiatus feat. ILL Nemesis, Big Tone
09.Under the Moonlight feat. Rob Dz, Dudu Stinks
10.Life Is Just Like That
12.The Truth Is Revealed
13.This Bulls***

Mosaek _ No XOXO's For Exes & Hoes (2010)

01.Members Only Jacket
04.Thats My Hype
05.Taboo (Freeverse)
07.You Nada (Freeverse)

Lazurus and C Royal _ Long Days and Fast Nights (2008)

01.Long Days and Fast Nights (intro)
02.Don't Let Go
03.On My Way
05.Buzz Kill
06.Out Tonight
07.For The Win
08.The Bar Raiser II
09.Rap Game
10.Gloomy Rainy Day
11.Feature Presentation
12.Dance the Night Away
14.Round & Around

vendredi 28 mai 2010

Born One _ Peace & Park (2008)

02.Getcha Mind Right Feat. Karei Tutu
03.Choose Me
04.Shit Is a Hassle Feat. Full Moon
05.Kiss the Sky Feat. Gabe Real & Tink
06.A Block
07.Little Brother Feat. Zachariah Ware
08.Fall In Love
09.Stay Strong
10.My Hussle Song Feat. Mannotone
11.Love Like This Feat. Emcee Sick of Psuedo Slang

DJ K.O. _ Living Out A State of Mind Vol. 7 (2010)

01.Living Out A State of Mind Pt. 7 (ft. Silent Knight)
02.On & On (ft. East)
03.Change of the Guard (ft. MadKem)
04.Serenade For The Moment (Demo Version) (ft. Rashid Hadee)
05.Must Begin (ft. Silent Knight)

G*Two _ Sun's Out, Guns Out (2009)

02.In The Morning
03.Summer Callin'
04.All The Way (Feat. Ice The Villain & Young Doc)
05.She Like It (Feat. kaZ & Cadi Mac)
06.The Journey (Feat. The Congregation, Hoffa & Mo C.H.I.P.S.)
07.Let's Go (Feat. The Congregation)
08.Hey Love
09.295 (Feat. XO)
10.The Morning After
11.Drug (Feat. Young Mutt & Bread) (Bonus Track)

Mattic _ Poltergeist Music (2010)

01.Thank God
02.I Play It 4 U
03.What Up
04.The Chase (Pt. 0)
05.Watchu Wanna Do
07.Matthew Wrecks the Piano
08.Touch a Pattern
09.The Run Down
10.Metal Age
11.Poltergeist Mu-Sick
14.I Wanna Sing
15.She's Never Coming Back
16.The Mighty
17.Resident Evil
18.The Sun Must Go Down
19.Mu-Sick Hall of Mattic
20.Kissing Galaxies

jeudi 27 mai 2010

Dave Ryan _ Going In Circles (2010)

01.Going In Circles (produced by AstroLogical)
02.Around The Way Girl (produced by AstroLogical)
03.The Beginning and The Friend (produced by AstroLogical)
04.Baby (produced by Headspace)
05.The Things That Get Me Through (produced by AstroLogical)

Stone Detectives _ HEROES | A dedication (2010)

01.Yibusan | Mos Def
02.Kikapopu | Nas
03.Siyan Pt. 2 | De La Soul
04.Takaru | Busta Rhymes
05.Planet Bananas | MF Doom
06.Pawns | Raekwon
07.Yokoso | Bahamadia
08.Eyelids | Common
09.Teenager | Lord Finesse
10.Sanyo | Talib Kweli
11.Kings | Lauryn Hill
12.The Kids | Common
13.Shifu | Biggie

mercredi 26 mai 2010

Indigo Kids _ Planet Indigo (2010)

01.Everything'll Be Alright (With Ashleigh Eymann)
02.Born For It
03.Movin' For Creation (With Ashleigh Eymann)
04.Comin' Back Around (With Panther)
05.Outside The World
06.Livin' (With Reflectionz)
07.Spark Of Life (With Sage)
08.Exodus (Ashleigh Eymann)
09.Letter to The Listener
11.I'm With It (With Ashleigh Eymann)
12.Step By Step (With Sage)

Ovall _ Don't Care Who Knows That (2010)

01.Take U To Somewhere
02.Mary (Flying Beats)
03.I Need Your Music feat. Hanah
04.Supalover feat. 20syl & David Le Deunff Of Hocus Pocus
05.Meaning Of Love
06.The Skin I'm In feat. Wayna & Kenn Starr
07.We Been feat. Ol' K
08.Secret Time
09.Still On The Road feat. Jo'leon Davenue
10.La Flamme
12.Mind Games(Done) feat. Nicholas Ryan Gant
13.Shadows & Lights (Surrealiste)
14.Still On The Road feat. Jo'leon Davenue (A.z Remix)

A.Spendacash _ The Matrix Of The Lyrical (2008)

01.What is Real?
02.Red Pill or Blue Pill
03.Enter the Matrix
04.Eternal Broadcaster
05.Fake World
07.My Life(Retrospek featuring Travisty)(prod. by Rah Intelligence)
08.The Sentinels are Coming
09.Negative(prod. by Rah Intelligence)
12.The Mothership(Retrospek featuring Travisty(prod. by Rah Intelligence)
13.Da Spenda
14.One Verse

mardi 25 mai 2010

Habeas Corpus _ My Hands Are Untied (2010)

01.Give Me The Mic (Produced by Habeas Corpus)
02.The Way It Is (Produced by Habeas Corpus)
03.Sports Radio (Produced by Anno Domini)
04.Coffee Cold (Produced by Doc Cause)
05.Nothin' But The Best (Produced by Doc Cause)
06.Somethin' To Say (Produced by BestPaul)
07.Sunshine (Produced by Doc Cause)

MindsOne _ Times Evident (2010)

01.Times Evident Intro
02.Check the Rep
04.Time Space Continuum feat. Treason
05.Imaginary Themes
06.Time For a Change
07.Fade In
08.Spinal Tap
10.Get Flexi
11.Infinity Lifespan feat. Treason
13.Transitional Process
14.End of the Line feat. Treason
16.Thoughts of a Madman
17.Long Road feat. Fuzz Jaxx and Treason
18.Forces of Nature feat. Jamoculus and Intens T
20.Its All In Your Head feat. MindsOne

Jermiside & Danny Diggs _ Middle Classic (2010)

01.The Inception (Intro)
02.Afraid (feat. Maverick Sabre)
03.We Here (feat. Sabrina Cuie & Donwill)
04.Maintainin (feat. Soulstice)
05.Didn't I Tell You (feat. Von Pea)
07.Where We Go (feat. Maverick Sabre)
08.Still With Me (feat. Maverick Sabre & Johnny Roulette)
09.Middle Classic
10.Respect (Outro)
11.Didn't I Tell You (Brickbeats Remix)
12.Still With Me (Kno Remix)
13.We Here (Kev Brown Remix)

80's Babies _ Sonic Music (2010)

01.Sonic Music Intro
02.Do Dat Do Dat
03.Cant You See
04.Technology / featuring Chaka B
05.Popular Stranger / featuring Chaka B
06.Wait A Minute / featuring Midflex & Famsquadilliana
07.Liberation / featuring 1773 & K Sera
08.C.O.B ( Control Our Block) / featuring Crooked I & Knoc Turn'al
09.I Wanna Talk To You
10.The Groove / featuring Iris & Savy
11.Man's World / featuring Yng Sin
12.Frequency / featuring Kazi the Blak & Allegra Dolores
13.Mic Control / featuring Pathfinders, Sorce, IE, & Jelify
14.Fighting Demons
15.Thank You
16.Yusef Rumperfield Outro (You Are The Star)

Akello Light _ To Hanes Mall EP (2010)

01.Do You Mind ( Letter To Rachel True)
02.Let It Go (Your Choice)
03.Find Me
04.Many Days I
05.Everything Is Cool (Letter To Alexa Owens)

Sol _ Dear Friends, Vol. II (2010)

01.Dear Friends
02.Not The One
03.So Damn High
04.Wake Up (Feat. J.Pinder & Dice)
05.Cruise Control
06.Spliff Remix [feat. Grynch, Prometheus Brown & Thig Nat](Bonus Track)

Darkstorm _ Gateway Shuffle (2009)

02.Let 'em Know (ft. Skamma & TK-One)
03.Gateway Shuffle (ft. Trellington & Lax Luther)
04.Don't Sweat It (ft. Trellington & Lax Luther)
05.Lost Transmission (Skit)
06.League Of Death (ft. Force)
07.Case 139 (ft. K-Verse)
08.Wish List (ft. Lax Luther & Trellington)
09.Skeleton Keeper (ft. Lax Luther & Trellington)
10.Crow Manor (ft. Trellington & Shiftee Moova)
11.No Mans Land (Skit)
12.Sink or Swim (ft. Trellington)

DJ 33 &1/3 _ My Video Tribute to Guru. R.I.P.(‏ (2010


Seven Day _ Concepts (2010)

01.Concepts (Introlude)
02.Understand It│ft. Hilsyde
03.Wakin' Up
05.Bounce│ft. Versis
06.Players│ft. Eva
07.I Am
08.Oh Yeah

lundi 24 mai 2010

Perry Porter _ Tribute To Nujabes (2010)

01.Open (Scarborough)
02.Troubled ft. Stymie (If I Had A Day To Live)
03.Middle-Horn Shuffle (Horns In The Middle)
04.Just Talking (Still Talking To You)
05.Countless Stars ft. Stymie (Counting Stars)
06.HiSky ft. Stymie (Sky Is Falling)
07.The Feeling (How You Feel)

MagOwl _ Remixes #6 (2010)

01.Soundsci / The Remedy (magOwl Remix)
02.Breez Evahflowin' / I Fail (magOwl Remix)
03.Prolyphic & Reanimator / Artist Goes Pop (magOwl Remix)
04.Cyne / Tide Of Life (magOwl Remix)
05.Vinnie Paz / Drag You To Hell (magOwl Remix)
06.Jak Progresso / From The Vaults (magOwl Remix)
07.Sleep /Talk About It (magOwl Remix)
08.DJ K.O., Royce 5'9, Elzhi & Supastition / Best To Do It (magOwl Remix)
09.Cymarshal Law / Harder Than Thou (magOwl Remix)
10.St-Liqour-Ish / Money$ack (magOwl Remix)
11.B. Dolan / One Breath Left (magOwl Remix)
12.Dizzee Rascal / Pussyole (magOwl Remix)
13.LoDeck / Na Lubom Yazike (magOwl Remix)

Jon Phonics _ Half Past Calm 2 (2010)

02.Raw Ingredients (Feat. Cyrus Malachi & Jehst)
03.Buried Below The Ground (Feat. Micall Parknsun)
04.Pump (Feat. Fliptrix, Sonnyjim, Ramson Badbonez & Verb T)
05.Spirit Of The Golden Sun (Feat. 9 Planets)
06.Phonetically Obba (Feat. Obba Supa & Evil Ed)
07.Tug The Rope (Feat. Melanin 9)
08.Wrong Way (Feat. Prophet)
09.The Other Guy (Feat. Kosyne)
10.I See You (Feat. Kal Sereousz)
11.Dark Days (Feat. Fliptrix & Jam Baxter)
12.Mind Over Matter (Feat. Verb T & Kashmere)
13.Rabbit Jab (Feat. Masikah)
14.Road Rage (Feat. Nasheron & Melanin 9 of Triple Darkness)
15.Changes (Feat. T-Bear & Yasine)

Moka Only _ Isnt Over EP (2010)

01.Isn't Over
03.Play You My Funk
04.Shut Ya Piano Hole
05.Stay On It
06.Isn't Over (Chief remix)
07.Isn't Over (Moka Only remix)

E-CLIPZ _ Exodus EP (2010)

01.The Preface
02.Back For The First Time
03.Watch Me
05.Flying High
06.The Whole Army
07.What A Fool

jeudi 20 mai 2010

Airklipz _ The 9th Edition (2010)

01.The Introduction
04.Ball or a Dice
05.Renegade Spitter
06.I'm Here
07.Is It Right?
08.Patrolling These Corners
09.Get Ur Own
10.Fast Life
12.Rain Clouds And Frowns
13.Miss Buffy 2010
14.Savour It
15.Life Is a Game
16.Thoughts of a Criminal
17.Spitting S*%t on Pro Tools
18.Real talk
20.Great (Freestyle)

mardi 18 mai 2010

P.Genz _ Souluxe (2009)

01.Intro (Souluxe) Feat. Roshaunda
02.No Need to Worry (Savior Pt. 2)
03.The Cornerstone
04.I Still Love H.E.R
05.The Raw (Feel Me)
06.L O U D E R
07.Girl (I'm Coming Home)
08.Just A Man
10.The Recipe
11.Make Yall Understand Feat. Roshaunda
12.Never Give (That Easy)
13.Soul Clap !
14.The Ummah

Moonshine Music Co. _ Moonshine EP (2010)

01.Good to Know
02.King Me
03.Everyday (Willdy Diamond ft. Meech Wonka)
04.I'm A Monsta (Eye-Que)
05.Impossible (Tybox)
07.Was Good (Inclined)
08.Hip Hop Holiday

Sankofa _ The Tortoise Hustle (2008)

01.The Bottom Line
02.Speaking In Tongues
03.They All Die
04.Tale of a Cartoon Snake
05.And It Goes
07.Sharper Than Knives
08.The Tortoise Hustle
11.Needful Things
13.Sing It Backwards (feat. RhymeWise37)
14.The Zoom Zip
15.Section8 ft. Jon Doe, AthenA, Ryan Officer, iCon the Mic King, ADRU THE MISPHIT, RhymeWise37

Donwill & Von Pea _ The Sandwich Shop (2010)

02.Plain Cheeseburger?!?!?
03.Spec Boogie Interlude
04.Star From Shining
06.Headphone Rock ft. Che Grand
07.Syrup Sandwich ft. Jermiside
09.The One With Ilyas

lundi 17 mai 2010

The Amature _ Rhyme and Responsibility (2009)

02.Don't Ever Let Go
03.I'll Be Around
04.Its Alright feat. Harret Austin
05.Times Change
06.Whats Really Real?
07.Move Me
08.From Back In the Day feat. Boes
09.Time Machine feat. Cee-Cee Marie
10.Save Me
11.Your Eyes
12.Never Knew a Luv
13.When My Time Comes
14.Hero feat. Arkkieta Allen
15.Gotta Find Her

dimanche 16 mai 2010

Marcus D _ Revival Of the Fittest (2008)

02.1st Entry (Brainstorm)
03.Revival of the Fittest (Substantial Ft. Larue & Tekneek)
04.Open (Tekneek Ft. Uno)
05.Heatwave (Ft. Larue)
06.Politics (Ft. Neema & George Zelaya)
07.I Shine (Ft. Royce Da 5'9, Kid Vishis & Justis)
08.Hip Hop Is (Justis & Presyce Lee)
09.Balancing Act (Grynch Ft. Malaki the Most Hi)
10.City Is Mine (Ft. Heatwave)
11.Midnight Train ( Braille Ft. Johnny Concrete)
12.Love For the People (Geologic & Alife)
13.Smile (Life the Guardian)
14.Hypnotized (Larue Ft. Nate Vibez & Ldub)
15.Brought Me Back (Presyce Lee Ft. Justis & B)
16.Enjoy Yourself (Substantial)

JAB _ Standard Process Remix EP (2010)

01.Challenge Beshalist (REMIX)
02.Standard Process (Takarot REMIX)
03.なるようになるでしょ REMIX feat. Atius
04.The One feat. TOKI & KN-SUN (DJ TAIJI REMIX)

JAB _ Standard Process (2010)

01.Dear My Life Color
02.Local HIP HOP
03.We Gotta Go / Dobunezumi
04.Naruyouni Narudesho
06.The One feat. TOKI [LARGE PROPHITS] KN-SUN (Improve)
07.How to Learn
08.Standard Process
09.I Think...
10.Rock the Bells / Takatsuki Posse
13.Ameotoko No Uta [Lion's ROCK] (feat. Atius)
14.Kasane Gasane

samedi 15 mai 2010

J. Bizness _ 3P Series [Vol. 2] (2010)

01.On The Regular feat. Mr. Sobers aka Maestro Montana
02.Lime Light
03.Back In The Days feat. Michael Spivey

Malik / Piero _ W Poszukiwaniu Sensu (2008)

01.Przed Siebie ( + Piero, DJ Raid )
03.Ze Spokojem Ducha ( + Piero )
04.Pierwotny Instynkt
05.Noc Sentymentów ( + mfink )
06.Rap Który Jest Lekiem
07.Etapy ( + Komplex, Piero )
08.To Jest... ( + DJ Raid )
09.Będą Mówić
10.Posłuchaj Mojej Prawdy ( + mfink )
11.Mam To We Krwi
12.W Poszukiwaniu Sensu ( + Bosski, DJ Raid )
14.Zobaczymy ( + Zielak )

Mouthblocks _ It Takes One to Know One (2009)

01.Can't Deny Me
02.Razor Missed Places
04.The Head Is No Mattress
05.Eyes In Front, Likes to Hunt
06.How You Doin, My Friend? feat. thisdudejules
07.I Put It Down

Oddisee _ Odd Spring (2010)

01.The Blooming
02.Birds & Bees Feat. Diamond District
03.Juba May
04.Warmer In The Day
05.Anticipation Feat. Kingpin Slim & Oddisee
06.In The Now Feat. Olivier Daysoul
07.The Riches Instrumental
08.This Beat Is For Finale
09.I'm From PG Feat. Oddisee
10.Two Way Street Feat. Muneshine

vendredi 14 mai 2010

J.Griff _ Authentic Rhymes (2010)

02.Warm Up
03.The Rumble Ft. Redd Lettaz
04.Grow Up
05.Death of Ignorance
08.Party Crasher
09.What Up "Interlude"
12.Been Robbed
14.The Menace Remix
15.Momma Don't Kill Me
17.Roll These Credits

The Higher Concept _ Life's Good (2010)

01.Life's Good ft. 6th Sense (prod. by J. Glaze)
02.I Love Music (prod. by Mike Cash)
03.Find A Way ft. Paul Marz, Jack Brown (prod. by Mike Cash)
04.One Step ft. Basik (prod. by J. Glaze)
05.We Fly ft. Deshawn Chalant (prod. by Mike Cash)
06.So High ft. Amerika (prod. by Mike Cash)
07.Mirrors ft. J Muse (prod. by Tekst and Contraband)
08.Rise and Fall ft. Nation, Snow (prod. by Tekst and Contraband)
09.HPB ft. Christina LaRocca (prod. by Mike Cash)
10.Proceed (prod. by J. Glaze)
11.Hello Goodbye ft. JoyLuv (prod. by Jon "Flip" Muro)
12.Runnin ft. Nation (prod. by J. Glaze)
13.Airport (prod. by Tekst and Sean Ferguson)
14.Constellations (prod. by J. Glaze)