lundi 30 novembre 2009

Khizman _ The EP (2009)

01.Ring Side (Intro)
03.The World Feat. Twice And Slo Mo
04.Run 2 Me Feat. Jon Bibbs
05.Lil Dap (Skit)
06.Govt Names
07.Sing A Song
08.Thats Life Feat. Skyzoo
09.Last Call Feat. J Moore
10.Taxi Feat. Mic Legacy (Bonus Track)

Certified Banger Presents 'On The Radar Volume 5' (2009)

01.Chima Anya / Drinks Up ft. Jason McDougall (CB Exclusive)
02.Homeless Genius / Plug One ft. Eddie Skratch
03.Missing People / Bradford To Leeds
04.Suus / Top 40
05.Chattabox & Rick Fury of Dialect / Bucket of Spit
06.Kirk Spencer / Clap Your Hands ft. Scorzayzee, Jah Digga, Tempa and Lee Ramsey
07.Kasha / Round and Round We Go (CB Exclusive)
08.DJ Roast / Trading Darts ft. Cyrus Malachi
09.Reps / Stepping Up (cuts by DJ Haem)
10.C-Lone / Friends (cuts by Mr. Brown)
11.Preest / Paranoid
12.Mr Flex / Nothing To Prove ft. Sophie Rose (CB Exclusive)
13.Delusionists / The Low (CB Exclusive)
14.S. Kalibre / All Day
15.Teef / Rush
16.Chief Wigz / Don't Want Much ft. Proptic
17.Amass Hegemony / Cinematic Visuals (cuts by Irn Mnky)
18.Franko Fraize / Blood Of The Earth
19.30KB / My Vote
20.No-Change / Wonderful
21.Illmystic / Life's An Outing

Pugs Atomz & Rashid Hadee _ Stormy (2009)

01.Intro Feat. DJ Intel
02.Back Again
03.Coolest Dudes
04.Stormy (Get Into It)
05.A Different Kinda Funny
06.Tell You Bout It
07.Soundin' Like
08.I Know (Changes)
09.In The Air
10.I Read Ya Lips
11.Hand On The Bible Feat. Von Pea
13.I'll Wait For You
14.Baby Please
15.Take The Hurt Away
16.Another Day

Comma _ Beats Rhymes And Life (2009)

02.폐허의 도시 (With 9815)
03.Respect Life (feat. Deepflow, DJ Wegun)
04.COMMA (feat. JungDapp (정답))
05.다시 웃으며 (feat. Dead'P, EachONE)
06.Respect Ma Swagger (feat. Sikboy, DJ Juice)
07.F.U.C.K. (Interlude) (With Mad Clown)
08.쇼생크탈출 (With Kyfish)
09.주변인 (With 칼날)
10.Warning (With Unique One)
11.내가 결혼을 할 수 있을까 (feat. Huckleberry P & La'Deep)
12.Definite Answer (feat. Sempe, 아름)

Fresh Espresso _ Glamour (2009)

02.Diamond Pistols
03.Big Or Small (Feat. Sarah Smalley)
04.Vader Rap
05.Something New (Feat. Sarah Smalley)
06.The Lazerbeams
07.Right Here (Feat. Darwin)
08.Girls And Fast Cars
11.We Desire What's Real
12.All Around The World
13.Show Me How You Do
14.Coffee Talk (Feat. Mr. Lif)

No One (Noni Spitz & Dae One) _ The Pre-Substance (2009)

02.Liquid Sound Feat. Shy But Flyy (Prod. By Dae One)
03.Turn Up Feat. Geo Brown (Prod. By Kristo)
04.All That
05.Rock 2 Da Beat (Prod. By J.Dilla)
06.When You See Me
07.Keep On Feat. Kes
08.Not Able 2 Do It
09.How Does It Feel Feat. Chevy Jones
10.Unfaithful Feat. AP (Prod. By Willie Brown)
11.Outside With It Feat. Balance
12.Outstanding Feat. Killa Krock (Prod. By Dae One)
13.Be Careful Feat. Mitchy Slick & Chevy Jones (Prod. By T.H.X.)
14.We Do It (Prod. By Black Milk)
15.AnyWay Feat. Marleik
16.My Swagg (Prod. By JRK)
17.Microphone Murder Feat. Taje, Ace, Indef (Prod. By Dae One)

Indian Palm _ Indian Palm (2009)

01.바람이 되어 (Fly High)
05.Indian Palm
06.Come Closer (feat. Junggigo)
09.벗 (feat. Huckleberry P)
10.꽃 (feat. Soul One)

dimanche 29 novembre 2009

Kyul Jung _ Sun & Shine (2006)

01.Gae Sun Feat. Rhyme-A-
02.Sun & Shine (Instrumental)
03.Purple or Blue Feat. E-Sens
04.Dilettante (Interlude) Feat. Deepflow
05.Memory Time Feat. Minos & Deepflow
06.Jewel Such As Glass
07.Paranoia Feat. MC Meta
08.The Message Feat. Othello & Braille
09.Consumed By Your Love, I Am Intoxicated With The Farewall (Instrumental)
10.Can't Be feat. Trish
11.Cry, Cry, Cry
12.All About Feat. Esoteric
13.When My Eyes Shed Tears For You (Instrumental)

Bobby Creekwater produced by D.Focis _ D 13 (2009)

02.Not Too Late
04.Can't Wait
06.Ridin Muzik ft. Charlie Skrill
07.No Thank You
08.Trying To Make It ft. Stat Quo & Sandman
09.B.C. Era
10.Big Building
11.Don't Be A Hero ft. Cashis
12.I Don't Know My Name
13.I Still Love Her

State Of The Artist _ The 'Hank Moody' EP (2009)

01.My Shine (prod. Skiii Team)
02.Raise Ya Glass Ft. Jay Battle (prod. J Milla)
03.Common Senses

samedi 28 novembre 2009

Souls Of Mischief _ Montezuma's Revenge (2009)

01.Intro (feat. Del the Funky Homosapien)
04.Tour Stories
06.Proper Aim
07.You Got It
08.Hiero HQ
09.Poets Skit
11.Mr. Freeman Skit
13.Dead Man Walkin'
14.For Real Y'all
15.Lickity Split
16.Home Game

ST/Mic _ Honest Music (2009)

01.Honest Music (Intro)
02.Make the Call
03.To Say
04.Too Much
05.Keep It Low
06.What It Do
07.We Kings Featuring Arsun F!st
08.Silent Interlude
09.Silent Hills
10.Walk This Place (How Long)
11.Rust Featuring Blissone
12.Every Time I Leave Featuring Mudd and Muneshine
13.Sleepin Featuring Mina
14.Nothing More Than...
15.Desire and Drive
16.The Making of Haste Featuring Blissone
17.Wind Sprints Featuring C-rayz Walz
18.Honest Music (Outro)

MotionPlus _ Heart On My Sleeve EP (2009)

01.Check Myself (Prod. By J-Var)
02.The Dream (Prod. By Capo)
03.Politics As Unusual (ft. Cas Metah) (prod. by Mattman)
04.Relax (Prod. By Motionplus)
05.I Wanna Give Up (Prod. By SV)
06.Bugging Out '09 (ft. Mouf Warren) (Prod. By Justme)
07.Worker (Prod. By Motionplus)
08.Spiral (Prod. By Theory Hazit)
09.Broadcasting Life (Theory Hazit Remix)

vendredi 27 novembre 2009

Zerostar _ Are We There Yet ? (2009)

01.Intro (Everybody) - prod by K81
02.That's That - prod by K81
03.Smile - prod by Latimore Platz
04.Like Me - prod by Latimore Platz
05.Opposite Day - prod by Latimore Platz

Drake _ Room for Improvement (2009)

02.Pianist Hands (Interlude)
03.Special Feat. Voyce
04.Do What You Do
05.Money (Remix) Feat. Nickelus F
06.Am 2 PM Feat. Nickelus F
07.City Is Mine
08.Drake's Voice Mail Box # 1
09.Bad Meaning Good Feat. Slakah
10.Thrill Is Gone
11.Make Things Right
12.Video Girl
13.Drake's Voice Mail Box # 2
14.Come Winter
15.Extra Special
16.About the Game (Remix) Feat. Trey Songz
17.All This Love Feat. Voyce
18.Drake's Voice Mail Box # 3
19.A Scorpio's Mind Feat. Nickelus F
21.Try Harder
22.Kick Push (Remix) Feat. Lupe Fiasco
23.U.P.A. Outro

jeudi 26 novembre 2009

Red Fox _ Waking Dreams (2007)

01.Somebody Say Yeah!
02.Around the World
03.Everyday Life
04.The More I See You
05.Dead. Dreaming.
06.Purple Clouds
07.Dreaming, Still
08.We Dream In Color
09.Lovers & Friends
10.Paris On the Moon
11.Howling Glasses
12.Monday Morning
13.To Be Continued...

Philadelphia Slick _ Oil (2009)

01.Coffee Cold 2009 [Explicit]
02.Turn It Up [Explicit]
03.The Menu [Explicit]
04.Gonna Get Over [Explicit]
05.Hunt V. Kill [Explicit]
06.Ignition [Explicit]
07.Words Interlude
08.Poets Write Killers [Explicit]
09.#44 F. Storyville [Explicit]
10.Oil [Explicit]
11.The Opera [Explicit]
12.Grind Anthem F. Storyville [Explicit]
13.Can't You Hear [Explicit]
14.I Do Love [Explicit]
15.New Sun [Explicit]

mercredi 25 novembre 2009

Bored Stiff _ Now More Than Ever (2009)

02.Hard Work
03.Posta Sound
04.Sucka Free Spirit
06.Something To Do
07.Live From The Hima
08.Pound For Pound

G.R.A.M.Z _ Sneaker Music (2009)

01.Wsk 8 (produced by Metal Fingers)
02.Soho Kidz (produced by Lee Bueller)
03.In My Own World Feat. Lee Bueller (produced by Boston George)
04.Summer Breeze (produced by Lee Bueller)
05.Sneaker Addict (produced by Madlib)
06.Solar Exposure (produced by Metal Fingers)
07.Dilla Supplys The BobbleHead (produced by J Dilla)
08.Kaspers Tight [Skit]
09.Night of The Beach Cruiser Feat. Lee Bueller (produced by J Gan)
10.Words (produced by Lee Bueller)
11.Her Fresh (produced by J Dilla)

Mick Boogie & Terry Urban _ LE DA SOUL: 20 Years of De La Soul (2009)

01.Intro / The Homage (Senor Kaos, Von Pea and Homeboy Sandman)
02.Me, Myself, I (Kardinal Offishall)
03.Pease Porridge (Phife Dawg of ATCQ)
04.Breakadawn (Tanya Morgan)
05.Oooh (Fly Union)
06.Baby Phat (Skillz & Colin Munroe)
07.Stakes Is High Part 1 (U-N-I)
08.Say No Go (The Kickdrums f/ Esso & Chaundon)
09.Rock Co Kane Flow (Shawn Christopher & Pheo)
10.Ego Trippin' (Asheru)
11.Oodles Of O's (Camp Lo)
12.Sunshine (Christian Rich & Curtains)
13.Plug Tunin' (Tabi Bonney & Stalley)
14.Hey Love (Chip Tha Ripper)
15.The Bizness (Big Pooh, 6th Sense & Butta Verses)
16.I Am I Be (6th Sense)
17.Eye Know (The Kid Daytona f/ Mike Maven)
18.Saturdays (Niko Villamor, Brittany Street & Kidd Neer)
19.Watch Out (J Sands of Lone Catalysts)
20.Stakes Is High Part 2 (Talib Kweli)

Fuzz and Mac _ Together Again The EP (2008)

01.You Got It
02.In The Evening
07.The Things I Love You For

mardi 24 novembre 2009

X*Cell _ The Illestration (2009)

01.Head 2 Hollywood ft. RLC
02.Running Out ft. RLC
03.Loving You ft. Africa Black
04.Mercenary 2 (Art of War) ft. Africa Black
05.Love For You ft. RLC
06.Dope, Dope, Cookup! ft. RLC
07.RSVP ft. Jonny Quest & KillaByte
08.Blue ft. RLC
09.Tear Gas ft. RLC
10.Deserve ft. KillaByte
11.Where Is He? ft. RLC
12.These Three ft. RLC & Jay Illestrate
13.Training Room (Audio Commentary)

Mantis _ Still Life (2009)

01.The Future Is...
02.Real to Reel
03.You Don't Know
04.Sunshine (Feat. Rufus John)
05.Warning Shot
06.Bounce Back
07.Love Music (Feat. Miranda)
08.What? (Feat. Justis)
09.One For The Money
10.Lay Low (Feat. Hajah Bug)
11.Still Life
12.One For The Money (Feat. JD Era)(Remix

Ghettosocks _ Treat Of The Day (2009)

01.Rappin' For Fun
04.Dreams Of Hawaiian Sophie
05.Stolen Kids Ft. PH (Pumpkin Head)
06.Out For Treats
07.Ricochet Ft. El Da Sensei
08.Role Models
09.Not Impressed Ft. Cesar Comanche
10.Pink Lemonade Ft. Apt
11.U Ain't This Ft. D-Sisive, Rich Kidd & Muneshine
13.Take Chains Off
14.Don't Turn Around Ft. Edgar Allen Floe
15.Rock The Discotech Ft. Timbuktu
16.The Roof

Infinito 2017 _ Year In Review (2009)

01.My Sensations face Reason
02.Dream Love
03.Black Is Beautiful (Original One)
04.Land Of Ill ft. Knuckles Bandit
05.Playoff Nite From Nkruma Ochieng
06.I Wish i Knew ft. 9th Scientist (by Khemenu)
07.Classic Regulations
08.8 PM Sound Check
09.Rhyme 1 (by Ka Sekhem)
10.Select Direct (by Marcellous Lovelace)
11.Private Room 120 (by Midnight Classic)

lundi 23 novembre 2009

Wes Restless vs. Kid Planet _ Wes Restless VS. Kid Planet (2009)

02.I Need It
03.Summer Days
05.I'm On It
06.Pace Yourself
10.16 Bars
12.Anything Is Possible Now

Volta Masters _ Volta Masters At Work 2 (2009)

01.Braille & Symbolyc One - Stay Together (feat. Ragen Fykes & S1) (Remix)
02.Theory Hazit - Angel (feat. Scribbling Idiots) (Remix)
03.Muneshine - Love You More (Remix)
04.Finale - Jungle Music (Remix)
05.Lil Uno - Take It Eazy (feat. Baby Bash & ODM) (Remix)
06.J.R. & PH7 - The End Is Near (feat. The Good People & Larissah Sirah) (Remix)
07.Willie Evans Jr. - Gotta Be On My Own (feat. Patrick Evan) (Remix)
08.Copperpot - Art Of Rap (feat. Masta Ace & Edo.G) (Remix)
09.Sojourn - Say Something (Remix)
10.Rasco - Classic (Remix)
11.1773 - One Day (Remix)
12.Copperpot - Come Back Home (feat. KRS One) (Remix)
13.J.R. & PH7 - Fast Lane Speedin' (feat. Oddisee) (Remix)
14.Random - The Beatdown (Remix)
15.Go On (feat. 1773)

4-IZE _ Illuminated Animals (2009)

01.Classic Example Freestyle ft. Senor Kaos & Punchlyne
02.Rollin Like A Gee ft. Scar
03.Hard To Quit The Rhyme ft. Senor Kaos & Anthony David
04.Listen Carefully Skit #1
05.UltraBeast ft. Punchlyne & Number 2
06.Would You Do It (Interlude)
07.Foods, Fruits & Animals ft. Punchlyne & Senor Kaos
08.When Keepin It Real Goes Wrong
09.Dat Ain't Gon Ride ft. Senor Kaos & Punchlyne
10.Wrong Kid Died ft. Number 2
11.Nobody ft. Senor Kaos
12.Badger Milk Skit #2
13.Vibe Awards
14.Caterpillars ft. Anthony David
15.Don't Nobody Care ft. Yirayah
16.Can't Stop Thinkin Bout You ft. Anthony David

Danny! _ Where Is Danny? (2009)

01.Man, Motherfuck An Intro
02.Manic At The Disco
03.Where Is Danny?
04.Tattered Fedora Flow
05.Hoedown Showdown (feat. Von Pea)
06.I Ain't The Walrus
07.Turn Me Up
08.Many Reasons
09.Still Got Love
10.Sloppy Joe, Pt. 1
11.Commercial Break (Interlude)
12.Fa Fa Fa
13.This Is Your Life (In West Watch-A-Ka-Tella) (Instrumental)
14.Off The Hook (feat. Che Grand)
15.George Wendt
16.Nah, I Don't Like This Beat Yo
17.Theme Music To A Killing Spree (feat. Danny Brown)
18.Lost One
19.Scrambled Eggs
20.Sloppy Joe, Pt. 2
21.Seven Seconds Of Static (Interlude)
22.Mama I Want To Fucking Sing
23.Wake The Fuck Up Man (You're Trippin' Man)
24.Crank Dat (Hey DJ) (feat. Ladi Jade)
25.Get Down
26.Gone Danny Gone

dimanche 22 novembre 2009

Gin Joints & Young Ivy _ The Conjugal Visit (2009)

01.Intro [Explicit]
02.Round Here
03.On Point
06.Speak Truth
07.Tryin to Make It
08.The Conjugal Visit

HAYSOOS _ Standing Tall: A Life Changing Experience (2009)

01.Tellin The Truth
02.I'm That Dude (feat Devin Jones)
03.Game Girrrl
04.My Motto
05.Sticks -N- Stones
06.It's Our Time (feat. Devin Jones)
07.Standing Tall (feat. Devin Jones)
08.Always Searchin (feat. Oddisee)
09.No One Is Free (feat. Devin Jones)
10.From The Source (feat. Soulstice)
11.The Time We Shared (feat. Devin Jones & Kenn Starr)
12.Listen Up
13.What You Gon' Do?
14.God & Family
15.Round My Way (Speaks)
16.Over Now (Speaks)

The Rising Sun Quest _ Hydrostatic Equilibrium EP (2009)

01.Fire In the Sky
02.One of a Kind
03.I See You (Prelude)
04.I See You (Remix)
05.The Time Has Come
06.You Don't Know
07.Proper Etiquette
08.H.E. Interlude
09.Level Shit

vendredi 20 novembre 2009

Jay Slim _ The High Life (2009)

01.Higher Learning
02.Oh So Yes (feat. Brad Oblivion)
04.The High Life
05.Get Up
06.That Joint About That One Saturday
08.Thought You Knew
09.What A Shame
11.Ramblings Of a Madman
12.Ain't No Love
13.Who Needs Forever? (feat. Sleaze)
14.It's All Over (feat. Sleaze and Brad Oblivion)

Mellow Orange _ Last Resort EP (2009)

02.Cool Style
03.Feel Good Music (feat. Othello)
04.Refined Devine (Revisited)
05.Think Twice (feat. Navery)
06.Ballroom Swing
07.For the Love (Revisited)(feat. Braille)
08.The Underground

jeudi 19 novembre 2009

Dominique Larue _ The Feelin Mixtape Vol 2.0 (2008)

01.Larue In The A.M.
02.The Feelin
03.4 The Paper
04.I'm Fresh
05.Helps On The Way
06.Role Play
07.Right Here (Remix)
08.Brang That Back
09.Song 4 Rome (American Version)
10.Lyrikal War ft. Dzasta & The Catalyst
11.This That Sh!t
12.Changes ft. Ty-Ro
13.Let, Love, Live, Life
14.Grammy Family
15.Toast 2 The Nightlife (Part Two)

Tor & Sufjan Stevens _ Illinoize [the remix tape] (2009)

01.Star of Wonder / None Shall Pass (ft. Aesop Rock)
02.Dumb I Sound / ATLiens (ft. Outkast)
03.John Wayne Gacy Jr. / Specialize (ft. Pete Rock & CL Smooth)
04.The Tallest Man / I Like It (ft. Grand Puba)
05.Kill / Any Type of Way (ft. Big Daddy Kane & DJ Premier)
06.Night Zombies / Talkin My Shit (ft. Brother Ali)
07.The Dress Looks Nice On You / Make You Feel That Way (ft. Gift of Gab)

Lars vom Dorf _ Nebenan Nebenbei (2006)

01.Darüber Hinaus
02.Wer hat an der Uhr gedreht
03.Laut gedacht
04.Erstens Skit
05.Drei Schritte
06.Ein Schritt Weiter
07.Zweitens Skit
08.Stroes Goodmorning
09.Gerade zu Dir
11. Freunde

Luck & Ripps _ The Catastrophic Connection (2009)

01.The Connection
05.Better Days
07.Rock On
08.Feel Me
09.Roll Call
10.Light it Up
11.Felony Time
12.Nothin' Like Luck
13.Matty Ice
14.Never Be Another
15.Nothin' To Fuck With

Love Jones _ Love Potion No. 9th The Hangover (2009)

01.Love Potion # 9th
02.Don't Love Me No More
03.Let It Go feat. Adullessence, Large Marge & Stik Figa
04.Look of Love (RIP J DILLA)
05.The Nuisance feat. Stik Figa
06.The ShakeDown feat. Adullessence
07.Hatin' Again feat. Adullessence & Stik Figa
08.The Hangover
09.September 29th (The Day I Became Famous)
10.You Ain't Fly (The Flyest)
12.Slippin' Slidin'
13.The Rain
14.Message In a Bottle
15.Blow It Out
16.The Bump

mercredi 18 novembre 2009

InfeRed _ No Turn On Red (2009)

01.The Science
02.I Really Wanna
03.Sounds Like
04.Box Cutter
05.Promise Keepers
06.American Shadows
07.The Higher
08.Do You
09.(The) Upgrade
10.Cymbal Hits
11.Hear It Here

Input _ Unreleased & Unrelenting (2009)

01.Make A Buck (Featuring Satyre & Grounded1)
04.What Do I See
05.Yesterday and Tomorrow
06.To Save A Life
07.Change Featuring Rehab Hymn
08.Square Two
09.Square 2.2
10.On My Way Featuring Language Arts Crew, Roch, Ex-I, & Rehab Hymn
12.I'm Taking Off
13.Free Fall
14.Last Fall
15.Elevator Music (Featuring Satyre & Joanna Rubio)
16.Clueless Featuring Adrift
17.Desperate Measures
18.Forget Me
19.Fullness Of Life
21.All The Young Dudes
22.The Sun Will Rise Featuring Adrift

Sleaze _ Summer Fresh ep (2009)

01.Fresh Summer
03.Stunna Shades
04.Out The Park
05.Time Is Of The Essence
06.God Damn
08.Revolve \(360\)
09.Tell \'Em
10.Sleaze Is Here
11.I Go So In
12.Summers\', Past

BLCTXT _ Acknowledgment (2009)

01.Fred E. Hubbard
02.The Special
03.Stuck On Broke ft. Life The Great
04.Hell Raiser
06.Smoke Out Interlude
07.Chocolate Lemonade ft. The Embassy Music Board
08.The Quickening

TAO & Defizit _ Before We Knew... (2009)

01.Intro (Money Where Our Mouths At)
02.Don't Stop
03.Wake Up
04.Audio Graffiti (For Those Who Can't See Me)
05.Just Relax
08.For The Sco (Rock 2 Dis)
09.Caught In the Game
10.Where I Must Be

mardi 17 novembre 2009

Sphere Music Group _ The Stu (Left-Overs) [2009]

01.Move Supreme
02.Old Dayz
03.Ya'll Cool
04.Left E. Grove - We Could Be
05.Ironic - Like This

Tiles _ The Demo (2009)

01.The Place To Be Tough
02.The Wiser
03.U Know How Much U Mean 2 Me
04.Let's Call It Off

Strange Fruit Project _ Making Art Sound Kool ep (2009)

01.MASK Intro (prod. by S1 n Caleb)
02.Crash feat. Thesis (prod. by Picnic)
03.Home feat. Tre of Mojoe (prod. by Ninth Wonder)
04.Sepia Tone (prod. by S1)
05.Day by Day feat. Supastition (prod. by S1)
06.Fresh For Life feat Thesis (Prod. by S1 n Caleb)
07.Sunrays (prod. by S1)
08.Why Does Summer Have To End (prod. by S1 n Caleb)

lundi 16 novembre 2009

Athletic Mic League _ Feel Good EP (2009)

02.Feels Good
03.Sweet Baby Ray
04.Don't It
05.The Next Chapter
06.Time Out
07.Keepin On

The ParanormL & Tyrezz _ Live Sound Infinite Lp (2008)

01.Prelude to Infinite
02.Ripple In Time
03.Ask Yourself
04.Ignorance Isn't Bliss
05.Jazz Funk Breakbeats
06.Climbin Slow
07.Merkabh Chant
09.Uplifting Minds
10.Sik and Tired
11.Bigg Lloyde
12.Hard Work
13. Beb Bop 5000

dimanche 15 novembre 2009

Relit _ Speak Easy (2009)

01.Radio Intro
02.Can You Feel My Revolution
04.Just My Luck
05.Caorporate Train Feat. Ian Willson
06.Not My Fault
07.I Never Thought I'd Miss You
08.Love Don't Live Here Anymore
09.The Knife
10.Can't Touch Me
12.Top Of The World
13.The Party Life
14.But The Ticket, Take The Ride
15.That's Just How It Goes