samedi 31 août 2013

Rapsody - She Got Game (2013)

01.A Song About Nothing [prod. Eric G]
02.Coconut Oil (ft. Raekwon and Mela Machinko) [prod. 9th Wonder]
03.Thank You Very Much [prod. Khrysis]
04.Lonely Thoughts (ft. Chance The Rapper) [prod. Denaun Porter]
05.Caught Up (ft. Raheem Devaughn) [prod. Khrysis]
06.Generation (ft. Mac Miller and Jared Evan) [prod. 9th Wonder]
07.Special Way [prod. Khrysis]
08.Dark Knights (ft. Wale) [prod. E.Jones]
09.My Song (ft. Mela Machinko) [prod. 9th Wonder]
10.Complacent (ft. Problem) [prod. 9th Wonder]
11.Lover After All (ft. Gwen Bunn) [prod. 9th Wonder]
12.Kingship [prod. DJ Premier]
13.Feel Like (Love Love) (ft. Common) [prod. KaSh]
14.Never Fail [prod. Eric G]
15.Never Know (ft. Nispey Hussle, Ab-Soul and Terrace Martin) [prod. 9th Wonder]
16.Jedi Code (ft. Phonte and Jay Electronica) [prod. 9th Wonder]

Professor Lyrical - Get Lyrical (Video)

Professor Lyrical - Put Em All To Shame (2013)

01.Get Lyrical
02.No Doubt*
03.How It Should Be Done
04.Do You Need to Be Reminded (feat. Presence & Sickmen)
06.Moving Up (feat. Love Jones)
07.It's a New Thing
08.This That (feat. Sickmen)
11.It's a Shame (feat. Love Jones)
12.Love Life
13.Put Em All to Shame
14.Do You Remember (feat. Love Jones)

Sir MiLo - RamPage (Video)

Sir MiLo - Corner Stores & Iron Horses (2013)

02.Consequences (Prod. by LV Beats)
03.Wish It Would (Lyrics (Prod. by Svendiamond)
04.RamPage (Prod. by EricGotSoul and Scratches by DJ Chase)
05.Gossip (Prod. by DGH.)
06.First Impression ft. Krystal M. (Prod. by Spark)
07.Mass Destruction ft. Eazi Money and Exo (Prod. by SmokeyGotBeatz)
08.Bragging Writes ft. Logan Threat (Prod. by Dustin James)
09.Jazz Theory (Tell Me) (Prod. by DGH.)
10.Corner Stores & Iron Horses ft. Logan Threat, Don Jr., Rugged and Exo (Prod. by Spark and Scratches by DJ Chase)

vendredi 30 août 2013

John Dew - The Johnny Hathaway EP (2013)

01.Lowest Blues, Highest Symphony
02.Capitol of the World ft. Skyzoo & Dustin Prestige
03.Rythm and Various Things
04.Life (Mary Go)
Download - HHP Mixtape Vol. 2 (2012)

01.Levemænd - Klokketårn
02.Kamp Orkester - Helt Helt
03.Lasse Frisk Og Skarn - Billion
04.Dynamikken - Ikke I Dag
05.Rasmus Klåmb – Hvem er jeg? (Copyright Criminal)
06.Marc Street - Gadedreng
07.NotaBene - Jeg Falder
08.Empe - Knyt Din Kno
09.Slyngelstuen - Super feat. Skarn Og Galgen
10.Xeren - Just Chill feat. Oliver Fröberg & Lyric
11.Luke Cool & Tristan Regan - Wahnsinn
12.Eiqu – Eat, Sleep, Breathe
13.Xeren - Gem Jer

Rice Master Yen - Rice Collaborations 2 (2013)

01.Keep it Movin' (feat. Othello)
02.Clones (feat. Castor Pollux)
03.Ingeborg (feat. El Da Sensei)
04.DO MY THING (feat. Raashan Ahmad)
05.Irmel (feat. John Robinson)
06.Dreaming (feat. Celine)
07.Dagmar (feat. 18sense.)
08.Love (feat. Cherisse Raghoo)


Slyngelstuen - Slyngel Rap (2013)

01.Super ft. Galgen & Skarn
02.Headshop Boys
03.Følelsen Af Sammenhæng

Rice Master Yen - RICE COLLABORATIONS (2013)

01.What The Shit Called feat. Rashid Amir
02.Daily feat. Marchitect
03.K.R.E.A.M. feat. Jas Mace
04.Latest Dances feat. Marchitect
05.Jazz-Boombap feat. Sach Illpages (The Nonce)
06.Bored Freebies feat. Shinobi Stalin
07.Demo feat. Hezekiah

Reach - Loosies (2013)

01.Can Can (SG Rmx)
02.All I Can Do
03.Casey (Ms. Horry)
05.Go On
06.Super Stereo Blaster
07.How To Fish
09.Hear Me
10.2003 Warped Tour Freestyle
11.Like A Blessing

hasHBrown - I Had a Moment [EP] (2013)

01.The Thrill (prod. by Jett I. Masstyr & Chris Rockaway)
02.Friendly Fire (prod. by 610 Loop)
03.R.A.P. (prod. by Jett I. Masstyr)
04.Unofficial Theme of The Groove (prod. by Jett I. Masstyr)
05.Wake Up, Sweetheart pt.1 & 2 (prod. by Vango One & Jett I. Masstyr)
06.Life is Real [ft. Rob Gullatte] (prod. by Jett I. Masstyr)
07.The Verge [ft. D Risha] (prod. by 610 Loop)

Shaheed & DJ Supreme - Right Now (Video)

Shaheed & DJ Supreme - Knowledge, Rhythm, and Understanding (2013)

01.Right Now
03.Take It Back
04.Champions of Truth (feat. Akil the MC from Jurassic 5)
05.Plug up a Mic
07.The Best Is yet to Come
08.Glorious Day
09.Liberation of the Spirit
10.Like This
11.Boom It in Ya Jeep (feat. Adib from Unseen Ummah & R-Tist from The Green Seed)
12.Coldest Heat
13.Power Moves
14.Reality (Not Fantasy)
16.Keep Climbing (feat. Angie King)

jeudi 29 août 2013

Dromek - Sentido Común EP (2013)

01.Sentido común (Intro)
02.Otro día (con Elemece)
04.Ideas (con Froes)
05.Recuerda (con Unísono)
06.Cuanto vale (con Matiz, PiensAteo & Froes)

Rebel Allianz - Feel Da Bump (Video)

Rebel Allianz - Beats N Rhymes (2013)

02.Fresh Pesto Game
03.Rebel Desire
04.A Hero Ain't Nothing But A Sandwich
05.Marie Antoinette (No Cake)
06.Four Fifteen For Life
07.Feel Da Bump
08.Get Outta Line
10.Thems Rappin' Words!
11.It Ain't Safe feat. Keith Cross
12.David Fagan
13.Lock Em Up
14.Angel Needed, Inquire Inside
15.Behind the Scenes
17.The Music Hustle

White Rain - Love, Live, Life (2013)

01.Spiritual Moments
04.Bright Light (feat. Ine)
05.Close To You (feat. Jas Mace & Waldo Black)
06.Lovin' You
07.Growin (feat. Hazey & Keen of Wonderflow)
08.Love Affair (intermission)
09.The Night
10.Sunshine Sakae (feat. 2mo'key and M-OTO of Stilla-Mode)
11.Jazzy Night (feat. Z-O)
12.Dreamlike (feat. Marchitect)
13.Time Goes By (feat. Lluvia De-Jazzy)
14.Beautiful Sky

D/WILL - Lamb & Lion (2013)

02.Crucifix feat. Milk Drop
03.That Life (prod. by Scope)
04.Talk About God
05.F E A R feat. Mike Junyer
06.Looking For Love
08.Lamb In Wolfs Clothing feat. Les Izmore
09.P U R E
10.F E A R feat. Jeff Smith

mercredi 28 août 2013

Hus - Soul Swim (2012)

01.Verse Villain
02.Love Laws
03.Let It Be
04.Shadow Gravel
05.Funktions (feat. SmooVth)
06.Devils Cake (PDP Remix)
07.Moon (feat. SmooVth)
08.She Says Nothin' (feat. SmooVth)
09.Love Song
10.Inspiration (feat. Marvelous Mag & SmooVth)

DJ PANDAMONIUM - Altruistic Motives EP (2013)

01.Enjoy The Show (Intro)
02.This Year Feat. Sleaze
03.Everything I Hoped Feat. Big Rain
04.Wherever I Roam Feat. Joe Dojo
05.Summer Madness Feat. Nikkles & Stacey Lou
06.Rest Assured Feat. Destruct

Michita - Pureness (2013)

01.Cry For Me feat. 愛海
02.Okhotsk Ezo feat. TOT, RAMAT,FUKULAW, 愛海, TO FACE
03.Other Side Story feat. REBEL-HI
04.Eden feat. 072
05.Far The Way feat. SMOKIN EKS TENSION
06.Focus feat. 桜木カオリ
07.Day After... feat. KTOTHE8, HOTTA, RAMAT
08.Retreat feat. RAMAT, KTOTHE8, FUKULAW
09.Ballad To You feat. LARGE IRON
10.Sky Jewel feat. Gipsy MZK Tripps
11.Sar Rain feat. 和知 里
12.Four Season feat. KTOTHE8, RAMAT, 072, KIYOTO, FANY
13.夕方に feat. ZONE THE DARKNESS

V.A. - Mellow Hip-Hop in Korea 2 (2013)

01.Purespace - Daybreak (prod. 89's)
02.Krucifix Kricc - 평행세계 (Feat. B-Soap & Kjun)
03.Lyrical D - 바보일기
04.Duetcall - 별로, 안급해 (LP Solo)
05.4wd - 너의 바람이 내 코끝에 맴돌 때 (Feat.이세준)
06.Kickskinny - Tell Me Right Now (Prod. Master Class)
07.Vida Loca - Smoke (Feat. Beenzino)
08. 9초 - 맨날이래 (Feat. Owen)
09.nafla x Neil the forehead - Vans and Sperrys
10.Dynamic Duo x Kero One x Dumbfoundead - Loves Gonna Getcha
11.Leo Kekoa - So Good (Feat. Beenzino, 예은)
12.Urbanalog - Nightscape
13.Aposcary - 홀로 (second.ver)
14.Dari - 소나기
15.Purespace - Your Love (Feat. 이수민)

DJ Hazey 82 - 2 Of A Kind (2013)

01.Whirlwind Thru Cities (over Sabzi - Plus Sign)
02.The Answer (over misuccc - Can't Help This Feeling)
03.L.A. (over MC Eiht - Streiht Up Menace)
04.Brand Nu Live (over Fat Jon - Tell Me)
05.Time Has Come (over Little Brother - Light It Up)
06.1nce Again (over SoulChef - These Lonely Nights)
07.Hands Up (over Soul Position - Hand Me Downs)
08.We Good (over Jazz Liboratorz - Vacation)
09.My God (over Funky DL - Only The Initials CM)
10.Gotta Be A Way (over Thomas Prime - Spit On It)
11.What Up Kid (over SoulChef - Westcoastin)
12.The Storm (over Jurassic 5 - Future Sound)
13.Never Been In Love (over DJ Babu - Love)
14.Hello Kiddeez (over Kondor - Jazz Influence)
15.How I Represent (over Funky DL - Where I'm Coming From)
16.Incredible (over Dilated Peoples - Certified Official)
17.The Game (over SoulChef - Mystery)
18.Better (over 3582 - Bad As They Come)

Jose Munoz - Jose Munoz EP (2013)

01.I Shoulda Been Out
02.Suicide Rap F/ Shintendo 64
03.Cant Get Along F/ Scheme
04.The Evils

Firstar & Krey - Das Auge hört mit (2013)

01.Guess Who
03.Satt ´was zu beweisen
04.Status Quo
06.Leicht wie ein Vogel
07.Das Auge hört mit
09.Geht raus

Brothers Brown - The MisAdventures of Mr. Chairo (2013)

01.Black Gold
02.Ay Doe! ft. Jinzo Phaye
04.Kato Brown Flow
05.Rap Scholar
06.Roc Copter
07.Sign of the Times ft. Jinzo Phaye
08.Star Thyme(New Flavor)
09.Tick Tock
10.Yesterday's Today

mardi 27 août 2013

Blitz The Ambassador - The Warm Up EP (2013)

01.The Warm Up feat. Fashawn
03.African In New York
04.Internationally Known feat. Sarkodie
05.Respect Mine feat. 20Syl, Emicida & Y'akoto
06.Bisa feat. Nneka & Ty

James O.w.k - The Culmination (2013)

01.Keynote Speakers
03.The Reign
05.Jimmy No I.D.
06.No Roof
07.My Way Ft. Ray Reynolds

Swerve - Inhale, Exhell. EP (2013)

01.Memphis Slim Intro
02.Swerve & Ridla - Break Bread (prod. Ridla)
03.Swerve - Free(mind) Style (prod. Earl Grey)
04.Swerve & SYG  - I Hope You Do (Call Waiting) (prod. Beatnick Dee)
05.Swerve - Long Blue Dreams (prod. Ridla)
06.Swerve & SYG - When I Could Still Feel (prod. D-Rock)
07.Swerve - So I Ride.. (The Spiral)
08.Swerve & Ridla - Life, Once Again. (prod. Ridla)

Raiza Biza - Winter Solace (2013)

01.First Light (Prod. by Tausani)
02.No Going Back (Prod. by Nu-Vintage)
03.Visionary ft. Bailey Wiley (Prod. by Crime Heat)
04.Decisions (Prod. by Sonuba)
05.Whisky Blues (Prod. by Thee Tony Douglas)
06.Stepping Out (Prod. by Jay Knight)
07.You Make Me (Prod. by ChoiceVaughan)
08.Winter ft. Tanya Anguna (Prod. by Iron Will)
09.Fireplace ft. Bailey Wiley (Prod. by Jordo Hornblow)
10.Innuendo (Prod. by Myele Manzanza)

Phashara - The Post EP (2013)

01.On Fya
02.Its GOOD
03.The More The Merrier
04.Living My Life
05.Serenade The Block
06.Shouts Out
07.Lost Loves (Rest In Paradise)

Axl J Foley - The Misadventures of Pluto Nash (2013)

01.Join The Club
02.What's Plan B ft. B-Stlt
03.Helping Hand
04.Big Time Tony ft. Tone Liv
05.Where The Bodies Are
06.Felix To The Rescue ft. The Bear
07.The Marucci File ft. The Bear
08.Lunar Grand ft. Tone Liv
09.I'm Being Stolen
10.Letting The Air Out ft.The Bear & AURC
11.Meet Rex Crater
12.All Tuckered Out

RMLLW2LLZ & Dr. Dundiff - Jealous Of My Tape (2013)

01.Jealous Of My Tape feat. Dr. Dundiff
03.Hot Summer Nights feat. Aledda
04.Inside My Brain
05.How She Dances
06.To Your Face

lundi 26 août 2013

Felly - Come As You Are (2013)

01.Come As You Are (Prod. Flitz&Suppe)
02.Morning (Prod. Felly)
03.Ridin' Round (Prod. Felly)
04.Endo (Prod. FloFilz)
05.Be Ok (Prod. Times New Roman)
06.Three on a Dutch (Feat. Palmer Squares) (Prod. Confidence)
07.Lucid (Prod. Lowbrow The Hypnotic)
08.Trap Shit (Prod. DRO)
09.MadVillain (Prod. MadVillain)
10.Herb with my Tea (Feat. Sucka Free CJ) (Prod. DJ Hellblazer)
11.EverSinceASeed (Prod. Lowbrow The Hypnotic)
12.7 Planets (Prod. Lowbrow The Hypnotic)
13.These Thoughts (Prod. Dee La Kream)
14.Rugged Ass (Prod. Dibiase)
15.Ghost (Unemployed Stuntin') (Prod. DRO)
16.Familiar With Blue (Outro) (Prod. Felly)
17.Planned to Fall Asleep (Prod. Lowbrow The Hypnotic)

Numatik x Elyonbeats - Tall Tales (2013)

01.Tall Tales
02.Snow White
03.One Love
04.Image With Me
06.Similar View
07.I Am (feat. PERR!S)
09.High Tide
10.Walks of Life
11.Ten Thousand To Flight
12.Ten Thousand To Flight (Alan Z Remix)

TJ_H - The Son of Henry (2013)

01.The Son of Henry
02.Beautiful Endorphin
03.Warlocks (To Live)
04.Why Florida
05.TPA to JFK
06.Just A Beat (Every Nigga is a Star)
07.Hi's and Lows

Lexis - Black Lounge Relaxed EP (2013)

02.Bread (Feat. Jason Chase)
03.The Real
04.Tomorrows's Dawn (Feat. Jebonair)
05.Black Lounge (Feat. Jason Chase)

Verseminority - The Minority Report (2013)

02.Undergound Messiah's
03.Where I'm From
04.Everyday Ft. Siru
05.Swagg Stepping
06.One Crew (AOS Anthem) Ft. Damian Deleyte & Big Ru
08.Dedication Ft. The 5th
09.787/718 Ft. Rick Rhyme & Glennjamin Bishop
10.Connect Ft. Babalu Machete & Damian Deleyte
12.Success (Remix) Ft. Big Ru
14.Essence (Just Promo Pt 3 )

City Lights - First Flight Up EP (2013)

01.First Flight Up (Intro)
02.Kaged Bird
03.DDTB (Driving Down The Block)
04.In Between
05.Fly Away
06.Place That I Go

Kese Soprano - The Hidden Chapter EP (2013)

01.Take Em Back
02.Just Gettin Started
03.Let Music Take Control Ft. Ensilence
04.I See You ft. Zar Da Merciles
05.I Just Wanna Be
06.Daylight ft. Marcus Ritter
08.Change Gon' Come

McKinley Dixon - Nappy Headed EP (2013)

01.Adult Swimmers (Guitar by Fawn and Rabbit)
02.Get Back To Soul
03.Imagine Nation
04.Please Comeback, Ice Cube (Harmonica by Little Bird)
05.We Lovin' That Jazz
06.Get Back To Soul, Part II
07.Calls From Home/Keep Your Friends Closer

Thomas Wall - Ennui (2013)

01.Madlib's Intro
02.Make Me A Million
03.I Only Like You Cus You Smell Good (Ft. Black Sun)
04.What U Are
05.Leaving Town (Ft. Kalyn Garrison & Obvi of CGE)
06.Purple [Remix] (with Crustation)

Less Motiv - Mundo Y Aparte (2013)

02.Espero Sin Más
03.Ya Te Contaré
04.Trampas Para Dioses
05.Odisea Y Mercromina
07.Café Y Cigarrillos (Ft. Martin Mastiff)
08.A Pie De Calle
09.Rayos De Ambar
10.Media Naranja Mecánica (Ft. Sergio Guerrero & Melisa Carla)
11.Mi Mayor Creación
12.Mundo Y Aparte

vendredi 9 août 2013

Scott D - The Jazz Hop EP (2013)

01.Sam Rockwell
03.Land of the Free
04.For Howie
05.Butterfly Style

jeudi 8 août 2013

VA-M.S.J Presents...Club Jazz French Vol. 1 (2013)

01.Apprendre / 45 degré
02.Hip-Hop Spirit feat. K.Oni  (scratch by Ducky Touch) / SLONE
03.Hippie dans ce mouv feat. Nathy / ED
04.J'apprécie (feat. Arkaïk) / Slone
05.BREVES DE COMPTOIR - L'Homme Mystère / Oldy Clap Recordz
06.Pas l'temps (plus l'temps) (feat. Cynthia Abraham) / Tricks
07.Tant que feat. Kohndo / DJ Czarny & Tas
08.Attaches particulieres / Crako & Konspi
09.Cabaret sauvage pt 1 (Juan Pablo version) / Mind Concept Prolifik
10.Coeur Ouvert / Drag One
11.Fly / Assim x Gomeza
12.La canne et le chien / Thom Skor
13.Du Plomb Dans Le Crâne / Au Bazar Chik
14.Tous les matins (Prod ClemBeatz) / Jehkyl
15.Chat de gouttière / Tarik
16.Dernière Enquête / Maniaco-Lyricistes & Supafuh
17.Destination / Lumière Noires
18.Ce que j'ai dans le ventre / Senoi & H.K.
19.Avec Le Temps / Lemdi & Moax

HideandSeekZoo - Wonder (Video)

HideandSeekZoo - BANJI (2013)

01.Normal Sucks (Prod. by Dinson)
02.Happiness (Prod. by Suff Daddy)
03.Farewell (Prod. by Eddie)
04.Circles (Prod. by Sabzi)
05.Secret Agent Z (Prod. by Hulk Hodn)
06.Heroes (Prod. by Civilized)
07.Banji (Prod. by Hulk Hodn)
08.Wonder (Prod. by Twit One)
09.Simple (Prod. by Eddy)
10.One Step (Prod. by Frank John James)
11.You're Welcome (Prod. by MecsTreem)
12.Sunnyside feat. Hands (Prod. by Frank John James)
13.Hostages feat. Krucial (Prod. by Hulk Hodn)
14.Everyday Livin (Prod. by Suff Daddy)
15.Cashflo (Prod. by Hulk Hodn)
16.Gentlemen (Prod. by Frank John James)
17.Lit Like a Stick feat. The Kid, NONAWES, Gardo, Bola (Prod. by Twit One)
18.HASZ x NONAWES - Children
19.Prettiest of Views (Prod. by BenevolentVibe)
20.Just Relax (Prod. by Funky Notes)
21.Down (Prod. by Eddie)
22.Crazy Love Sickos (Prod. by J Cole)

mercredi 7 août 2013

Union Blak - Union Blak Friday (2013)

01.Glory Days (feat. D.J. 279)
02.Red Tails
03.Ikonik (feat. Serocee & Blak Twang)
05.Scarlett Letter
08.So Fly (feat. Charlene Lamb)
09.5th Avenue
10.Brutal (feat. K9)
11.Union Blak

Mike Schpitz - Live From The Blap Cave (2013)

01.Rolllinnn (ft. Dredai)
03.Hole'd Up (Live From The Blap Cave)
04.Cheddar Speaks (ft. Wes P) [prod. Wes P]
05.No Doubt (ft. The O's) [prod. LONEgevity]
08.Need It All [prod. Wes P]
09.Priceless [prod. That Kid Myself]
10.Cruise Control
11.First Class
12.Got Em Open
13.You Know (ft. D)
14.Flojo (ft. The O's and Brail) [prod. Brail]
15.Pimpen Commence [prod. INTLMC]
16.Breakdown (ft. The O's)
17.Schup [prod. INTLMC]

abefive - Who Cares (2012)

01.Intro (prod. Lacuna Manti)
02.Chaplin (prod. Mellow)
03.C'mon Love (prod. LAKIM)
04.When I'm Gone (prod. Hexsagon)
05.RollwiTme (prod. Hexsagon)
06.Coffy (prod. ChuchWun)
07.Can't It Be Simple (prod. Dela)
08.Nylon (prod. Myke Forte)
09.LifeSawHat? (prod. Mellow)

Moon Blazers - Colors Various (Video)

Moon Blazers - summer (2013)

01.Grindinest   [prod. by N/A]
02.Travelin Man   [prod. by J.Dankworth]
03.Colors Various   [prod. by Katrah-Quey]
04.Like Hey   [prod. by Linus Stubbs]
05.Betta Than Eva Rmx   [prod. by Dianetics]

Cav Johnson - Aesthetics Vol 1 (2013)

01.Built 4 Vogue
02.A Formal Approach
03.Cavalier Transformation
04.Diamond Cutter
05.Luke Easter
06.Strictly Segmentation
07.Hear That Sound

mardi 6 août 2013

Maine Point - Point Of View (2013)

01.Run Wit It
03.Washed Window
05.Watch Corners
06.This ft. Mike Diesel & Moses Rockwell
08.Home Left ft. Eon
09.I C O's
10.My Game
14.OH (Out Here)

SkyBlew x AltAir - The Marvelous Slumber (2013)

01.Something to Believe In
02.SliceOfLife ft. B.C.P BackPacker
03.So Beautiful
04.These A-T's ft. Diana Crystal
05.DreamsDontFold ft. C Minor
06.Marvelous Slumber