mercredi 31 mars 2010

Pee Duble _ The E Pee (2010)

03.Read My Lips
04.Rant and Rave
05.Too Much
06.With Her
07.The Freshness feat. Trav Williams
08.Waiting Room

Mark Deez _ The Cycle Of Struggle CDR (2010)

02.the overseers
03.acid aqueduct
04.grindhouse theatre
05.legends of the fall ft. whichcraft and powder
06.tombstone tactics ft. bigg limn
07.hallucination harmony
08.stomach ache ft. powder
09.the struggle
10.gods with me
11.all flames extinguished ft. 2ugli
12.keep it moving ft. powder
13.the watchers of the watchmen ft. dr ill
14.a higher level (outro)

The Afeeliated _ Saving The City Vol. 1 (2008)

02.Broken Record
03.Lady On The Bus
04.My Man
07.Ces't La Vie
09.On My Way
10.Do's And Dont's
11.Our Kind
13Four Minutes
14.Intermission (Can I Go Now..)
16.All Day

LuGuz _ The Colonic (2010)

01.Live @ The Premiere
02.Do You Love Me?
03.Don't Ever Go Ft. T.Ru
04.Never Had A Dream? Ft. Tom Gist & A.P.
05.High Off Myself (Interlude)
06.I Bleed,I Breathe
07.I Won't Forget About You
08.Spare Time Ft. Money Malc
09.Los Salseros Ft. A.P.
10.One Foot Out The Door (Outro)

mardi 30 mars 2010

Rare & Cheese _ Jazzpolice EP (2010)

04.Jazz 20 (feat. Ric)
05.Havin Fun
06.So Called Game

Sleep Steady _ Original Beauty (2010)

01.Block Party
02.Cheating In C Minor
03.Middle Class Shuffle
04.Hidden Struggle
05.Inner City Girl
06.Dead Emcee II
08.Electron Thoughts

Def Presidents _ Samurai Champs (2008)

01.No Way Back
02.We Leave You In Awe
03.The Essence (by The Teaching)
04.Grown Man Shit
05.The Evidence (by Manny Ace)
06.Vagrant (S)wordplay
07.Throw Your Hands Up
08.The Enlightenment (by Aqueous N.I.)
10.Symphony of Falling Thoughts

Synthesis _ Lead Me Back EP (2010)

02.Lead Me Back
03.Do That There (Freestyle)
04.Humble Pie (Freestyle)
05.It's Only Right
06.I'm Coming Back

lundi 29 mars 2010

Subwoofer Science _ Subwoofer Science EP (2009)

01.Afro's N Twists
02.Concrete Memories
03.Support Hold
04.True Speech
05.Wouldn't Change It
07.I Luv U
08.Play This!
10.You Know What Love Is... (In 3 Parts)

Brok'n Engl'sh _ A Day In The Life LP (2007)

02.No Introduction
04.The Stand
06.A Day In The Life
07.Hate Or
08.Stand Guard
09.The" L" Word
10.House Party f/ Rapper Juice Lee
11.Relationship Waltz
12.The Truth
13.Make A Difference f/ Chance & Sah Sincere
14.Gangsta Grooves

dimanche 28 mars 2010

Myk Dyaleks _ The Butterfly Effect (2009)

02.Welcome (Go!)
03.Puppy Love
05.Shall i Proceed
06.Retrospect of Myk
07.Sound Alikes
09.#4 Women

13adluck _ Rocket Science (2010)

01.It's Rocket Science
02.Believe In Me
03.In This World
04.Makin' Her Smile
05.Savor the Moment
06.Can We
07.A Little Respect
08.Up and Away
09.Gone Tomorrow
10.The Whole Truth
12.Better Place
13.Change Of Plans

Aimé Cain x Bluntspeakers _ The L's Heart U e.p. (2010)

01.Love Money Hi
03.Kitty Kills
04.Gold Mouth Ta$ha
05.Georgia ( Green Eyes )

On Our Feet Ent. _ 10 Year Anniversary (2009)

01.Nefew ft. Torae / I Don't Care
02.Costa ft. Polemikk / I'd Rather Have
03.Teichoskopie / Fust Id Loft
04.Nefew / 24 Hours
05.Costa / In Ogni Caso
06.Emphacized Prophecy / Lyrical Quarrel
07.Teichoskopie ft. Souleez / Wie Weit
08.Nefew / Signs Of Resignation
09.Lukee & Outsha'n / Landschafte
10.Emphacized Prophecy / Delusions
11.Teichoskopie / Bounce Freestyle
12.Nefew / What U Talk About
13.Costa / Don't Stop The Vibe
14.Teichoskopie / Heilmettel Ide Wonde
15.Nefew / Playground Love
16.Teichoskopie / Ich Mach
17.Nefew ft. Masta Ace & Wordsworth / Admit It
18.Costa / Sesto Senso
19.Teichoskopie / Augebleck
20.Emphacized Prophecy / As I Create
21.Teichoskopie / Teichofunk
22.Nefew / Load It, Cock It
23.Costa / Tutto Farà Senso
24.Nefew / Because I Can

Klap van de Molen _ Sessies (2009)

02.Mysterie ft. Realitijd
03.Feelgoodvibe ft. Avi & Ilias (Marock&Roll)
04.We Got That ft. Tony Vito
05.Situations (the way things go) ft. Tony Vito
06.Small Pleasures ft. King Jule

samedi 27 mars 2010

Funky DL _ The Home Of Jazz (2010)

01.Only The Initials Cm (From Music From Naphta)
02.Fantasy (From The Classic Fantasy)
03.I Love... (From The 4th Quarter)
04.Action Replay (239) (From The Classic Fantasy)
05.If I Had A Day To Live (From Classic Was The Day)
06.Turntables Hate Me (From Blackcurrent Jazz)
07.You Really Love That (From Since 77)
08.Hit Me (From Blackcurrent Jazz)
09.Blending Buttermilk With Sex Appeal (From Music From Naphta)
10.Worldwide Feat. Ty (From Classic Was The Day)
11.Keeping It Classic (From Blackcurrent Jazz)
12.20-20-8-8 Featuring Versatile E (From Classic Was The Day)
13.Loud Noise Of Silence (From One Another)
14.Hip Hop (From The Interview)
15.& Ask For Dl (From Blackcurrent Jazz)
16.Remarkable (From The Jazz That Was Forgotton)
17.Billie Holiday (Latin Remix) (From The Latin Love Story)
18.Confidential Information (From Classic Was The Day)
19.Queen Of Diamonds (Latin Remix) (From The Latin Love Story)

Illskool _ Welcome to Illskool (2008)

01.the trip
02.welcome to illskool
03.gotta love it
04.artist within me (ft. roomster)
05.understand (ft. sillo)
06.the studio (skit)
07.last night
08.she's so emotional (ft. cee major)
10.the toilet (skit)
11.where i belong (ft. king jule)
12.quit pulling at me
14.the sample (skit)

Moon Blazers _ Let Yaself Go (2010)

01.The Boogie Intro
03.Fun (Recollection Pt. 2)
04.Let Yaself Go
05.Been Lonely

William A. Poe _ The Day I Found Dilla (2010)

01.One More Try
02.Find My Way Freestyle
03.Relax Ya Mind
05.Apex ft. Quad
06.Get Laid
07.Do What You Do
09.Art of Seduction
10.Jacking for Dilla Beats Freestyle
11.Playing With Words
12.William A. Poe Speaks
13.The Day I Found Dilla
14.Grab The Torch
15.Look of Love III
16.True Vibe
17.A Day In The Life

Toy Box Scholars _ We Got The Love (2006)

01.Going Public [Introduction]
02.Formulate A Process [feat. Studs, Dialect, Hewgs]
03.How Ya Need This [feat. Studs, Hewgs, Magma Grapple, Opaque Meridian]
04.Her Time Has Passed [Intermission]
05.Unique Be Me [feat. Studs, Dialect]
06.We Got The Love [feat. Studs, Dialect, Hewgs, Need Not Worry, Magma Grapple]
07.A Tribal Connection [Three Friends Intro]
08.Three Friends [feat. Hewgs, Magma Grapple, Studs]
09.Damage Control [feat. Dreamski Roc, Hewgs]
10.I Gotta Have It [feat. Dialect]
11.Anti-Wall Flower [feat. Studs, Dialect, DJ Save 1]
12.Ladies & Gents [feat. Dialect]
13.It Never Gets Old [Intermission]
14.Goya Nectar [feat. Studs, Dialect]
15.Peace of Mind [feat. Studs, Hewgs, Dialect]

Project _ Unplug The Idiot Box (2010)

02.Unplug The Idiot Box
04.Sold They Souls
12.Don't Play With Hand Grenades
14.Super HePros
15.Very Best
17.Free As a Breeze
18.Stay Unplugged

vendredi 26 mars 2010

SIN _ The Day After Love (2010)

02.Classic Love
03.In the Mood
04.Winter Afternoon
06.Call Me
07.Answer Back
08.My Way
09.Miss You Too
11.Damn Near Killed Me
12.Dancing With the Devil

PA-Double _ Crates of AG [Remixes](2010)

01.Children Of The Corn - American Dream [PA-Double Remix[akutt]
02.Insight - How You Use It [PA-Double Exclusive[akutt]
03.Kev Brown - Allways [PA-Double Remix[akutt]
04.MOP - Pounds Up [PA-Double Remix[akutt]
05.Organized Konfusion - Somehow Someway [PA-Double Remix[akutt]
06.Planet Asia + Madlib - Definition of ill [PA-Double Remix[akutt]
07.Prince AD - Lyrical Flava [PA-Double Remix[akutt]

Nefew _ Antihero Begins (2010)

03.Less Music
04.The Bank - Skit
05.Know Better
06.No Time To Kill
07.It's Your Life
08.The Demo - Skit
10.Focus Or Fold
11.Change A Thing
12.The Bliss - Skit
13.Who I Am
14.Get Up & Move ft. Lenny Harold
15.Face Defeat
16.The Airport - Skit
17.Antihero Begins

DOM KENNEDY _ From The Westside, With Love (2010)

01.In Memory Of
02.Still Me
04.Home Alone
05.Choose Up
06.The 4 Heartbeats ft. Overdoz
07.Locals Only
08.Play On ft. Skeme
09.The Hotels ft. Carter
10.Love the Future
11.Room 323 Intermission
12.She Go ft. Polyester
13.Speaker Phone (Dial 143)
14.Long Way Home
15.A Leimert Park Song
16.[BONUS] Me Again

jeudi 25 mars 2010

Ape & Undu _ Jaw & Order (2010)

01.Dontchu Worry (Prod. By MoSS)
02.Here II Stay (Prod. By Raf Moses)
03.Jaw & Order (Prod. By DC)
04.Count Your Blessings (Ft. The Mighty Sam McClain) (Prod. By Dewcutta)
05.Primetime (Ft. Statik Selektah) (Prod. By Statik Selektah)
06.So Wrong (Ft. The Rhyminal) (Prod. By DC)
07.Play 4 Keeps (Ft. Reks & Termanology) (Prod. By DC)
08.That's Not Me (Prod. By Ill P)
09.ATTACK!!! (Ft. King Magnetic) (Prod. By DC)
10.Number Game (Prod. By Ill P)
11.Dreamland (Remix) (Ft. Doug York & Nachilus Kezuck) (Prod. By DC)
12.You (Prod. By Reef Ali)
13.Gotta Be The Shoes (Ft. Apathy) (Prod. By Teddy Roxpin)
14.Chat It Right (Remix) (Prod. By DC)
15.Too Much (Ft. Bugout & Lb) (Prod. By Ayesceau)
16.Do Our Thang (Prod. By Dewcutta)

Dominique Larue _ HerStory (2010)

01.She (Prod. by Idasa Tariq)
02.I Want You featuring Idasa Tariq (Prod. by Idasa Tariq)
03.Let Em Know (Prod. by Idasa Tariq)
04.Batter Up featuring Idasa Tariq (Prod. by Idasa Tariq)
05.Maxine (Prod. by Idasa Tariq)
06.Lazy Afternoon featuring Stik Figa (Prod. by Idasa Tariq)

T & E _ Rain In Cali Tour EP (2010)

02.Get It Back
03.Love Is
04.Smoke Break
05.All Of The Above ft. Illmaculate
06.The Basics ft. Illmaculate

Obba Supa x Hypedog _ Obba Supa VS Billy Paul (2010)

02.Let's Stay Together Ft. Ray Vendetta
03.Mrs Jones And Me Ft. Ray Vendetta & Radimo "On Sax"
04.Black Wonders Ft. Ray Vendetta & Bad Fx
05.Love And War Of The God Ft. Radimo "On Flute"
06.Star Striking Ft. Ray Vendetta
07.Cum On Cum On (Instrumental)
08.The Disclaimer Ft. Vague
09.Mrs Robinson Love (Interlude)
10.Oh Holy Peace

mercredi 24 mars 2010

Sean J _ A Tree By ItSelf (2010)

02.My World
03.Seesaw Effect
04.Cat & Mouse
05.Give Me A Reason
06.Cool Ish
07.H.I. Living
08.That Joy
09.Full Strength
10.Just Saying...(Interlude)
11.Too Smart
12.Louder Than Words
13.Gotta Give
14.It's Nothin' (FTG Version) ft. Jae Millz **Bonus Track**

Kasha _ Retro Luv (2010)

01.Go All The Way
02.On The Beat
05.Sweet Love
06.Don't Let Go
07.Can We Talk
08.Come Into My Life
09.Sexy Eyes
10.Stars In Your Eyes

Mally _ Leaks of Integrity (2010)

01.The Penholder
02.By(a)NY(me)Ans (Freestyle)
04.The Savior (Prod By Rem')
05.3 Part Eulogy (Prod. By Rem')

mardi 23 mars 2010

DASHAH _ Rap Burglar 3: The Final Apprentice (2010)

01.Burglarz Theme (prod. by DJ PAUSE)
02.So Good (prod. by DJ PAUSE)
03.Half Moon Ceasar (prod. by ALESSANDRI CAPRIZII & DJ PAUSE)
04.Kingdom feat. Dynasty (prod. by C-MAGIK)
05.The Oath (prod. by DJ PAUSE)
06.The Light feat. Chris Warrior (prod. by TY MACKLYN)
07.Resilience (prod. by DJ PAUSE)
08.Whatz Your Name? feat. Roushi (prod. by 318 for GUNSMITH PRODUCTIONS)
09.Butterfly Effect (prod. by DJ PAUSE)
10.Protein Barz feat. Solo For Dolo (prod. by NATURAL DIGGERS)
11.Eternal Championz feat. Chilo (prod. by DJ PAUSE)
12.The Heist (prod. by DJ PAUSE)
13.Night Don't Stop (prod. by SHAKIM)

SHow TuFli _ Soldier Of Love (2010)

01.Big Bad Wolf (Jezzabelle Jones)
02.1st Time
03.Beauty Queen
05.I Wanna Live
06.Top Or Tie
07.Soldiers Rock
08.Only For The Night
09.I'm Good On Earth

Dues Paid _ Old Gold (2009)

01.Intro - Asian
02.Binocular Eyes - Po' Cus & Chop Suey
03.Sucka's Better Know - Sativa, Po' Cus & Leary
04.Music - Sativa & Po' Cus
05.Rawkus In Your Caucus - Sativa
06.Hip-Hop Tyrants - Sativa, Po' Cus & Leary
07.Pick Up the Mic - Sativa
08.Watch Out (Remix) - Sativa & Po' Cus
09.On the Balcony - Chop Suey & Po' Cus
10.Rap Music - Po' Cus
11.SM58 - Po' Cus
12.Bad Lady - Chop Suey & Po' Cus

Intuition _ I Ruined These Songs For You (2010)

01.He Can Only Hold Her feat. Intuition
02.Make Her Mine feat. Intuition
03.100 Yard Dash feat. Intuition
04.Brown Sugar feat. Intuition
05.Love Comes and Goes feat. Intuition
06.Dy-Na-Mi-Tee feat. Intuition
07.Humming feat. Intuition
08.Walkabout (w/ Noah Lennox) feat. Intuition
09.Breaker feat. Intuition
10.Psychotic Girl feat. Intuition
11.Two Weeks feat. Intuition

Polytek _ Alumni (2009)

02.High ft. Wispa & Kaytel
03.Still One ft. DJ Pups
04.Good Times ft. Ghetto Klownz & Zaaheda
05.What's Going On ft. Jeremiah Brown
06.Steady Slammin
07.Set If Off ft. Wispa & Jeremiah Brown
08.Man On Fire ft. Pitoniq, Kaytel & Strangeman
09.Just Follow
10.I Know Music
11.For the People by the People
12.The Bottle ft. Zedric
14.Something Like 20 Years Ago
15.All My People
16.Rest In Peace

Vitamin D _ "Bornday" E.P. (2010)

01.begin (bornday intro)
02.let go
03.worse burfday
04.twist it til its gone
05.nga plz Ft. yung rebel (my son)
07.who dat ???? ft. The Note
08.real money mo time

Otayo Dubb _ So Opinionated... (2010)

01.Get Mine (prod. by Tahaj The First)
02.So Opinionated ft. Tahaj The First (prod. by Tahaj First)
03.Raise 'Em Up (prod. by DJ Envoy)
04.Can't Stop ft. Akil & Spank Pops (prod. by J.London)
05.Round The World (prod. by Danimals)
06.Fine Tuning ft. L.E.G.A.C.Y. (prod. by Dirty Bird Beats)
07.The Dealership ft. Akil, Tahaj The First & Hudathawt (prod. by Toba)
08.What Works (prod. by TD Camp)
09.Whataday (prod. by Chrono Khalid)
10.No Doubt ft. Pep Love & LB (prod. by Pep Love, cuts by DJ Zeph)
11.Mainstream ft. Tahaj The First & Sakima (prod. by Otayo Dubb)
12.Cycle Love (Remix) (prod. by Danimals)
13.Blow My Mind ft. Tahaj The First (prod. by TD Camp)
14.We On ft. Tahaj The First & Jallah Keys (prod. Tahaj The First)

O.Dot _ The Dot*U*Mentally [Of Cory Park](2010)

01.O.D. (Intro)
02.Can't Rewind That
03.Attack of the Flow
04.What U Know
05.This Is What I Know
06.O.D. On Weed
07.No Show (Skit)
08.It Doesn't Matter Who U R
09.That's It
10.U Got Ass
11.Don't Pop Lock (Ill Antix)
12.Na Na (Feat. Capone & Siggie Sedge)
13.Start 2 Bang
14.Cop Hater (Skit)
15.Story Time
16.I Know (Feat. Mic Virus)
18.I Do This
19.Garden of Eden
20.Put It In Ya Nose (Feat. Siggie Sedge & Mic Virus)
21.Shut This Spot Down (Feat. Emcee Starr)
22.O.Dot (Dotro)

lundi 22 mars 2010

Lawz Spoken & 9DM _ Ferrari Rap Volume One (2010)

01.Trapped Inside My Mind
02.Get Down
03.No Peace ft. Access Immortal & illmaculate
04.Let The Hammers Blow
05.Get Up ft. Dj Flipflop [Bonus Track]

Animalistic _ Fauna (2010)

01.Animal Behavior
04.Frame of Mind
05.Reflections of Light
06.Eye of the Needle
09.Lights Out
10.Soul Shadows
12.The Half
13.Back to Basics
14.As the Breezes Blow

Al Viz _ The Well-Made Bars [mixtape volume I](2010)

01.Get Away
04.My Hip-Hop
05.What Happend to That Boy 'Freestyle'
06.A Russian Girl
07.Takin' Time
08.Perfect Plan
09.Rude Boys
10.Nobody Else
11.Not Like This
12.Spring Time 'Freestyle'
14.Mr. Resilient
15.Microphone Fiend
16.The Game
17.Grand Finale

Nico Sereba _ Blinded By The Lights (2010)

02.Too Fly
04.Let 'Em Talk
05.Le Come Up (Foreigners)
06.Who Got The Skills
07.Hate Appears
08.Early In The Game
10.How Come
11.Blinded (By The Lights)
12.Lights, Camera, Action

Trek Life & J.Bizness _ Rhymes Within Reason EP (2010)

01.Intro (cuts by DJ Tommy Blak)
02.Back Again
03.Clap (cuts by LD of Technicali)
04.Can't Complain feat. Wyann Vaughn & Oddisee (cuts by DJ J-br0-5ki)
05.Stay Raw feat. Audio Live, Mykestro & Skeem Price
07.K.I.S.S. feat. Ragen Fykes & Mr. Sobers aka Maestro Montana
08.Remain Illregular feat. Richard Wright & Mic Holden (cuts by DJ Buddy)
09.Temporary Goodbye (Peace, Peace Ya'll)

Zeyi _ Working For Bill (2010)

03.Music...The Notes....
05.Interlude/Dark Brown Shades
06.Lifes a....
11.Believe In the Person
12.How Does It Feel
13.Don Things
14.Older Lady
15.Sparkling Cider
16.Cool You Down
17.Better With Time
18.Out of the Box
19.Days Like This

dimanche 21 mars 2010

kemizt _ The Vigil (2010)

01.Welcome. (Prod by Gil Scott-Heron)
02.R2,R2,L1,R2,L,D,R,U,L,D,R,U (Prod by Deftones)
03.Fuck a Title (Sum'n Light) (Prod by Carl "Chucky" Thompson)
04.Untitled (Just Life) (Prod by J Dilla)
05.Love Sweet Misery/Player (Prod by Statik Selektah; J Dilla)
06.So Far From Home (Prod by The Album Leaf)
07.Your Tears (Prod by Anno Domini)
08.You (feat. Grafh) (Prod by Ayindé)
09.$.homage (Prod by Statik Selektah)
10.Impeccable (feat. E. Louis) (Prod by Kev Brown)
11.Sinner (Prod by Ayindé)
12.Tea Leaf Breakdancers (Prod by Flying Lotus)
13.Just Shine... (feat. Feeohnix Eve) (Prod by Nujabes)
14.Sine Nomine (feat. Boomie Bugatti, Kaleber & E. Louis) (Prod by Anno Domini)

samedi 20 mars 2010

Supreme Team _ Supremier (2010)

01.Intro 시작 전
02.M.U.S.I.C (Feat. 최자 of 다이나믹 듀오)
03.그 때 (Feat. 브라이언)
04.Respect My Money (Clean Ver.)
05.Darling (Feat. JC a.k.a 지은)
06.Step Up
07.Where U At (Solo Simon D)
08.Where To Go? (E-Sens Solo)
09.피곤해 (Feat. 김신영)
10.Skit 바보들
11.시노비 (Feat. 타블로, DJ Pumkin) (Clean Ver.)
12.너 하나면 돼 (Feat. 개코 of 다이나믹 듀오)
13.Interlude : Seoul Scape
14.데려가 (Feat. Beenzino)

Eye-Que _ Mainstream Underground (2009)

01.Mainstream Underground(Intro)
02.What It Seems ft. DASH
03.Just Another Day
04.I'm A Monsta
05.Kid From the West
06.Dirty Work
07.Big Man On Campus ft. Willdy Diamond, Inclined, & Tybox
08.Basketball Game (Skit)
09.My First Love ft. J.HITM, Elton Deveraux, & Corey Notes
10.Open Your Eyes
11.Twilight Zone
12.Cosmic Energy ft. PANDA
13.Growing Apart
14.Who Said?

vendredi 19 mars 2010

Beedie _ Sleeping In (2010)

01.Everyday (prod. KidEight)
02.Good Morning (prod. P.O.)
03.Grown Shit (prod. James Moore)
04.The Love Movement
05.Hallelujah (feat. John Record) (prod. Johnny Juliano)
06.Guess Who's Back
07.Fly Pt. 2
08.A Place For Us (feat. Vintage Radio & Rell B) (prod. J. Fish of The Sole Vibe)
10.Hip Hop Like That
11.Stay Up
12.Supa Star Freestyle (feat. Vintage Radio & Franchise)
13.On & On (prod. Buscrates)
14.Dreaming Pt. 2 (prod. Straight-N-Narrow Productions)
15.Just Another Dream (prod. Sam Whit)