lundi 28 février 2011

Various Artists - Hip Hop & Jazz Mixtape Chapter 3 (2010)

01.Chapter 3 Introduction - Compilation & Moss
02.Music Evolution - Buckshot Lefonque & Russell Gunn
03.Jive Samba - Thad Jones & The Mel Lewis Jazz Orchestra & Us 3
04.Car And A Job - Dj Balance & Surreal
05.Low Class Conspiracy - Jimmy Smith & Quasimoto & Wes Montgomery
06.The 1960'S Jazz Revolution Again - J Rawls & John Robinson
07.In A Sentimental Mood - Duke Ellington & John Coltrane
08.Mood Swing - Asheru & Talib Kweli
09.Abstractionism - Kenny Garrett & Q-Tip
10.Non M'Annoio - Neri Per Caso
11.You - The Boombap Cats
12.Dat Scat - Steve Coleman & The Roots
13.Good To Go - The Nonce
14.Pffat Time - Black Thought & Steve Williamson
15.5 Minutes - Soundproviders & The Procussions
16.Headaches & Woes - Aceyalone
17.Rebirth Of Slick - Digable Planets
18.Basic Street Blues - Dj Need & S.Mos Sextet
19.Take It To The Stage - Justice System
20.Comme Une Sarbacane - La Cliqua
21.Shimmy Shimmy Ya - El Michels Affair

Ace & Pearl _ Serendipity (2010)

01.The Preview (feat. Ag3Po)
02.Fallin So Fast
03.Our Eyes Locked (feat. Jael Kdlv, Larry Ramone & Jfk Of Contrast)
04.Acquired Taste
05.Miss It Bad
08.Black Ice
10.Consistently Inconsistent
11.Made Your Bed
13.Strictly Business
14.Slow and Steady
16.There's A Place
17.Fallin So Fast (Remix)

Dainjamental _ Joy and Sorrow (2010)

01.Think About It
03.Joy & Sorrow
05.If Time...
06.Be Content
07.Poverty Stricken
08.I'm Loosing U
09.Caught Up
10.Better Dayz Ahead (Feat. Providence & Nee Nee)

Prhym8, Psymun _ AWFULLY NICE (2010)

01.My Computer
02.I Dont Need Luck
03.Conflict of Steeze
04.Life is Ill ft. Otto, Sick, Timmotrees
05.More Like Us ft. Connect, Ezrah Ounce
06.Hit Me Again
07.The Gist ft. Emcee Sick of Pseudo Slang
08.Wears Your Promise
09.I Use My Mind
10.Inner Mission
11.Eyedea Tribute
12.Family Man
13.As The World Spins ft. Brandon Allday

King Mez x Khrysis _ The King's Khrysis (2011)

01.Reaching Out (Intro)
04.From The South (Feat. Thee Tom Hardy x Sean Boog)
05.Something's Missing
06.The King's Khrysis (Feat. Phonte)

dimanche 27 février 2011

Jay Illestrate x Rob Lo _ SUPER LOUD BLUNT RAPS (2011)

02.I Can't Go On
04.Flyy Holiday
05.Walk The Earth
06.Bruce Wayne
09.Cali Night Dreams
12.Uptown Saturday Night
13.In The Clouds

Cartoon Cartel _ Let's Get Lifted (2011)

01.Midnight Landing
02.You're My Patient
03.Strip Nude For Your Killer
04.The Understanding
05.The Melody
07.Epic Failure
08.Shelf Life
09.Proof of Life
10.Ruckus Religion
11.Masked and Anonymous
12.Doctor General
13.It Has To Keep On

H.M.D. VA-Compilation HipHopRapJazz Vol.3 (2011)

01.Another Day / Born One
02.Like Me / L.E.$.
03.Sit Em' Down / Fat Merk
04.Get On Point (Prod. by MP) / Bitches Is Crazy (B.I.C.)
05.Kickitwitchu feat. Sol / DJ Jacks Green
06.That's True / A.C. & Jabbathakut
07.Without That Money Ft. Dreez L & Kidd Dextah / MIC-V
08.Amor is Back / the Brothers Amor
09.Breakfast In Bed / Matt Schwartz
10.Rainfall [A Tribute to Gilda Ranada] / Decypher
11.The Come Up feat. Aerick Baker (Prod. By Nick Smith) / YUNG-V
12.Young Puppy Love / ToneKrusher Smith
13.She's Classic (Prod. U'Nique) / Azon Blaze
14.Cool Heads Prevail / Mellow Drum Addict
15.Get To Know You feat. Richard Wright / Skeem Price
16.New Easy Lift Feat. Jusmoni & Sol / Brothers From Another
17.Gone / COIN & Ta-Ku
18.Warm It Up Feat. Rachael Berry / Javs & Akouo
19.The Background / Jerrell Johnson

samedi 26 février 2011

Zombee _ Perpendicular (2011)

01.Check In
02.Still Frame
03.Rat Race
07.Wordplay 1.5 (말장난 1.5)
09.Trinity feat. ER, InnoVator
10.Check Out

J-Live & Tom Caruana _ The Rough Versions Vol. 4 (2011)

01.Aaw Yeah
02.Audio Visual
05.Bosoms (feat. Wordsworth)
07.Walkman Music
08.The Lyricist
09.Coming Home (feat. Dwele)
10.The Sidewalks
11.Weather The Storm

B.A.K.E.R _ The Story of Lonely Boy Named Baker (2010)

01.Shades and A Fitted
02.Story of A Lonely Boy Named Baker
03.Chris Baker vs. The Bullshit
04.Life of The Fresh (in the fly we trust)
05.Fitted Sitting High
06.I Am Not A Robot (you normal fucks)
07.I Forgot How To Be Happy Cuz Being Happy Is For Suckers
08.B.A.K.E.R (bullshit always kills everything real)
09.Imaginary Friends
10.The Creature Looking Thing and That Hairy Bitch (cockblockers)
11.Leave Me The Fuck Alone (playing my song)
12.Leaders of The Fresh Kool Lonely MaFaKas
13.Dont Worry About Me
14.Grown Ass Kid
15.Stranger Danger
16.Lonely Bakers Theme Song
17.JaFars Revenge Interlude
18.JaFars Revenge
19.Fuck That Loser You Call Your Boyfriend (facebook creepin)
20.I Let My Mojo Spill (fuck your swag)
21.Shooting Stars ( a reason for these memories) Feat. Dexter Fizz
22.These Hoes Feat. Dexter Fizz (BONUS TRACK)
23.Nothing But The Radio (remix) Feat. Norra (BONUS TRACK)
24.Dont You Say No (BONUS TRACK)

ebayjamil _ Dusted (2011)

01.81st Exchange
04.Nothing Like This
05.Never Before
06.I'm Not Stayin'
07.Take You Home feat. Joslyn Petty
08.I Could Love You Better

jeudi 24 février 2011

Exostential _ A Love Of Life And Loathing (2010)

01.How Much I Need You
02.Bit Cliche
03.Our Lives ft. Jasmine Golan
04.Life And Loathing
05.Every Season (Give It All Back)
06.3 MCs ft. Jasmine Golan

MIC-V _ Back In The Daze (2011)

01.Love Songs (School Daze)
02.Without That Money Ft. Dreez L & Kidd Dextah
03.The Beginning
04.Pain (The Remix)
05.Morning Routine
06.Lemme Show You
07.Who Else Could It Be
08.Back In The Daze
09.Undermined Ft. Panik
10.Ruthless Ft. Kid ATL
12.Sometimes Ft. Panik & ThoughtsArizen

Koncept & Tranzformer _ More Than Meets The Eye EP (2011)

02.How I Show Up
03.Change feat. Jefferson Price
04.Look Back
05.Day Dreaming

dimanche 20 février 2011

M-Kaps _ K-A-P-Supreme (2010)

01.Why Should We Stop?
03.Spread The Light
04.Sole Repossession
05.We Don't Trip
07.In The City
08.All For You
09.The Pursuit
10.Any Type Of Way (featuring Flo)
12.I Love You, But...
13.Check The Rhythm
14.Outro (Supremium Edition)

The ParanormL _ T.A.P "Oneness" (2011)

01.Transcendence (feat. Terem)
02.As Above So Below (feat. Adam Payne and Terem)
03.Patience is a Virtue (feat. Adam Payne and Terem)
04.All I Do (feat. Adam Payne and Terem)
05.The Way (Home) [feat. Adam Payne and Terem]
06.Gone to Far (feat. Menacin Johnson, Adam Payne and Terem)
07.Oneness (P.S.A)
08.Divine (Light Workers) [feat. Adam Payne and Terem]
09.Microcosm (feat. Adam Payne and Terem)
10.Astray (feat. Fat Hed, Adam Payne and Terem)
11.Never Be The Same (feat. Adam Payne and Terem)
12.Eternal Karmic Values (feat. Braille, Adam Payne and Terem)
13.AstroLogically (feat. Dj Lems)

samedi 19 février 2011

Mellow Drum Addict _ East Bound Train (2011)

02.Sleeping Giant
03.Black Spades
04.A Heart After Hip Hop
05.Pushing Up Concrete
06.Cool Heads Prevail
09.Sidewalks, Stoops & Avenues
10.Uncovering Harmony
11.Peace To The East
12.Plugged Into The Lamp Post
13.A Pioneer's Eulogy
14.The Dopeness
15.Two In The Sky

Kalil Kash _ The Madness Mixtape (2010)

01.A Diamond
03.5 Seconds (feat. Otis Clapp)
04.Hate In Ya Blood
05.John Blaze
06.Can I Live
07.Let Me Take The Floor
08.Best In flow
09.Dilla Dilla Dilla! (feat. Mr. Muthafuckin' Exquire)
10.Dear Moleskine

Simplex _ Audio Biography (2011)

02.I Have Nothing
03.First Things First (Feat. Terra Firma)
04.Beautiful Day
05.Be Somebody
07.Worldwide (Feat. Ranto Boko)
08.Signs (Feat. Miss Karleena)
09.Opus Operandi (Feat. Motion, Delta, Alerts)
10.Work For A Living
11.Schoolyard Politics
12.Me Vs. World (Feat. Candice Monique)

VA-M.S.J Presents...Club Jazz Vol. 1 (2011)

01.Carmine / All's Good
02.Mentalist / Reborn (ft. Elrae)
03.Sheksta and DJ Shon / Graffiti
04.The Good Sin + 10.4 Rog / Pages & Wages Ft. Sax G Whiz
05.The Soul Elements / The Formula
06.Khingz / TownTalk 1.5
07.The Fix / 8 Thoughts
08.Dominik Omega / This Is Classic
09.Kid A / The Real Me (Prod. by Shade Cobain)
10.Airborne / H2Soul
11.Roy Dean / Reruns
12.Express The Motif / Death of a Clown (Tru Statement Entertainment)
13.Javs & Akouo / True Essence
14.Writtenhouse / Mahogany Blu
15.Dannu / Don't Walk Away
16.Red & White / Sunny Eyes ft. Kami
17.Decipher / Thank You
18.Preemo / No Goodbyes
19.Freepoint Crew / FIN

jeudi 17 février 2011

Azon Blaze _ Love Sounds (2011)

01.Give Me Your Time ft. Free Agent Jasun & Lazurus (Prod. W2)
02.Doin Something Right ft. Sarah Kaboom (Prod. Millie Vaughn)
03.Fly To Your Love ft. SkyBlew & Michael Alvarado (Prod. KClassika)
04.Ready To Go ft. Rome Jeterr (Prod. W2)
05.She's Classic (Prod. U'Nique)
06.C'Mon ft. L3 (Prod. Colombians)
07.So Groovy Remix ft. Ease (Prod. BigMyke)
08.Cool Woman ft. L3 & Sarah Kaboom (Prod. Jay K & DJ Tank)
09.Hits Forever ft. DJ 910, Hiromenbipp, Bangout (Prod. Annodomini)
10.Open Relationship ft. Hiromenbipp (Prod. J Dilla)

mercredi 16 février 2011

Chance Jolivette _ LOVE EP (2011)

01.Show Me Love
02.Love What U Do
03.Is This Love
04.Where Do We Go When the Love is Gone ft. @ Vannie Solo
05.It's Too Late
06.Why We This Way ft. @ JonHenry
08.Love I'm Tired of Fighting
09.Feel the Wind
10.Believe In Love Again
11.Finally Know Love

FORTAFY _ Caffeine (2011)

01.Intro (Feat. Tapaki)
02.Bne (Feat. DJ Owe)
03.Ghetto (Feat. Jagarizzar)
04.Caffeine (Feat. Xbozay)
05.Come Close (Feat. Sammy J)
06.For The Islands (Feat. Jagarizzar)
07.Summertime (Feat. Sammy J & Xbozay)
08.I Want, She Wants (Feat. Xbozay & Tapaki)
10.Gettin On It (Feat. Xbozay)
11.Back On It (Feat. Xbozay)

The Good Sin + 10.4 Rog _ Late. (2011)

01.Wake Up
02.Pages & Wages Ft. Sax G Whiz
03.The Crown
05.Bad About You
06.Self Talk
07.On My Own Ft. Rob Harris
08.All For You

Dominik Omega _ The Missing Piece (2010)

02.Rap On ft. Carolina Black
03.Just Chill ft. Kiki
04.Pressure ft. Viceversah
05.This Is Classic

Tru Statement Entertainment _ F?@k Love Volume II (2011)

01.F?@k Love - Quality
02.Redshirt Roulette - Ashton Travis
03.Ordinary Love - The MarXman
04.The Right Way - Janelle Reneé
05.In The Mood - M.A.E.
06.Hi-Definition - Never Yet Contested
07.Where's The Love - Ben Q
08.Casanova - Free Trade
09.Death of a Clown - Express the Motif
10.Listen - Homeboy Sandman
11.The Fool - Benny ELs
12.Waiter - Rabbi Darkside - Feat. Josiah Hotwire & Fayabraz
13.What You See - Baldi [Prod. By Classick]
14.Long Nights - Spokinn Movement
15.Touch/Feel -

mardi 15 février 2011

Tirso Cruz _ HEaRt never dies (2011)

01.Her Heart Never Dies.
02.Our Heart
03.Smiles (feat. Genevieve Azores)
04.Photographic Memory (interlude)
05.Forget About You (feat. Genevieve Azores)
07.I Promised (feat. Genevieve Azores)
08.Once A Cheater
09.Gullible w/Jose De Jesus
10.Forever Never Again (feat. Dame Diwitt)
11.My Angel (feat. Genevieve Azores)

Seasons' End _ Moments in Life (2011)

01.Moments in Life
02.One of those Days (ft. The 49ers)
03.Walking Lotus (ft. Hus)
05.Goodbye Summer (ft. Soulstice)
06.The Love Spaceship (ft. Hus)
07.Camera Lights (ft. Tiff The Gift)
08.Listen (ft. SmooVth)
09.Down Memory Lane
10.Fade in Colour
11.Running On Karma (ft. The 49ers)
12.Comes Around (ft. El Da Sensei & Internal Quest)

Pain-N-Fame _ Treez 4 Breakfast (2011)

01.Treez 4 Breakfast - Mello Mel
02.Mind Of The Free - B & REALEST REEKEN
03.SPL Test - Mello Mel
04.High as I Wonna Be - D.U.T.T.C.H
05.Real - Alvietron
06.Seth Rogan - Mello Mel
07.illTown Trippin - Mello Mel
09.I Will Never // Let It Be - Alvietron
10.Sippin Beers - Mello Mel & Soymilk Sinatra
11.Out My Window - B
12.SILK - Soymilk Sinatra
13.Ask Me Now (T. Hands) - Mello Mel
15.Love N Music - Alvietron
16.Pain N Fame Showdance - Izzy Grimey & D.U.T.T.C.H
17.Sooh Be Doo Doo!!! - Mello Mel & Soymilk Sinatra
18.Fight Of Love - Mello Mel

the Brothers Amor _ An Amuse Bouche EP (2010)

01.Rise Up
02.B 4 U Get Started
03.On the Horizon
04.Amor is Back
05.Sufi Love
06.1/2 My Language

Josh Smith _ FLYING (2011)

02.Massage the Situation
04.Flying (Interlude)
05.Anything But Nothing
06.Break Your Neck
07.I Feel Like Flying
09.Make That Better
10.Rest EZ

Thomas Prime _ Waiting For Tomorrow (2011)

01.No Other Way (Intro)
02.Intellectual Criminals (ft. Awon)
03.Iron Mask (ft. Jas Mace & Mar Var)
04.Old Skool (ft. CL & Mrs Bux)
05.The Wake Up (Interlude)
06.Lost Soul
07.Music Plays On (ft. The 49ers & Thurro)
08.Heartbreak (ft. Seeka & Jr)
09.Don’t Stop Now (Interlude)
10.Class of '99 (ft. Akin Yai)
11.Strictly Underground Pt 2 (ft. Awon)
12.International Night (ft. Jas Mace)
13.Feel the Same (ft. Dicap & Fae Woods)
14.Rising Moon (Interlude)
15.Another Goodbye
16.Changing Lanes (ft. Seeka & Jr)
17.Honest Lies (ft. Tiff The Gift)
18.Time to Spare (Interlude)
19.Forever Eternal
20.Dynamite Love (ft. Awon)
21.Luv4u (ft. 2 mo' key) [Nujabes Tribute]
22.Still Waiting (Outro)

lundi 14 février 2011

YAE x RUFIO _ She Hate Me (2011)

01.She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not
02.Throw Em Away (No Clothes)
03.Higher ft. Chuuwee
04.Uh Oh (Gossip Talk)
05.Break Up to Make Up
06.Broken Heart Repair
07.Battle of the Sexes (ft. DJ FLOW)

DaLLaS Tha KiD _ No Valentine (2011)

01.No Valentine Intro
03.On The Phone Interlude
04.Be Your Daddy ft. eXquire
05.Lookin' 4 Luv Interlude ft. Goldy Glo
06.Lookin' 4 Luv
07.Waiting 2 eXhale Interlude ft. eXquire
08.Alligators ft. Goldy Glo
09.Say Somethin'
10.Back n' Forth
11.Where U Going ft. LeeSha
12.Is This Luv? ft. Corinne Bailey Rae

DeV _ The Downfall EP (2010)

01.The Cure
02.Bam, Zoom, Straight to The Moon
03.Back Seat
04.Black Hole
05. ...And This Will Be Our Downfall
06.I Hope This Never Ends
08.I Will Have My Day

hasHBrown _ Relationsh*t (2011)

01.The Love Game (ft. 100)
02.Beginning of the End
03.Degree of Difficulty (ft. Thurogood & Dustin Prestige)
04.Good Days Bad Weeks
05.The Flash Point
06.Quail Hunting (ft. Thurogood)
07.Forgive Me Not
08.Loving You Is Wrong
09.Be Sure It Works Out(ro) (ft. 100)

iMHi _ With My Friends (2011)

02.Fuck With Me
04.Basic (feat. King David)
05.Gotta Go
07.Jazz Loop
08.Until The End Of Time
09.Item 9 (feat. Scribe 1)
10.Traveling Salesmen
11.5:03 AM Freestye (feat. Capa 3, King David)
12.Goodbye (feat. King David, Capa 3)
13.Tumbleweeds (feat. King David)
14.Goodfellas (feat. J.A.V.)
16.Enyo Kim Freestyle

dimanche 13 février 2011

Kale Dreamz _ Still Dreaming (2010)

01.The Intro
02.Another Day
03.Back In Motion
04.Rock Shows
05.Hip Hop Chick
06.Be My Love
07.Nothing To Do
08.No One Rides For Free
09.Diss Tracks
10.Headache Music
11.The Thrill
12.Oh Yeah
13.Beat The Odds

Torae _ Heart Failure (2011)

01.Intro (ft. Ja'Shayla)
02.Outta Here (ft. Mike Shorey)
04.For You (ft. Carlitta Durand)
05.Let It Go (ft. Mone Divine)
06.Back On The Road (skit)
07.Popular Demand (ft. Chris Rob)
08.Love Is War (ft. Lydia Caesar)
09.Point Of View
11.Love You
12.This Is (ft. Phonte & Yahzarah)

Secret Weapon _ Secret Beatz Vol. 1 (2010)

01.Passion (feat. insert from Paul Anderson Walsh)
02.Truly Hip Hop (feat. Kimba Klarity)
03.Regardless (feat. Promise, Judah, 3rd Son)
04.Goin On For Life (feat. Em-Cee, Judah, Promise, Eshon Burgundy)
05.Take It High (feat. Kay Young, Judah Racham)
06.What It Is
07.Classic Tracks (feat. Kay Young)
08.In My Lifetime (feat. Judah Racham)
09.Secret (Skit)
10.Secret Wars (feat. Judah, WariYah, Silas Zephania, Bold)

The Soul Elements _ Soul Elements (2010)

02.The Formula
03.Soul Elements Theme
04.Only Play This At Night
05.I Wanna Dream Again
06.Soul Music (The Movement)
07.What Does It Mean
08.Dead Weight
09.Madd Konfusion
10.The Fallen Emcee Intro (skit)
11.The Fallen Emcee
12.Groupie Song (featuring SuSu)

-iLL LiaD- _ Salvation (2011)

01.Salvation Intro
02.World Is Cold
03.Die Slow
04.We Can't Be Stopped ft. Jon Black and Dustin Paige
05.Fell My Pain
06.Black Interlude
07.Dead Beat
08.Midnight Interlude
09.Life Is A Dream
10.Primal Urge ft. J-Mike
11.Rap Slayer ft. Rusty James
12.Rough Time's ft. Rusty James
13.Close Ya Eye's
14.Salvation Outro

Amor Jones _ The Wake Up Show (2011)

01.Weekend Warrior (Prod. by Nefarious!)
02.First To The Finish Line ft. D.Julien (Prod. by Nefarious!)
03.Let Me Know If It’s Cool (Prod. by know:Juander)
04.Live Fast & Get Paid (Prod. by Esta)
05.Where We Headed ft. ARTice (Prod. by know:Juander)
06.Get Down (Prod. by Insigtful)
07.Still Crushin’ (Prod. by Esta)
08.One Of Them Days (Prod. by Lakim)
09.Just Floatin’ (Prod. by Nefarious!)
10.Paint A Picture (Prod. by Lakim)
11.Chasin' Dreams ft. Shawn Bandz (Prod by Nefarious!)
12.Right Now (Prod. by Soul Marauder)
13.In The Morning (Prod. by Lakim)
14.The Plan (Prod. by Justin Rudolph)

Hopie Spitshard _ Dulce Vita (2011)

01.Dulce Vita
02.Lonely Without The World
04.Higher, Higher
05.Love Line
06.Off Tonight
08.Same Ole Song
09.Missin The Bus

samedi 12 février 2011

Matt Schwartz _ Bubble Gum Rap (2011)

01.Blood Mary
02.Kitchen Music (Ft. Kolorful)
03.Take It Easy
04.Breakfast In Bed

Popular _ Imported Muscle EP (2011)

02.Boxy Brown
03.Paycheck feat. Infinite
04.Indo Flow
05.Celly Cellular
06.Good Musik feat. General & Infinite
07.The Past feat. Les Paul
08.Grown Nugs & Bongary

Matt Schwartz _ X&O's: Part 2 (2010)

02.Believe It's Never What It Seems
03.Get Blowed (ft. KO)
04.I Know What You're Thinking (I Know What You're Drinking)
05.Shake And Bake (ft. Career The Brain)
06.Looks Right Tonight (I Can Feel It)
07.Keep Trying (ft. Joe Commisso)
08.Weightlessness (Chemistry Lab Notes)
09.Two More Beers

vendredi 11 février 2011

Javs & Akouo _ Double Helix EP (2010)

01.No Chewbacca
03.Warm It Up Feat. Rachael Berry
04.Rockin' It
05.Credit God
06.Leave Me Be Feat. DVS
07.Poison Feat. Phatchance
09.True Essence
10.Been So Long Feat. Rachael Berry

Fat Merk _ The Gatekeeper (2011)

01.Intro (Jay Smooth)
02.Sit Em' Down
03.Fast Life (6 Foot 7 Foot Remix)
04.All Hype
05.Ef Em
06.Indie Hustlin Ft. Infinit Angles
07.For The Children
08.Interlude (Nas)
09.Molded Minds (Feat. Pete Paragon)
10.Cigarillo (Feat. MC Muck) (Black & Yellow Remix)
11.Breast Fest
12.The Mind Of An Underground Rapper
13.Sweatin Bullets
14.Lines In The Sand
15.Outro (DJ Premier)
16.Sit Em' Down (Remix)
17.Ef Em (Exhibit A Remix)