samedi 29 décembre 2012

WonderFlow - The CookBook (2012)

01.The JazzHop (feat. Keen & Hazey)
02.Time's Flowing (prod. by DJ Kross)
03.All We Got Is Us Remix (feat. Keen & Hazey)
04.About Life (feat. Awon & Hazey)
05.Lost Treasure (prod. by DJ Kross)
06.WonderFlow Style (feat. Keen & Hazey)
07.It's All Love (feat. Junoflo, Marchitect, Keen, Formosir, Kharisma)
08.Don't Hold Ya Breath Remix (feat. Hazey, Tron & Keen)
09.Triple Twelves (prod. by Larkz)
10.A Child Is Born (prod. by DJ Kross)

Tessuroh - C O A L (2012)

01.N i n e (prod. by Mars God)
02.N o F i l t e r (prod. by Mars God)
03.T w e n t y 1 2 (prod. by Mars God)
04.S o u l (prod. by Mars God)
05.C h a r i o t (remix) (prod. by Mars God)

Eli Migueal - Fall EP (2012)

01.Welcome Back
03.Try It
04.First Things First ft. Donald Martin (interlude)
05.Number 12
06.There She Is ft. Mr.Tee

V3RB - Standing Ovation (2012)

01.Standing Ovation feat. Microphono
04.Shaking Up the Block
05.I Love U feat. Slimkid3 of the Pharcyde
06.Streets Talk
07.GTHO (Get The Hell Out) feat. J-Flexx and Slam
08.Dreamer feat. Max Mostley
09.Flow Major
10.Laid Back
11.Move 'Em In
12.New Birth feat. Alex Chadwick
14.Ah Yeah

vendredi 28 décembre 2012

Surrealist & Patch Nastyy - Dreams of a Key (2012)

01.Calm Before the Storm
02.Down in my Soul
03.Toast to my Enemies
04.Bright Days (ft. Mad Bluntz and The Prophet)
05.Drift to the Rhythm (ft. Linoskiii)
06.Can't Stop This Growth
07.Testing Me

jeudi 27 décembre 2012

Bruff - Skidoo Soup (2012)

01.Dirty Dutch
02.Leftovers (ft. Soul Khan)
03.Don't Look Back (ft. Boy-ill, Matt Nokes)
04.Off the Wall (ft. Johnny Hardcore)
05.Triple X Huffman
06.Work Sucks! (ft. Pat Stay, Sampson)
07.Plenty of Soul (ft. Metropolis Votary)
08.On the Block (ft. Bender, Apt)
10.For Don
12.Permanent Vacation (ft. John Smith)
13.Never Give it Up
14Charles Said (ft. Sampson)
15.Tskitishvili Punchline
16.Leftovers Remix (ft. Soul Khan)
17.Fire (ft. Sampson, bRavenous, Mischif, Hermit, Johnny Hardcore)

Cyrano Sinatra - CandyCornSwishas EP (2012)

01.Amuse Bouche (prod. by Mike Muse)
02.Christmas In Raleigh (prod. by J.Slikk)
03.Proud Of Me (prod. by CENTRIC)
04.Soul Food Mama (prod. by DJ J-Rell)
05.Truth Hurts Ft. Mic Savvy & SHARP (prod. by Anno Domini)
06.MadaGAScar (J.Slikks Remix)
07.Breakbeat, Rattle & Roll Ft. SHARP (prod. by SHARP CUTS)
08.Symphony I (prod. by Tech Productions)
09.The Truth (prod. by CENTRIC)
10.HBD HipHop (prod. by CENTRIC)
11.Fashionably Late Ft. Keaton & S-Gold (prod. by Manifest Beats) (Bonus Track)
12.Zion +The 3Kingz Remix + Ft. Urban Truth & The GiM (prod. by CENTRIC) (Bonus Track)

Capital Ode x Shawn K x Mouse Sucks - The Where's Jarett EP (2012)

01.No Love
02.Kings & Queens
03.When the Devil Need Bread
04.Clifton O'neal
05.Two Boob Theory
06.Sucka Ponies feat. Neo Huxtable

Torae - Black Christmas EP (2012)

01.Egg Nod (Intro) [prod. Haz Solo]
02.Waiting On Christmas Day (ft. Bluu Suede) [prod. E. Jones]
03.Stay (ft. Wes) [prod. Khrysis]
04.Baby, It's Christmas (Introducing Kelby Silverio) [prod. Kush Broverz]
05.A Christmas Story [prod. Haz Solo]

mercredi 26 décembre 2012

Elliott Niezel - "WOnderlAnd" EP (2012)

03.A Day in the Life
04.Sore From Heights
05.Natural Highs
08.Float feat. Moka Only

Robert De Boron + Othello - Beat The Classics 2 (2013)

01.True Love feat. Vivian Chen -infused by Ravel ?Pavane Pour Une Infante Defunte?-
02.Do It Like This -infused by Tchaikovsky ?Swan Lake Waltz?-
03.The Truth in Love feat. Vivian Chen -infused by Wagner?Wedding March?-
04.Regret Me Not  feat. Vivian Chen -infused by Pachelbel ?Canon?-
05.Break The Silence -infused by Erik Satie ?Gymnopedie?-
06.Bon Voyage -infused by Liszt ?Un sospiro?-
07.Overture feat. I-Ring From Nudyline -Infused By Mascagni ?Cavalleria Rusticana?-
08.Still Alone -infused by Chopin ?Fantasy Impromptu?-
09.Everyday Not Your Everyday -infused by Beethoven ?Symphony No 9?-
10.Prayer Vox feat. Vivian Chen -infused by Caccini ?Ave Maria?-
11.Far Gone -infused by Elgar?Pomp and Circumstance?-
12.Time To Say Goodbye

Foreknown, Mute - Yule Be Sorry (2012)

01.Intro - Yule Be Sorry
02.Seasons GREEDings ft. Brad B / Foreknown / Tusk One
03.Saved by the Bells ft. Foreknown
04.Ghost of Christmas Past ft. Phil Harmonic / Foreknown
05.Interlude 1 - Corporate Santa
06.Everytime A Bell Rings (A Fighter Gets His X-Wing) ft. Foreknown / Bear The Astronot
07.The Final Season ft. Charade / Foreknown / La.k.a.I
08.Interlude 2 - Rudolph's Revenge
09.The Jolly Man Cometh ft. Rashenal / Optimal / Foreknown
10.Highschool Kids In BMWs ft. Some Owls / Foreknown

Craig Gillespie - Craig's List (2012)

01.Introduction (prod. Quamie'Yae)
02.Here I Am (prod. Lyve)
03.Authenticity (prod. Quamie'Yae)
04.Get the Feeling Back ft. Crooklin of Smash Brovas & Yancy Deron (prod. Astro Mega)
05.Believe it or Not (prod. Sincere)
06.Bitter Sweet (prod. Quamie'Yae)
07.Circumstances (prod. Sincere)
08.Conversations (prod. Lyve)
09.Trapped Inside (prod. Astro Mega)

Merkules - The Bacon Bits EP (2012)

01.Beef Stew (Prod. Loophole)
02.Feet On The Ground (Prod. N-Jin)
03.Get Ghost (Prod. N-Jin)
04.Drowning (Prod. N-Jin)
05.What Means Tha World (Prod. Timeless)
06.Erica (Prod. N-Jin)
07.Sedatives (Prod. Dylan Ross)
08.Gimme A Call (Prod. N-Jin)
09.Hate My Guts (Prod. N-Jin)
10.Pot To Piss In (Prod. Makem Def)

L'Eau Dans l'Jazz - La Ruche De Noël #2 (2012)

01.Alvéole #1 - Elles Reviennent (intro)
02.Alvéole #2 - Le Masque (Jokilla)
03.Alvéole #3 - The Bad Joint (Sikam)
04.Alvéole #4 - Le Cactus (feat. Pand'or)
05.Alvéole #5 - C'est écrit (Le Zad)
06.Alvéole #6 - L'Antiquaire (instrumentale)
07.Alvéole #7 - Jabba (Le Zad & Sikam)
08.Alvéole #8 - Le Palais (feat. Le Bon Nob)
09.Alvéole #9 - Oh Yeah [Interlude]
10.Alvéole #10 - Passe Le Mic 2 (feat. AZM)
11.Alvéole #11 - Pollen (feat. Fitzroy & Contrebande)
12.Alvéole #12 - Bouge (feat. Jehkyl)
13.Alvéole #13 - Apiculture & Botanique (feat. Botaniks Crew)
14.Alvéole #14 - Fuite De Jazz (Remix)
15.Alvéole #15 - Ordo Ab Chaos (feat. Gizou)
16.Alvéole #16 - Le Veto (feat. Le Bon Nob)
17.Alvéole #17 - Auréoles Anglaises (Le Zad)
18.Alvéole #18 - Beat The Clock (Clem Beat'z)
19.Alvéole #19 - Comme de L'Eau Dans l'Jazz (feat. Slone)
20.Alvéole #20 - Funèste
21.Alvéole #21 - Au Revoir Bugarach (feat. Zeph)
22.Alvéole #22 - Le Banc (feat. E.Frasy)
23.Alvéole #23 - Le Choix Du Monde (Sikam)
24.Alvéole #24 - J'matte Autour de Moi (feat. Mar'K)
25.Alvéole #25 - À Contre-Courant (feat. L'infanterie)

lundi 24 décembre 2012

Kenichiro Nishihara - Illuminus (2012)

01. Children's Introduction
02. Rise Son (feat. Substantial)
03. Blind Remix (feat. Junggigo) (Illuminus Mix)
04. Colors (feat. SLik d) (Illuminus Remix)
05. Illuminus Swing (feat. Gregg Green)
06. Ancient Light
07. Mature Opinion (feat. Daichi Diez) (Illuminus Remix)
08. Findaway
09. Get Inside Your Heart (feat. Pismo) (Illuminus Remix)
10. Thinking Of You (feat. Nina Vidal) (Illuminus Remix)
11. Future Illumination
12. Serendipity (feat. Tamala & Takurah)

dimanche 23 décembre 2012

Superior Thought - Be Real [Promo Video]

Superior Thought - More Than A Memoir [MTAM] (2012)

02.Im Still In Love
03.Would You
04.Keep Ya Head Up
05.Be Real
06.Mama Said
07.Thinking It Over ft. Big Frizzle & Kiefer
08.Price 2 Pay
09.So Soulful
10.1 More
11.Never Knew
12.LateNightLurkers ft. Kiefer
13.In The Beginning, In The End

Leonard Dstroy & Kutty Slitz - Bounce (Video)

Leonard Dstroy & Kutty Slitz - LennySlitz Project 2 (2012)

01.Intro (Psych Out)
04.Six Million Dollar Man (Ft. D-Styles)
05.No I In We
06.Grave Digger
07.Purple People Eater
08.2 Weeks Notice
09.Let's Fly
10.Feel Dat Bass
11.Rap Shit
12.Jet Set
13.Do The Freak (Ft. Reggie B)
14.Blow Up The World
15.Gas No Break
16.And She Said
17.Role Model

JPI - The Real Life (2012)

01.How I Live (prod by Hannibal King)
02.The Real Life (prod by Hannibal King)
03.Stay Smooth (prod by Hannibal King)
04.The Whole Truth (prod by Hannibal King)
05.Life Goes On (prod by Hannibal King)
06.The Smokers
07.Face In The Crowd (Mac Miller Remix)
08.Never Knew It (prod by Hannibal King)
09.I'm Floatin (prod by Hannibal King)
10.Running Game (prod by Hannibal King)
11.Kool-Aid & Frozen Pizza (Mac Miller Remix)
12.Knock Knock (Mac Miller Remix)
13.Crazy Like Batman (Tyler The Creator Remix)
14.Donald Trump (Mac Miller Remix)
15.I Am Trayvon Martin (prod by Hannibal King)
16.Shout Outz (prod by Hannibal King)

Johnni Digital - Month To Month Vol.4 (2012)

01.Death To A Sweet Ass Rapper (prod. AraabMuzik)
02.Rick James Was A Good Man ft. Headake, ChieferEs (prod. DKG)
03.Lost In A Maze ft. Prolix, Ray Kasiino (prod. JQuest)
04.Torture Chamber (prod. KoZaK)
05.Tears In The Rain w/ Pawcut (Interlude)
06.Everytime ft. Christopher Rose (prod. DKG)
07.Month To Month Cypher pt3 ft. Silversmiths, BlackCloudMC (prod. Alchemist)
08.The Way Out ft. Noctilucent (prod. AraabMuzik)
09.Progress Is Inevitable (prod. Telescope Thieves)

Pepil Pew - Midnight Blue (2012)

02.Flat Black Ducati (feat. Cor Stidak)
03.Will Rap 4 Food (feat. Moe Hendrix)
04.Midnight Blue (feat. Cor Stidak)
05.Arabesque (feat. Nic Mercer)
06.Light In Your Direction (feat. Todd Hunter)
07.W2 Forms (feat. Nic Mercer)
08.Puberty (feat. B.Sams)
09.Up And Down (feat. KomBat The Outlaw Star)
10.Moonlight Night (feat. Todd Hunter)


01.Kydd - Sounds In My Head Intro (prod by Johnny Swindles)
02.Deezie Fresh, Cory Kendrix, Kydd - Windy City Remix (prod by Ocky Goodsounds)
03.Tank - Gettin Paid (prod by Scott Pace)
04.Kydd - The Masons ft. A.Dd+ (prod by Kydd)
05.Cory Kendrix - Still Got My (prod by Scott Pace)
06.Kydd - Hall Pass ft. Yelawolf (prod by ABT)
07.Tank - Back On My Grizzy Remix (prod by Haris Qureshi)
08.Kydd, Cory Kendrix - Not The One (prod by BoomBaptist)
09.Deezie Fresh - Jesus Shuttlesworth (prod by Kydd)
10.Kydd - Now And Then ft. Pac Div (prod by Keef)
11.Cory Kendrix - Deep Thoughts And Dark Secrets (prod by ABT)
12.Kydd - It Was All A Dream ft. Skyzoo (prod by Cmore)
13.Tank - In The AM Remix (prod by Johnny Swindles)
14.Kydd, Cory Kendrix - First Time (prod by Cory Kendrix)
15.Deezie Fresh - Halftime (prod by Kydd)
16.Kydd - Too Thoed Remix ft. Worldwide (prod by Ocky Goodsounds)
17.Cory Kendrix - Painkillers And Champagne (prod by Scott Pace)
18.Kydd, Tank - Russian Roulette ft. GLC & Max Frost (prod by Click Clack & Max Frost)
19.Deezie Fresh - Hoop Dreams Remix (prod by Haris Qureshi)
20.Tank, Cory Kendrix - Down For The Team (prod by Scott Pace)
21.Kydd - Back To The Future ft. ELMNT & Muneshine (prod by Muneshine)
22.Cory Kendrix - Stripper Song (prod by Haris Qureshi)
23.Kydd - Jungle (prod by Haris Qureshi)
24.Tank - Ready For Whatever (prod by Cmore)
25.Kydd, Cory Kendrix - My Bitch ft. Stunnaman & Western Tink (prod by Keef)
26.Deezie Fresh - Off The Bench Now (prod by Kydd)
27.Tank, Cory Kendrix, Kydd - LNS Crew Cipher Remix (prod by DJ Ninja)

samedi 22 décembre 2012

Gyasi Kamau - Built 2 Win [Video]

Gyasi Kamau - The Pursuit [Deluxe] (2012)

01.Dream. Believe. Pursue | prod. The Stuyvesants
02.Built 2 Win | prod. SebastianSoSoul
03.RandomThought ft. Sir Criss | prod. Afta-1
04.The Declaration | prod. THEMpeople
05.Talkin S#!t | prod. Ohbliv
06.The Fantasy | prod. SebastianSoSoul
07.Pursuit of Happiness ft. Janelle Monae & Young Zigg | prod. Soulful
08.Window Seat ft. Mic Anthony [THEMpeople]
09.Penthouse Livin' ft. Mic Anthony, Sara Grant & Young Noble | prod. The Stuyvesants
10.Damaged Goods ft. Nyne Lyves | prod. Flawless Tracks
11.Forever ft. Sara Grant | prod. Afta-1
12.* Etiquette ft. Sulaiman [Treated Crew] & R.Kelly | prod. mndsgn

Joey Bada$$ & Pro Era - PEEP: The Aprocalypse (2012)

01.Like Water - Capital STEEZ, Joey Bada$$ & Cj Fly (Produced by Statik Selektah)
02.Run or Fly - Joey Bada$$, Dirty Sanchez, Cj Fly, Capital STEEZ (Produced by Lee Bannon)
03.Wrecord Out - Nyck Caution , Joey Bada$$ & Cj Fly (produced by Chuck Strangers)
04.F A Rap Critic - Chuck Strangers, Kirk Knight , Joey Bada$$ (Produced by Statik Selektah)
05.The Renaissance - Ala Sole, Joey Bada$$ (Produced by Tre Eiht Special)
06.Florists - Kirk Knight (Produced by Kirk Knight)
07.Interlude 47 - Capital STEEZ, Joey Bada$$, Cj Fly & Dessy Hinds (produced by Statik Selektah)
08.Resurrection of Real - Ala Sole, Nyck Caution (Produced by Tre Eiht Special)
09.Vinyls - Dessy Hinds feat. Nyck Caution (Produced by The Entre Producers)
10.School High - Joey Bada$$, Dyemond Lewis, Kirk Knight & NYCk Caution (Produced by brandUn DeShay)
11.Overseas - Joey Bada$$, Cj Fly (Produced by Hans Solo & Jonas Cook)
12.Natural - Dessy Hinds, NYCk Caution (Produced by Marvel)
13.K.I.N.G.S. - Joey bada$$, Capital STEEZ (Produced by Thelonius Martin)
14.Start to Finish - Joey Bada$$, Rokamouth (Produced by Chuck Strangers)
15.Last Cypher - Cj Fly, Dyemond Lewis, Ala $ole, Nyck Caution, Kirk Knight, Rokamouth, Joey Bada$$, Capital STEEZ) (Produced by brandUn DeShay)
16.Bun N Cheese - Kirk Knight, Capital STEEZ, Ala $ole & CJ Fly (Produced by Bruce Leekix)
17.Lawns - Super Helpful & Joey Bada$$ (produced by Lee Bannon)

Claudwell - Dream Circus (2012)

01.The Show
02.City Lights
03.Believe You Me
04.Speak Up
05.The Rails
06.When In Rome
07.One More Time
08.A Day Off
09.As You Think
10.Things To Know & Places To Go
11.Four Years

Philmore - Look To The Sky (Video)

Philmore - Round Midnight (2012)

02.The Basement
03.Dreaming Of Summer
04.Find A Way Featuring E Noel
05.Look To The Sky
07.Get That Featuring ComaToze
08.Good Music
09.Kinda Blue (Bonus Track)

Myke Charles & Spoke In Wordz - The Midnight Groove EP (2012)

01.Raw Sh!t
02.It's That Real
03.Midnight Groove
04.Miss Fly
05.Most Definitely
06.Otis Elliott (Remix)

SLONE - Jazz Home EP (2012)

01.Jazz Home - part1 (scratch by Ducky Touch)
02.Hip-Hop Spirit  feat. K.Oni  (scratch by Ducky Touch)
03.J'reste jazzy  feat. ICAR
04.Vieilles reliques
05.A chaque fois  feat. Takezo (scratch by Ducky Touch)
06.Façon feeling  (scratch by Clem Beat'z)
07.J'attend la phrase qui tue  (scratch by Clem Beat'z)
08.Toujours la même envie  feat. Némétiss (l'âme son crew)
09.Pad and Pen  (Prod by KAYO)
10.Jazz Home - part2

TsE - Puzzle EP (2012)

01.Intro (Prod. Aem 16)
02.Einzig & Allein (Prod. Apfel)
03.Die These (Prod. Thorben)
04.Coffee & Cigarettes feat. Jones (Prod. Thorben)
05.Rendezvous feat. Resi (Prod. Apfel)
06.Schreibrausch (Prod. Apfel)
07.Am Rollen (Prod. Thorben)
08.Outro (Prod. Apfel)

jeudi 20 décembre 2012

Urban The Element - Poetical Insight (2012)

01.Sanctuary ft. Ekspoe (prod. by Krikit Boi)
02.School of Hardknocks ft. Ekspoe (prod. by Krikit Boi)
03.Oddessy (prod. by Cache)
04.Mysterious Science (prod. by Krikit Boi)
05.Addicted (prod. by Gsource)
06.Keep it Movin' ft. Masked Avengers (prod. by Krikit Boi)
07.Life For Ya ft. Abbey James (prod. by Krikit Boi)
08.Make It Up ft. Second Nature (prod. by Krikit Boi)
09.Impossible (prod. by Cache)
10.Insight (prod. by Moniz)
11.Letter to Mom (prod. by Krikit Boi)
12.Innovative (prod. by Cache) *BONUS TRACK*

Josh Smith - Break Your Neck (Video)

mercredi 19 décembre 2012

gibbs - Friends of Harmony (2012)

01.Mysterious Mister
02.Every Tree
03.My Sentiments Exactly ft. Zenith & Observer Effect
04.Breaking Point ft. Chaos Da Verbal Villian
05.Summer On My Mind
06.High Tide ft. Linguistory
07.Rhyme Speak ft. Skahlah & Vintage Black
08.Cereal Killer ft. Cave Mammoth
09.Writer's Block (Fleck Remix) ft. REAL LIFE & Blaise B
10.Contribution (Fleck Remix)

lundi 17 décembre 2012

NuLOVE - Equinox Vol. 3 (2012)

02.Hearts Up
03.Lust Angel (ft. IzEvry)
04.Tom & Jerry
05.Riki-Oh (ft. Wally Left, Freakmite & Deon)
06.Chanel (Remix)

Fat & Slim (Formerly of The Pharcyde) - Love (2012)

01.What Is Love? (Inst.)
02.My Baby
03.Clap Ya Hands
04.So Far (Inst.)
05.The Feeling feat. Ann Chung
06.Butwhatcha Do 2 Me!
07.Pizzicato (Inst.)
08.I Wanna Get Back
09.Be Free feat. Shing02, Emi Meyer
10.Mute (Inst.)
11.Mr. Valentine feat. Kim Hill
13.Baby (Inst.)

dimanche 16 décembre 2012

Earthworms - Rotten Apples (2012)

01.Hold Us Accountable
02.The Hibbit
03.Beat Drops
04.Rat Racin (feat. Mas1)
05.What Can I Do
06.Slam Drunk
07.Off The Hook
08.The Spins (interlude)
09.Rotten Apples
11.No Exit
12.Take It Or Leave It (feat. Clockwize)
13.Behind The Smile
15.Mr. Rickles
16.Revenge of the Sample
17.Blowin Up
18.Sky's the Limit

VA-M.S.J Presents...Club Jazz Vol. 9 (2012)

01.Envelopes / Gowe
02.Activation / Third3ye
03.Coming To America / Anacron
04.Push It Away featuring Sisa Feherova / Melodiq
05.Seashells ft. Panther / Nick Wisdom
06.Lies (Prod. by Dunc) / XO
07.Colors of Autumn / EMC
08.Balance (prod. by Sinuous) / Giano
09.Letters to the Editor / e.d.g.e.
10.Cloud 9 (Feat. Manifest) / MYK & Shirosky
11.This Time Around (feat. Babydoll/prod. by Mickey Kickz) / Frank John James & Mickey Kickz
12.The Sky / Supreme
13.Ready / Smoke Brown
14.Beautiful Life / Luke
15.Your Neighbors / Eli A.
16.Don't Call / Nfact & Dr. Dundiff
17.High Education / ST x LIAM
18.All Real (feat. A.G.) / Beneficence
19.Popular Demand (feat. J.F.K.) / Customary

samedi 15 décembre 2012

Fresh Lamont - Diary of A Madd Black Pen (2011)

13.Lonely ft. JUNE

Azrael & Sythe - Medium Rare EP (2011)

01.No Name
02.At Ease feat. Sythe
03.Ragtime feat. Denz & Anonymouz
04.Off / On
05.License Plates

Frank John James & Mickey Kickz - California Dreamin' (2012)

01.CA Dreams (prod. by Mickey Kickz)
02.Don't Let Nobody (feat. Reeset One/prod. by Mickey Kickz)
03.California Dreamin' (feat. Babydoll/prod. by Mickey Kickz)
04.Know You Are (prod. by Frank John James)
05.This Time Around (feat. Babydoll/prod. by Mickey Kickz)
06.Ain't On Repeat (feat. Mas1/prod. by Frank John James)
07.No Timeouts in War (prod. by Mickey Kickz)
08.The Next One (prod. by Frank John James)
09.Theory in Action (prod. by Frank John James)
10.Thrill is Gone (prod. by Mickey Kickz)
11.Of All The Reasons (feat. Mad Bluntz/ prod. by Frank John James)
12.There is No Other Way (feat. Mad Bluntz & Babydoll/prod. by Frank John James)

Diles - Green Chile In The Air II (2012)

01.Live Life
02.Coming To America
04.Burque Noir
05.Interlude Uno (Instrumental)
07.So Real
09.Living The Dream (ft. Randy Runyan)
10.Interlude Dos (Instrumental)
11.Bars In The Key Of Spring
12.The Life
13.Calling Your Name
15.Interlude Tres (Instrumental)
17.An Owed To Payment

Y Not Flow - La Y.E.M.A. (2012)

01.The Intro
02.Autumn's Evening Breeze
04.Pause At If You ft. JS
06.Jodido Sin Joder
07.Moon ft. Dee.P
08.The Stew
10.Worlds Trippin' ft. Dynamic
11.Life Is Funny
12.The Interlude ft. Dee.P
14.Cloudy Beaches
15.7th Grade
17.Ghana ft. 2ro

vendredi 14 décembre 2012

Fresh Lamont - Soul Society (2012)

01.Weird Thoughts
02.Devil's Night
03.Relevant Future
04.Oh Well ft. RappinismyHabit
05.Diamond Angel
06.You or Me
07.Solo Dolo
08.T.H.U.G L.I.F.E
09.I Need That
10.Ghost In a Shell
11.Good Old Curtis
12.Spare Change ft. RappinismyHabit
13.Perfect Imperfections
14.7th Heaven ft. June

Odd Eli - Reflections in Time ft. K-Nes (Video)

Odd Eli - Abstract Prose (2012)

01.Abstact Prose ft. Lure
02.Odd's Intro
03.Life of a Nomad
04.Reflections in Time ft. K-Nes
05.Art Of Nothing ft. The One Russtafari
07.Dime Pieces ft. Lure
08.Business of War
09.Eli's Outro
10.Elevate ft. Crash Bandit & Kala MC (Bonus Track)

Red Letters the Less - Realists (2012)

02.Shot at Tomorrow
03.Ride it Out
04.A Day in a Life
05.Pardon My Progress
06.Nothing to Give 'em
07.Mid Summer Night (feat. Seal Da Zeal)
08.My City
09.Ears to the Ground
10.Wrong End of Extreme
11.Deathbed Thoughts
12.THEYdreaming (feat. Equinox)
14.Rose-Colored Glasses (feat. Toussaint)

jeudi 13 décembre 2012

Smash Brovaz - Think It's A Game? LP (2012)

01. Whatever [prod. Like of PacDiv]
02. Casserine
03. Paper Planes [prod. Big Pops]
04. Soul For Tomorrow [prod. Junia-T]
05. Daydreamers Theme (ft. Rich Kidd [prod. Like of PacDiv]
06. TO 2 LA (ft. Yancy Deron [prod. Intricate Sound]
07. Be Free [prod. Junia-T]
08. You I (ft. Slakah The Beatchild [prod. Slakah The Beatchild]
09. Chinese Swag (ft. Rich Kidd and Diz Gibran) [prod. Junia-T]
10. The Kitchen (ft. Richie Sosa) [prod. Junia-T]

Vince Van Go - The Cyanide Chronicles Vol. 2, Bareback Lo-Fi (2012)

01.Only Man That I Know
02.Snot Nose Punk
03.Two Bit Heroes feat. Hezatate & Prospa
05.Bout A Thing
07.Risky Business
08.Deep Within The Groove
09.Dreams feat. Full Spectrum
10.Roulette Wheel

mardi 11 décembre 2012

Fast Food Generation - Free Dumb (2012)

01.can i live?
03.crazy world
04.product of this environment any means featuring Xentrik & Green Hypnotic we just run
07.addiction featuring Urbanocrates
09.spaced out featuring Xentrik
10.better days featuring Nox

Chibi - Stereo Live & Lounge : Hybrid Version (Pre-Tape) (2012)

01.I Ride Soul
02.Patrie, Let's Go (Prod. by Da-P)
03.Dear Mister Harry
04.Sleepin' Marches
05.Walking On The Moon (Prod. by High-Klassified)
06.I'D Rather [Feat. Lase] (Prod. by High-Klassified)

Bonify ( Nox & S.O.U.L ) - Pavin The Way Vol. 1 (2010)

01.Incomplete With Style
03.Only You
04.Knowledge of S.E.L.F
05.Enough (Talk To Me)
06.Wearing Green, Wearing Brown
08.All The Way
09.1-2-3 (Soul Version) (Bonus Track)

Puget - Right Time (2012)

02.Fly Ft. D-Cipher
03.Right Time
04.Moving Ft. Iame
05.Talk Is Cheap
06.Honesty Ft. Trel
07.Bang It Heavy
08.Fu#k Today
09.Lifted Ft. Kyle Miller
10.Hardest Times
11.Where Will I Go Ft. S.O.S.

lundi 10 décembre 2012

The Profit - Profit... At A Price (2012)

01.Welcome Back, For The First Time (Intro)
02.Loving You
03.Watch Me
06.Make It So
09.I Got This
10.Laboriously Longing Love Lust
11.Forward March
12.Profit... At A Price (I Like My Odds)