mercredi 4 août 2010

Trés Styles _ Summer Love: the mixtape (2010)

02.Way Too Much
03.Let's Dance
04.T's & Jeans
05.So Bad / Ice Tea (Interlude)
06.Classic Love (ft. 14KT)
07.So Good, So Bad (Skit)
08.Summer Love
09.So Beautiful, So Lovely (ft. Mello)
10.Afternoon Riser (Interlude)
11.It's A Wrap
12.So High (ft. Buff1 & Grand Cee of AML)
13.Shake It Off (feat. DJ Graffiti)
14.Take You There (ft. Lo5 of Cel El)
15.You Know
16.No Room
17.Fall In Love

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