vendredi 30 septembre 2016

r&R - Travis Harmon & Jon Corbin are...r&R (2016)

01.r & R (Here We Go) (prod. by Customary)
02.Take It Easy (prod. by Customary)
03.Real Thugs (prod. by DJ Sean P)
04.Praise The Lord (prod. by DJ Sean P)
05.Still Building (prod. by Jon Corbin)
06.Life, Love & the Pursuit of... (with Joshua Kennedy) (prod. by Customary)
07.P.T.L. pt. 2 (prod. by Customary)
08.r&R (Here We Go) instrumental
09.Take It Easy instrumental
10.Real Thugs instrumental
11.Praise The Lord instrumental
12.Still Building instrumental
13.Life, Love & the Pursuit of... instrumental
14.P.T.L. pt. 2 instrumental

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