samedi 7 janvier 2017

Dr.Shabz - Knowledge of Scalpel (2016)

01.The (Re) Awakening
02.One More Lap
03.Tell Tale Signs (of Irrelevance)
04.Just Us ft. Julien Clark
05.Palm Trees And Paradigms
06.A Fatal Encounter
07.Enter The Void ft 5_Halo
08.Still Sleeping?
09.The Preoccupation ft Micheal Rangel
10.Heavily Medicated
11.Under The Weather ft Maleik Dion
12.Musical Inebriation
13.Third Eye Perspective ft KatKarasi
14.The Super Nova ft Christina Miles
15.Love All That There Is
16.Astral Projection
17.Knowledge of The Scalpel

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