samedi 27 mai 2017

JAY2SLIK - Outspoken Truth (2017)

01.Vice Grip
02.Struggle Prod. by MadKutz
03.Been A While Prod. by MadKutz
04.Straight Jacket Prod. by MadKutz
05.Controlled Prod. by ZagBEATMAKER
06.Monotheism Prod. by HashFinger
07.Fiest of Bones Prod. by Sox
08.Temper Suppressed Prod. by Marco Polo
09.Darkest Hour Prod. by Sox
10.Ominous Mindstate Prod. by RudeSkillz
11.Pop The Pigeon Prod. by Quatro
12.Mic In My Possession
13.One Night Stand Prod. by Profound
14.No Chorus Prod. by WireBeats
15.Steps Ahead Prod. by Profound
16.Street Vibe Prod. by Panik
17.Lack Flavor Prod. by Pro P
18.Spaced Out Prod. by Elm
19.Effortless Prod. by Kwelar

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