lundi 21 mai 2012

Crystal Seth - Left On Freeport (2012)

01.Intro (River Swerving: A poem by Marlene Goldsmith)
02.J Walking (prod Jerz)
03.Heartwood (prod Jerz)
04.Better To Be Hated (prod Jerz)
05.Get Right (prod Dj Farrell)
06.Left on Freeport (prod David Leavitt)
07.Dial Back ft. Beedie (prod Jerz)
08.Immaculate Reception ft. Primavera Vills (prod David Leavitt)
09.Livin' (prod Jerz)
10.People of the World (prod Chinza//Fly)
11.Real Life ft. Devin Miles (prod Dj Farrell)
12.We Can Go (prod Jerz)
13.Feel This Way ft. FlyBoy (prod Dj Farrell & Fly Boy)
14.There For Me (prod David Leavitt)

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