mercredi 26 avril 2017

Alpha The Alpinist - Finding Purpose, Finding Power! (2017)

01.Preface (ft. Rev. Jesse Jackson & Muhammad Ali, Cuts by Synthikat)
02.Definiteness of Purpose (ft. Napoleon Hill)
03.The Dedication
04.I See
05.Passing By (ft. Bianca Aristía)
07.Labour of Love (ft. Napoleon Hill)
08.Love For (ft. DeeVah)
09.Include Me (ft. Bianca Aristía)
10.Contribution (ft. Bianca Aristía)
11.Through the Storm
12.Smooth Vibrations
13.The Realisation of Peace (ft. James Allen)
14.Birth, Death, Sacrifice
15.Contribution Remix (ft. Bianca Aristía)
16.Benefits of Purpose (ft. Napoleon Hill)

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