vendredi 28 avril 2017

David Begun - Nasimoto (Nas & Quasimoto Remix) (2017)

01.Get Down (Low Class Conspiracy)
02.One Love (Microphone Mathematics)
03.It Ain't Hard To Tell (Basic Instinct)
04.Dr. Knockboot (Discipline 99 Pt. 0)
05.Purple (Discipline 99 Pt. 1)
06.Life's A Bitch (Real Eyes)
07.We Will Survive (Come On Feet)
08.Last Real Nigga Alive (Bluffin')
09.Hey Nas (Boom Music)
10.Dance (MHB's)
11.Shootouts (Put A Curse On You)
12.Surviving The Times (Astro Black)
13.I Can (Green Power)
14.Thugz Mansion (Jazz Cats)
15.Blaze A 50 (24/7)
16.Street Dreams (The Unseen)
17.Streets of New York (Phoney Game)
18.If I Ruled The World (Astro Travelin)
19.Rewind (Axe Puzzles)
20.Theif's Theme (Blitz)
21.Nas Is Like (Bad Character)

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