samedi 12 août 2017

Robbie G - Stay Grounded (2015)

01.In My Cave (cuts by Vekked) - prod. by D-Rec
02.First Time ft. Adelle Greenwood - prod. by Young K
03.Capture The Moonlight ft. Joell Ortiz, Saukrates, Famous & D.O. - prod. by Classified
04.Never Enough - prod. by Relic
05.Make It Without You ft. Kristy Landry - prod. by C-Lance
06.Criminal Mind - prod. by Mikey Bingo
07.Please Forgive Me ft. Peter Jackson - prod. by Young K
08.My Life ft. Ashley Martinez - prod. by C-Lance
09.Be Myself ft. Nameless & Reef The Lost Cauze - prod. by Young K
10.Express ft. Moka Only, Relic & J-Bru - prod. by Young K
11.What We Eat ft. L.S. (cuts by D-Rec) - prod. by D-Rec
12.Planet Earth (cuts by Vekked) - prod. by D-Rec
13.Once You Figure It All Out - prod. by Allon McCall
14.Stay Grounded ft. Elaine Lil Bit Shepherd & Dub FX - prod. by JSG
15.Mind, Body & Soul ft. Soul - prod. by Moka Only
16.Robbie G, This Voice, C-Lance, Stay Grounded, break up, women, cheating - This Voice - prod. by C-Lance
17.Robbie G, Madness, Advokat, Stay Grounded, violence against women, beating, women, women shelters - Madness ft. Advokat - prod. by D-Rec
18.Not Showing Off ft. Ava Silver - prod. by Fresh Kils

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