mardi 1 août 2017

The Great & The Magnificent - Rebirth.Life.Death (2017)

01.S.N.W (Hello, Hello)
02.Back To The Future (feat. T3 of Slum Village & Kameron Corvet)
03.Rebirth. (Narrated by Alan Watts)
04.It's On
05.Make Them Like This
06.Work It Out (feat. 90BRO & Listaa)
07.Hit & Miss
08.Twelve Midnight
09.Life. (Narrated by Alan Watts)
10.Turn It Up
11.Ruin Your Day
12.Time Is Infinite
13.When I'm Gone (feat. Kameron Corvet)
14.One Last Time
15.Death (Narrated by Alan Watts)
16.Encore (T.I.N.G)

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