lundi 2 juillet 2018

Eclyse (Hypogeal Sounds) - Efflux (2018)

01.Shadows Of Chernobyl Ft. Code Nine (Produced By Inna Attic Crookz)
02.Cream Of Tha Crop (Produced By Brutal Caesar)
03.Metaphysics (Produced By B-Sun)
04.Maestros Ft. Supreme Cerebral & El Ay (Produced By Reklews)
05.Rabbit Hole (Produced By Glad2Mecha)
06.Diction (Produced By Glad2Mecha)
07.Heem On The Tombstone (Produced By Glad2Mecha)
08.Poisonous Poets Ft. Daniel Son & Recognize Ali (Produced By Lost Beatz) (Cuts By DJ TMB)
09.Inner Realm (Paradise) Ft. Guillotine Bars (Produced By The Passion HiFi)
10.Skyline (Produced By B.B.Z Darney)
11.Shadowboxing With Ghosts (Produced By Pure Fact)
12.Pyramids In Paradise (Produced By Pure Fact)
13.Show You Where My Heads At (Produced By Glad2Mecha)
14.For The Rain (Produced By Glad2Mecha)
15.Thoughts Of A Better Tomorrow (Produced By Pure Fact)
16.Life Symmetry Ft. Tha Soloist (Produced By AisBeatz)
17.Verbal Monks Ft. Ed Rowe (Produced By Four Limbs)
18.Infested Mic (Produced By Illah Dutch)

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