dimanche 12 février 2017

MDA, Live Percenters, Them That Do, True Scientists, E.O.E., 3rd. Eye Contact - Mellow Drum Addict And His Various Crews Greatest Hits Vol. 1 (2017)

01.Strides Ahead Of The Halfstep (Intro)
02.Sleeping Giant
03.Dig & Relate * E The Real
04.Smooth & Nice * Arablak, Emcee Sick
05.In My Rhymes * SOIA
07.Uncovering Harmony * ST. MiC, I-Be4Evr
08.Binaca * Jamalski
09.In Your Arms
10.Arrowheads * Muhsinah
11.Top To Bottom
12.Could Have * Narykcin, Jasper Brown, Dannu
13.Master Your Hi-Fi
14.On Clouds
15.Life After Chess * Malena Ardevall
16.No Better Blues

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