mercredi 22 février 2017

Zyme One - Memories of Melancholy Cholas (2016)

01.Melancholy (prod. by Rudy Facio)
02.Land of Cholas feat. Woar 2 (prod. by Cose Mp)
03.Commissary feat. Ocho Sanchez (prod. by Cose Mp)
04.Demons (prod. by Cose Mp)
05.Behind Windows (prod. by Cose Mp)
06.Lighthouse (prod. by Fn Dannyboy)
07.Marsala (prod. by Cose Mp)
08.Northbeast feat. Cloud Dia (prod. by Crohnik)
09.Galveston Queen feat. Metafisix (prod. by Cose Mp)
10.Cool Evening (prod. by IronFizt)
11.Lemon Drops (prod. by Aiker)
12.Mistyfying Oracle (prod. by Mtrnx)
13.Chola feat. Chelin (Mfx Remix)
14.Galactic feat. Omni (prod. by Mel Flo)
15.Chia (prod. by Rudy Facio)
16.Flowerbed (prod. by Avoid the Lyricist)

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