mercredi 3 janvier 2018

IceRocks - Live From The Bunker (2018)

01.Represent Queens feat Too Deep
02.Timbs In The Summer feat Ag Da Coroner Cuts by PF CUTTIN
03.3 Eyes Closed fear Calamity, Spit Gemz & SicWitDaPen
04.Turn It Up feat Blabbermouf
05.George Feilds-Worldwide feat Glad2Mecha & DXA (IceRocks Remix)
06.Bring It On feat SicWitDaPen Cuts by DJ M-Tri
07.The Waltz feat Calamity Chris
08.Forever Dignified feat Meyhem Lauren
09.AND1 feat XP The Marxman
10.Smoke Signals feat Al Boges & Ms. Anne

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