vendredi 12 janvier 2018

WattzSun - Waffles & Blunts. (2018)

01.Attendance is HIGH ( Intro )
02.A Smoke and A Pancake
03.Gotta Get the CREAM
04.Locked Inside My Mind
05.Wake Up to M2EM ( skit )
06.Waffles & Blunts ( We Got What You Want )
07.A Revenge Thing pt.1 ( interlude )
08.Mr. Fantastic
09.Every Noon ( skit )
10.Assassination Classmates
11.Blu Berry Change
12.A Revenge Thing pt.2 ( interlude )
13.Chicken & Waffles
14.One, Two, Three, Four, ft. Ian Sean, Etcetera
15.It's Like That ft. DjSlimm
16.Verbal Technique
17.Exotic Travels ft. DjSlimm

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