samedi 26 mars 2016

Moses Rockwell - ahkwellington. dweeb supreme. three. (2016)

01.Ascend (Prod. by Sharp)
02.Dweebterlude (Prod. by Sharp)
03.One Time (Prod. by Sharp & Kae Biz)
04.How Many of Us w/ J-Live & DJ Nate Da Great (Prod. by DJ Trumastr)
05.To Matter w/ Oddy Gato (Prod. by Sharp)
06.Tunnels w/ Masai (Prod. by Moses Rockwell)
07.4cast (Prod. by Sharp)
08.Paint/Oil w/ JB aka Dirty Moses (Prod. by Moses Rockwell)
09.EyeWill (Prod. by Sharp)
10.Fool(ish) w/ KZA K'Lee (Prod. by Kae Biz)
11.(un)do (Prod. by Sharp)
12.Souls (Plucked by Moses Rockwell)
13.*Bonus* The Gardener (Prod. by Moses Rockwell)

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