dimanche 13 mars 2016

VerbzBeats - Beats, Rhymes & Blunts, Vol. 1 (2016)

01.Not a Drug Guy (feat. Verbz)
02.Funky Introduction (feat. The Lyricists)
03.Sd Is the Combo (feat. Blame One, Mr. Brady & Verbz)
04.Life Choices (feat. Copywrite, Main Flow & Pawz One)
05.Trouble on My Mind (feat. Big Stat)
06.Animal Planet (Remix) [feat. Nomis & Phil da Agony]
07.Priceless (feat. Sean Price & Solicit)
08.Hustlers Ambition (feat. Supreme Cerebral)
09.Beats Rhymes & Blunts (feat. Buhay Cali & Verbz)
10.Going to War (feat. Aims One, Verbz & Banish)
11.Tom Cruise (feat. IQ)
12.Family Support
13.Yes I Can (feat. Verbz & Wikid)
14.Picture This (feat. Bless & Martin Salazar)
15.Merry Go Round (feat. Radio Active, Karen Mills & Vokab Kompany)
16.Prevent the Enemy (feat. Big Left & Mr. Dubie)
17.We Got It (feat. Jay Kasai, High Sun, Mr Juse & Verbz)
18.Peace Ish (feat. Feen Oh & Matlock)
19.I Am (feat. Nomis)
20.Different (feat. Mr. Ridley)
21.Outro (feat. Verbz)
22.San Diego State of Mind (Instrumental)
23.Life Choices (Remix) [feat. Copywrite, Main Flow & Pawz One]
24.Sd Is the Combo (Remix) [feat. Blame One, Mr. Brady & Verbz]
25.People Around Town (feat. Jimmy Powers, Verbz & Rob Hurt)

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