samedi 26 mars 2016

Traffik - The Modest Tomorrow (2016)

01.Discovery Street (prod. So Soulful)
02.Life So Good (prod. Ol'Dope)
03.Rebirth (prod. Ol'Dope)
04.Never Forget (Where U Came From) (prod. Ol'Dope)
05.From the Terrace (prod. Ol'Dope)
06.Oakwood Park (ft. Missy D & Sepehr Rashidi)
07.Come Right Back (prod. DrumsFungah)
08.Make the World (prod. ShaaBaaz)
09.The Skies
10.Douglas Park (prod. ShaaBaaz)
11.The Modest Tomorrow (prod. FoxaZBeats)
12.Days Go By (prod. ShaaBaaz) [Bonus Track]

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