vendredi 10 juin 2016

A June & J Beat - Time Traveler [LP] (2016)

01.Into The New World
02.Dipso (Feat.Toy, Jake Pains)
03.Beautiful Vacation
04.5 Centimeters Per Second
05.What I Seen (Feat.CL a.k.a Chaotic Lynk)
06.Life’s Good (Feat.Landon Wordswell, Jewell)
07.Young (Feat.J.Han, Sam Ock)
08.Love Letter (Feat.Nieve)
09.Never Cry Again (Feat.SkyBlew, Twill Distilled)
10.A Night In Surfers Paradise
11.By Your Side (Feat.Kharisma)
12.Blue Bird Story (Feat.K.Eddie)
13.Be Me , Be You (Feat.Paulie Rhyme)
14.A Glow In The Sky (Feat.Part Time Cooks)
15.Time Traveler
16.Lately (Feat. Vick D)
17.Sound Waves Pt.4 (Feat.DJ Hazey82)
18.Thankful for (Feat.Funky DL) (Outro)

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