samedi 11 juin 2016

Shadowstar Boxer - A Love Story For Jazmine (2016)

01.A Jazzi Introduction- I Dream Of Fire
02.Chapter One- About Your Daddy (revised)
03.Chapter Two- About The Women In My Life
04.Chapter Three- About Your Mommy
05.Chapter Four- About Your Daddy, part 2
06.A Jazzi Interlude- I Dream Of Fire, part 2
07.Chapter Five- About My fight With Jesus
08.Chapter Six- About My Love For Hip-Hop
09.Chapter Seven- About Real Friends
10.Chapter Eight- About Hard Work
11.A Jazzi Interlude- April Nightmare
12.Chapter Nine- About Addie
13.Chapter Ten- About Your Grammie
14.Chapter Eleven- About A Dragon
15.Chapter Twelve- About Our Family
16.A Jazzi Interlude- The Round Up
17.Chapter Thirteen- About Your Big Sister
18.Chapter Fourteen- About My Love For Hip-hop, part 2
19.Chapter Fifteen- A Crazy Crush
20.Chapter Sixteen- About Being Real
21.Chapeter Seventeen- About Being Daddy
22.A Jazzi Ending- I Dream Of Fire, part 3

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