vendredi 17 juin 2016

Mordecai - Nyctophilia (2016)

01.Nothing Makes Me Happier
02.Fuck Outta Here
03.Trials feat. Throne Thief
04.The Jackpot
05.People Die feat. Julius Sleazer & Eskr One
06.Can You Blame Me feat. Coloasus
07.Goosebumps feat. Jigsaw
08.And So
09.The Darkest Shine feat. J.A.I. Pera
10.Proud Of Me
11.Doers & Donters feat. Rome 978
12.Going No Where
13.Nailed To A Cross
14.Value Of Life feat. Robbie G
15.Don't Quit Now feat. Jigsaw
16.The End
17.Animal Caged feat. Poet on Drugs

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