jeudi 9 juin 2016

DaVinci - That's Just How It Goes (2016)

01.Bout It (prod. by IV Beats)
02.Mr. Rillo Pt. 2 (prod. by Will Hyde)
03.Resurrection (prod. by FluShot)
04.Concrete Jungle (prod. by Khalid Beats)
05.Numbers On Your Head (prod. by iGotStackzZ)
06.Nujabes (prod. by ThoVo Beats)
07.TruCannabis ft. Lukey D (prod. by Clark Kent)
08.Street Blocks (prod. by ThoVo Beats)
09.The Duo ft. Lukey D (prod. by Lowkey Damian)
10.Drugs ft. Dre the Drifter & Lukey D (prod. by gummokids)
11.Dont Stop ft. Lil Bro & Lukey D (prod. by Will Hyde)
12.Interlude - Bape Yamaha (prod. by SKRRT GENISIS)
13.Hip Hop ft. Lukey D (prod. by The Harlem Kid)
14.Sueños ft. NIKO IS (prod. by CARLOW)
15.Life Is Foul (prod. by Khalid Beats)
16.The HIG ft. Habit & Lukey D (prod. by ThoVo Beats)
17.That Life ft. Lukey D (prod. by Lowkey Damian)
18.Cookies & Hash Blunts (prod. by ThoVo Beats)
19.Honolulu (prod. by ThoVo Beats)
20.One In A Million ft. 4-ill

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