vendredi 23 juin 2017

ManKind X The Deity Complex - ManKind: Juneteenth (1820-1920) (2017)

01.Cowboys and Indians (ft. Lambo)
02.Sally Sue (ft. SooFlyy)
03.N.O.A.H (ft. Mighty Casey)
04.Beneath The Flowers (ft. Akil Loving, Orunmila & TreZure Empie)
05.Spiced Redrum (ft. Gia Shakur)
06.Good Morning Glory (ft. Akil Loving)
07.Juneteenth (ft. TreZure and Orunmila)
08.Straight Here (ft. Akil Loving & Andrea L. Rhymer)
09.Pledge Allegiance (ft. Ty Grizz and Andria Garcia)
10.Club Deluxe

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