vendredi 9 juin 2017

The Deity Complex - The Deity Universe (2017)

01.Aghartha Terrorism Feat. Supreme Scientist 7 of The Deity Complex
02.Unfound Jewels - (Feat. Supreme Scientist 7 of The Deity Complex)
03.(P)ositive (E)nergy (A)ctivates (C)onstant (E)levation - (Feat. Champus Maximus)
04.Uncle - (Feat. Iron Helmet AKA Slimpickens)
05.Liquid Pigments - (Feat. Josiah Rockwell)
06.Not Yo Sweet 16 Party - (Feat. Mookneto)
07.Perpetual Majesty - (Feat. E. Ahmed Allah of The Lost Found Crew)
08.Cold Reign - (Feat. Reign MF Supreme) RMX
09.Cold Smoke - (Feat. Shadowstar Boxer)
10.A Love Supreme - (Feat. Unseen NY)
11.Rhyme Science - (Feat. Villian) RMX
12.Welcome - (Feat. Roy Lee) RMX
13.What Really Matters - (Feat. Killa Wynd)
14.Divine Arrangements
15.Distorted Moment Shifts

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