mardi 6 juin 2017

VA-M.S.J Presents...Club Jazz Vol. 23 (2017)

01.Alicia Sky / DR. MAD x ZéFIRE
02.Bonafide / Dj Halabi Feat. S.P.O.T.
03.8 Long Days / LuDow
04.Across the Tracks (feat. Vel the Wonder) (Prod. by Badson) / Mad Macks
05.February 2 Love (Feat. SkyBlew) / A June & J Beat , October
06.Keep It Moving Ft. Q Dawn / The Jones
07.Screen Time / 9-5ers
08.A Song for Passion / ChannelPYRO
09.FRIENDS / Verb Turner
10.Better / The Stranger Suite
11.Find My Way feat. Venomous 2000 & Shay Leonia / Nonstop
12.Rain produced by Emani / Khingz/KA.lil
13.Good Bye Love / Habit Blcx
14.Feelin Good (Feat. Hira Mane) [Prod. by The Verdict] / Zaire Muhammed
15.Mind Games feat. Oliver The 2nd & Ivan Ave / Ol' Burger Beats
16.Ankles / DaSHtone
17.Go (Prod.  Dayfade) / Dayfade x Real J. Wallace
18.Beautiful Day / Nate Lost

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