samedi 24 juin 2017

Soze Scallywag - Jazzy Day (2017)

01.Have A Good Jazz (Feat. Subi, 홍정태 Of BrownWhale)
02.Piece Of Love (Feat. Changstarr)
03.Sweet Juice Song
04.Walk (Feat. Nieve, 신내련 Of Soundbox)
05.밤을 위해 건배 [prod. Toggle Switch]
06.After Party
07.잉여인간 (Feat. Jon Xaine)
08.오 마이 프레셔스
09.Kids mind (Feat. Hannah Yuk, Frank Lev)
10.Always Awake (Feat. RacecaR)
11.Mood Valentine (Feat. Paxy)
12.Yello Tequilla [prod. Soze Scallywag & 홍정태]

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