lundi 24 juillet 2017

Explicit - Without Time [Vintage Footage Edition] (2017)

01.Intro (Prod. By BrassKnuckles)
02.Won't Understand (Prod. By Easy Mo Bee)
03.Exactly (Prod. By Juno Adonis)
04.Get Down (Prod. By Oddisee)
05.I Could Tell (Prod. By Dj Desue)
06.Bombs (Prod. By Khronos Beats)
07.Strong (Prod. By Khronos Beats)
08.Actually (Prod. By Be Franky)
09.They Just (Prod. By Havoc)
10.Where We Are (Prod. By Khronos Beats)
11.Just Pretend (Prod. By 9th Wonder)
12.Sniff (Prod. By Dela)
13.What Now/Now What (Prod. By Khrono Beats)
14.Behind Bars (Ft Kulture)
15.Out Of This World (Prod. By Khrono Beats)
16.Regulated (Prod. By Be Franky)
17.Watch Yo Back (Prod. By Dj Premier)
18.Time After Time (Prod. By Kan Kick)
19.It Ain't Hard 2 Tell (Prod. Large Professor)
20.Rest In Peace (Ft Kulture) (Prod. By Terror Beats)

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