dimanche 23 juillet 2017

VA-M.S.J Presents...Club Jazz Vol. 24 (2017)

01.Blink Of An Eye / Big Rain & Eddie Solo
02.Call Me ギズモ (Prod. DEVIN) / Gizmo
03.Jazzhop / Kero 1
04.Shameless Wife / Gobshite
05.Crowd Clap / Reflect June & Semantic Noise
06.I'm Tired (Ft. Verseatile) / Preposition
07.Landlocked (Prod. TESK) / Des Brennan
08.Sally Sue (ft. SooFlyy) / ManKind X The Deity Complex
09.Tokyo Tower Lounge (w/ Lé Real) / Saito & Lester, Nowhere
10.Soulful / K. Sparks
11.A Fly Love Song / Pep Love
12.Billie's Holiday / The Lique
13.People Watching / Soma
14.Handlebars feat. Atom / Coin Banks
15.Illa Sigmund / Scor-Zay-Zee
16.super fresh robots feat. blueprint & obey the altar-native - "common ground" / ES-1
17.wishing wells. (prod. d'artizt) / Versailles The Everything
18.Retrospection / X-A-vier
19.Toilet Wine ft. Steven Davis aka Brotha D / Johnny Ciggs

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