mardi 25 juillet 2017

Willie Waze - Da Lexicon of a NoVA Souljah (2017)

01.Round Da Way (Intro 1)
02.Da 703 (NoVA Anthem)
03.Fried Chicken
04.Don't Mean Shit
05.Jii Livin'
06.Name And Numba
07.Not A Movie
08.Git Mo (ft. MacGuyver)
09.90's Baby
11.Me N U
12.Ayo Evil
13.R.I.P. Raymo
14.Beautiful Day In Da Ray
15.It Ain't Ova
16.Wassup Boe (Intro 2)
17.What's 2 Fear
18.Yung Black Man (ft. Sino Kadafi)
19.For Goodness Sake (ft. AJ Halpern)
20.Step It Up
21.Red Cups Unda Moonlight (ft. MacGuyver)
22.Been So Long
24.New Horizon
25.Yah! (ft. Cross D'Mone)
26.Rhythm Of Da City (ft. Deborah Bond)
27.Ridin' With My Shorty
28.Better Man
30.Where I'm Coming From

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