jeudi 10 mai 2018

DJ Jazzy Jeff - M3 (2018)

01.M3...The Beginning feat. The Trinity
02.Skaters Paradise feat. Rhymefest & Dayne Jordan
03.SCARS feat. Rhymefest
04.Where You At feat. The Trinity
05.Hi & Hungry Interlude
06.2 Step feat. Rhymefest & Masego
07.Wide Awake feat. The Trinity
08.ItsJuneAlready Interlude
09.Stronger Than Me feat. Rhymefest & Dayne Jordan
10.Midnight Escapade feat. Aaron Camper
11.Child of GOD feat. The Trinity & Maimouna Youssef
12.Ludes4Dayz Interlude
13.The Way We Cool! feat. Aaron Camper
14.The Goverments DEAD! feat. The Trinity
15.M3 feat. The Trinity

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