samedi 5 mai 2018

The Mouse Outfit - Jagged Tooth Crook (2018)

01.Pass Me the Ashtray (feat. IAMDDB)
02.Cut 'em Loose (feat. Berry Blacc, Kinkai & Layfullstop)
03.Repeat (feat. Dubbul O, Sparkz & Ellis Meade)
04.Feeling High (feat. IAMDDB & Kinkai)
05.Money (feat. Berry Blacc, Dubbul O & T-Man)
06.I Wonder (feat. IAMDDB & Fox)
07.Won't Lie Down (feat. Berry Blacc & Dubbul O)
08.Bring Me Down (feat. Ellis Meade)
09.Mama (feat. Berry Blacc & T-Man)
10.Jagged Tooth Crook (feat. Kinkai)
11.Trigger the Wave (feat. Ellis Meade & Dubbul O)
12.My Mission (feat. IAMDDB & Kinkai)
13.Beats All Day (feat. Ellis Meade)
14.Flex With Ya (feat. Kinkai)
15.It's Just Like That (feat. Black Josh & TrueMendous)
16.Revolution (feat. Ellis Meade & Dr Syntax)
17.Late Night Doors (feat. Berry Blacc, Dubbul O & Ellis Meade)

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