dimanche 6 mai 2018

Uzee The Bovvaking - The Journey Of A Magi LP (2018)

01.Praise God(Prod By Grolok)
02.The Beginning(Prod By Zoob One)
03.Le monstre en moi(Prod By Grolok)
04.Voice OF God(Prod By ZoobOne)
05.Crumbling Down Feat Mr DasOne(Produced By Grolok)
06.Horse Ain't No Bird(Prod By Grolok)
07.Alomo Shots(Prod By Greezy)
08.One and Only Feat Mr Das_One
09.Lola(Produced By Grolok Panicrum)
10.Warning!!!(Prod By ZoobOne)
11.Brown Liqour Feat Mr DasOne(Prod By ZoobOne)
12.Time Will Tell(Prod By J-Clef)

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