samedi 5 mai 2018

Mister Personal & TReBeats - The Rebirth (2018)

02.From the Soul
03.Stranger Things
04.Worldtour (feat. Sherida & Shape)
05.Bars For Breakfast (feat. Big Huey)
06.Remedy (feat. C-Dash)
07.Party (feat. Jace Abstract & Funky Flu)
08.I Got Both In Me Pt. 2
09.Writer's Block
10.Sons of Chemistry
11.Suicide Scratch (feat. Butterfingahz)
12.Para Mi (feat. Big Huey & Raulitro)
13.Dont Let M Try Me
14.Triple Symbols (feat. Butterfingahz & Influenza)
15.Peanuts (feat. Djeekee)
16.Keep the Funk Alive (feat. Ill Projeeca)
17.Mission Possible (feat. Lev Carty)
18.Topic (feat. Big Huey & Agi-State)
19.Get of My Back (feat. StarrLight & KT Gorique)
20.Keep Your Head Up (feat. Big Huey)
21.Who We Are

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