vendredi 1 juin 2018

hanzyk - Jupiter Hills (2018)

01.REMEMBER (intro) [prod. P Soul]
02.Business Casual [prod. gfbeats]
03.Paper [prod. Yondo]
04.NJ State of Mind // The 2012 State of the Union
05.G-FUNK (feat. DJ Milk) [prod. Abel Beats]
06.Space Cowboy (feat. Surls) [prod. Origami]
07.what you need (cover)
08.Calling On You [prod. Kloudbeats]
09.Sharingan Freestyle
10.Uber [prod. Kid Ocean]
11.Bakin' Freestyle [prod. Kid Ocean] is only a feeling
13.False Reality [prod. Grillabeats]
14.The Ride (outro)

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