mercredi 13 juin 2018

Scottie Royal - Beam You Up (2018)

01.Beam You Up
02.SkyBlew - Soundcheck in the CLOUDS
03.Real Thoughts
04.Trapbo Chad - Get Yours
05.E.L.P.J. - This the One Right Here
06.Ardamus - Staring At the Sun (Darling)
07.Franchize the Poet - Lost Art
08.MC Headcase feat. Jabba Tha Kut - It's Going Down
09.Flamez - Livin' Life
10.Gamer Gad, J-Rich - Carolina
11.PR Department - RX
12.Ardamus - You Had One Job
13.Flamez - Chicken Dinner
14.PreciseMC - Winners' Showcase
15.Nacynze feat. Devin Thrope - Can't Fight Music
16.MC Headcase, Seven Da Pantha, Sharp Cuts - Get Live

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