vendredi 8 juin 2018

VA-M.S.J Presents...Club Jazz Vol. 27 (2018)

01.Blazin It (With You Girl) / A.C. The Program Director & Pow Shadowz
02.Mellow Mind / Kunde
03.Reflections / Pro Status
04.Alright / Addict Flow
05.D3 / Just Taylor
06.The Sun & The Moon (prod. by Lewis Cullen) / ThatKidCry
07.You Know What / Hezekiah, Soulpete, Bodziers
08.Faith Walking / Eric Summers
09.I c e b e r g L e t t u c e (feat. JOESNAPPED) / S p a c e d O u t L e t t e r s
10.Life Jacket [Prod. ameba] / Altayzie
11.Strings of Life (feat. Seafood Sam) / Huey Briss & Nikobeats
12.W.G.T.M? / The Only Ion
13.The Night / Muamin Collective
14.If You Want... / Cento, Sway Casey
15.Mustard Seed / Jackie Hill Perry
16.Slow Burner / Touch A.C. & Dr. Dundiff
17.The Self (Part 2) / Raw Collective
18.Carry On / The Lique
19.That Jazz / Coops

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