mardi 12 juin 2018

SkyBlew, A June & J Beat - Dreams Of Autumn Kismet (2018)

01.Cool Talk For The Morning
02.A Chance To See (Feat. EyeQ)
03.Fly To The Moon
04.Life`s Enterview (Feat. SirenSeraph)
05.Lows With The Highs
06.Night Vibe (Feat. Hieut)
07.Sundaes & Rainy Days
08.Sing My Blews
09.With Love, Speak Easy
10.A Good Night, Goodnight
11.Cool Talk For The Morning (Inst.)
12.A Chance To See (Inst.)
13.Fly To The Moon (Inst.)
14.Life`s Enterview (Inst.)
15.Lows With The Highs (Inst.)
16.Night Vibe (Inst.)
17.Sundaes & Rainy Days (Inst.)
18.Sing My Blews (Inst.)
19.With Love, Speak Easy (Inst.)
20.A Good Night, Goodnight (Inst.)

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