lundi 4 avril 2016

Belzar - Inland Outliers (2016)

01.Fuckin' Otis Beat by Belzar
02.A Fresh Start Ft Belzar & Zzay
03.What Up? Ft Edgar Sosa
04.Long Story Short Ft Chews
05.Blue Moon Ft ARS' N' Nay
06.Mind Your Buisness Ft D'zyl 5K1
07.The I.E. Ft Nat The Lioness
08.He Does It Better Beat by Belzar
09.Sun Don't Shine Ft Greaseball
10.Wake Up Ft Imagine
11.Turn Off Your Mind Beat by Belzar
12.Subliminal Warefare Ft Limelight
13.Savvy Shadow Travelers Ft Dynonaunts
14.Goal Oriented Ft Belzar & 2mex
15.Thanks Ft Chews,Imagine,Dzyl' 5K1, Amaury, Divide The Poet,Zzay,Belzar

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