mardi 12 avril 2016

SoundStream - The Glow Of Sunset (2016)

01.5PM Intro(Feat.Banzo)
02.One Two (Feat.Nieve)
03.One Fine Day (Feat.Funky DL)
04.Dark Day (Feat.Nieve)
05.Fill In The Blank(Feat.Banzo)
06.Hiphop Song(Feat.Jas Mace of The49Ers)
07.Mercy , Mercy (Feat.Banzo)
08.Burn & Fun (Feat.DJ Juice)
09.I Remember
10.Time After Time (Feat.Jolly V)
12.Clound 9 (Feat.Luke)
13.Dark Day (Feat.Nieve) (A June & J Beat Remix)
14.One Fine Day (Feat.Funky DL) (A June & J Beat Remix) [Korea only]

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