lundi 25 avril 2016

Kemist - AVH (Averted Vision For Hearing) (2016)

01.Intro (Prod. By OneDer)
02.Rescue Me (Prod. By OneDer)
03.Sean Price Tribute (Prod. By OneDer)
04.Legend (Prod. By Dj JaySin)
05.Atmosphere (Feat. GSB) (Prod. By OneDer)
06.The Experience (Prod. By Ku$h Billionz)
07.Super Hero Dads (Feat. First Klass) (Prod. By Ku$h Billionz)
08.Network Struggles (Prod. By OneDer)
09.Where You Are (Feat. GSB) (Prod. By Dj JaySin)
10.Like That (Prod. By Dj JaySin)
11.Time To Go (Prod. By Breezy Beats)

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