samedi 9 avril 2016

Eastkoast & Phalo Pantoja - Merciless Beauty (2016)

01.Voices of the People feat. King Malachi
02.Dark Side
03.Sleeping With tha Enemy feat. Wildelux
04.Magnetic Charge
05.Keesingia Skit
06.Broke Niggaz feat. John Robinson
07.Where Eva Ya From
08.Ellis Beach Skit
09.Speaking Through My Pen feat. Resolute
10.Speaking Through My Pen (suite)
11.Analog in a Digital World feat. Welcome Charles
12.Freedom feat. Sav Killz
14.Dance With tha Devil feat. Squeegie
15.Apollo Skit
16.From da Hood My G
17.Superstar Feel
18.Cubozoa Skit
19.I Met Her in 88
20.The Decisions feat. Welcome Charles
21.Free Mind feat. Relic the Oddity
22.Harlem Fusion

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