mardi 17 mai 2016

atlas - skeletons (2016)

01.humility (prod. borealism)
02.skeletons (prod. gerbanzi)
03.notifications (prod. wūsh) calls (interlude)
05.pickup/answer (feat. sg)
06.voicemails (prod. junyii)
07.wasting time (prod. acsi)
08.sleepwalker (feat. jay squared) (prod. ntourage)
09.max payne (interlude) (prod. karnaval blues)
10.problems (feat. crosby) (prod. deus) and cute girls (interlude) (prod. tomppabeats)
12.shells (prod. tomppabeats)
13.sand (prod. tomppabeats)
14.remember me
15.forgetting u (prod. purpan)
16.streetlight voodoo (prod. ntourage)
17.bars (feat. cole corduroy) (prod. junyii)
18.lousy (feat. king benjo) (prod. mt. marcy)
19.this is the outro, i hope you like it (prod. ntourage)

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