dimanche 15 mai 2016

Ghost of the Machine - The Voynich Manuscript (2016)

01.The Voynich Manuscript (Produced by DJ Proof)
02.Gargantuan Pt.1
03.Out Of My Life
04.Broke People Anthem feat. Death Over Simplicity
05.We Can't Lose (On Their Shoulders We Stand)
06.Genesis 40 (produced by D.R.U.G.S Beats)
07.Last Days of Rome
08.Call of Cthulhu Pt.1
09.Exodus 28
10.Alchemist Freestyle
11.Alien Vs. Predator feat. Death Over Simplicity
12.Corn Bread (The Cool Guys) feat. BBoy Kangol
13.Soul Food (Produced by James Green)
14.Muffin Tops feat. BBoy Kangol
15.Nasty feat. Fredo Crespo
16.Madness feat. Death Over Simplicity
17.Pandora's Casket
18.Mama Never Said (produced by J1k)
19.Dead Wrong Freestyle
20.Snake Style

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